Why you can't compare Covid-19 vaccines

20-Mar, 2021
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What a vaccine's "efficacy rate" actually means.
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In the US, the first two available Covid-19 vaccines were the ones from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. Both vaccines have very high "efficacy rates," of around 95%. But the third vaccine introduced in the US, from Johnson & Johnson, has a considerably lower efficacy rate: just 66%.
Look at those numbers next to each other, and it's natural to conclude that one of them is considerably worse. Why settle for 66% when you can have 95%? But that isn't the right way to understand a vaccine's efficacy rate, or even to understand what a vaccine does. And public health experts say that if you really want to know which vaccine is the best one, efficacy isn't actually the most important number at all.
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  • someone knew something we didnt

    Brandon MesiasBrandon Mesias6 daqiqa oldin
  • The main concerns...if after full vaccinated...how long it can last in our body...whole lifetime or what??? It wasn't disclosed by any vaccines manufacturers persaid??

    Freddy LowFreddy Low21 daqiqa oldin
  • And the timing of your video is a problem! Since J&J vaccine got paused. 🤦‍♂️

    Ali H WathahAli H Wathah54 daqiqa oldin
  • I think most people would still opt for the higher efficacy rate ones since so little is known about the long-term effects of becoming infected with COVID & if long-haulers will ever feel normal again.

    Topaz MirandaTopaz MirandaSoat oldin
  • If possible please release in different languages, will be helpful to get elderly on board for vaccination

    Shashank PandeyShashank Pandey2 soat oldin
  • Nice try Johnson

    Plague DoctorPlague Doctor2 soat oldin
  • This like getting a shot for the flu strain 3 years ago. I hope everyone is ready for the 3rd and 4th and 5th shots, coming to a Walgreens near you! I'm dipset

    Adam BoganAdam Bogan3 soat oldin
  • Too bad this video didn’t come out before the J&J news came out today

    Jawny P - The Employed TravelerJawny P - The Employed Traveler4 soat oldin
  • Only god know the truth

    Ravi VaratharajahRavi Varatharajah4 soat oldin
  • J&J efficacy rates are based upon the criteria that you have no serious symptoms while Pfiser and Moderna were based on no symptomatic illness whatsoever. So the lower rate of J&J is lower due to the adverse timing and environmental conditions, but then it is also HIGHER due to the lower bar for the "effective" rating.

    Stanley SufficoolStanley Sufficool5 soat oldin
  • Just to show that the j&j vaccine is under review. People are cautious for reasons.

    AnthonyAnthony6 soat oldin
  • I've been mask free this whole time. I've even processed thousands of recycled can's and bottles from a hotel chain. No mask. No probs. This whole thing is phaaake!

    Ryan iversonRyan iverson6 soat oldin
  • What about SinoPharm? 20000% as what I heard from China media.

    Chen ZhaoChen Zhao6 soat oldin
  • Thank you, I had to translate it for my family, but thank you for the information, 'cause this is something that should care to the entire world

    Xhail Reyes SalasXhail Reyes Salas6 soat oldin
  • Accurate information.Keep going!

    Murariu DavidMurariu David6 soat oldin
  • they say, as they compare the covid-19 vaccines

    NashNash7 soat oldin
  • OK. Sinovac is excluded.😁😁

    Karina WongKarina Wong8 soat oldin
  • this did not age well

    Alia ThompsonAlia Thompson8 soat oldin
  • They’ve done studies you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.

    Andrew MarsmanAndrew Marsman8 soat oldin
    • That doesn’t make sense

      Mn384Mn3848 soat oldin
  • Good education, still don't want vaccine, don't care wich one.

    cor Prinscor Prins8 soat oldin
  • This is like a game of Scientist Says. Scientist says vaccines are cool Smart people: yepyep..yep yep. yep yeeaah.. yep! yeh ooooh yeah yep.

    Robert LangdonRobert Langdon9 soat oldin
  • Johnson & Johnson's are the worst vaccine.

    Likith CharanLikith Charan9 soat oldin
  • This is the best video about vaccines that I've seen

    Wilfred VWilfred V10 soat oldin
  • People like that mayor makee want to punch someone

    MelphsterMelphster10 soat oldin
  • So many side effects from these Western manufacturers, now human become their white mouses ...

    Ant YAnt Y10 soat oldin
  • I don’t live in Detroit but I hope that iedot does not get re elected

    Jacob JacksonJacob Jackson10 soat oldin
  • Even so, why all of this vaccines goes to your DNA? Why are they playing with the entire human population like lab rabbits?

    Zarate LuisZarate Luis11 soat oldin
  • if you google who made the pfizer vaccine theres a third company: fosun pharma, wonder why the never get any credit maybe because they are a Chinese company?

    Sean WuSean Wu11 soat oldin
  • JandJ is now banned. Too dangerous. Same with Astrazeneca. Pfizer and Moderna are not even approved by the FDA: experimental only. Sad.

    Jet DelaunayJet Delaunay12 soat oldin
  • No Bill Gates microchips for me, thank you

    snakesandstickssnakesandsticks12 soat oldin
  • Is anyone here because of the pause of Johnson $ Johnson Vaccine?

    TsunamiFPSTsunamiFPS13 soat oldin
  • you missed covaxin of india

    Gaurav GadhaleGaurav Gadhale13 soat oldin
  • how about sinovac?

    Darth VaderDarth Vader13 soat oldin
  • This was great, I cannot wait for this pandemic to end and we can go back to normal, def taking whatever is offered to me!

    future hoferfuture hofer13 soat oldin
  • Im here after the US paused the J&J vaccine. I took it last Wednesday 🤦‍♀️ wish me gl.

    Sophia BradenSophia Braden14 soat oldin
    • I took it yesterday🤦🏼🤦🏼

      Ethan DavisEthan Davis8 soat oldin
  • Serious question: why the people partecipating in the trials were let to leave their normal life? I mean, why not get 10k people, vaccinate all of them, and then expose them to actual virus to see how their immune system react? I can understand that having some real world data is useful and more "true" for normal people, but I think that there must be some other more serious explanation. Plus, i don't really see the point of injecting placebo. Any expert would help?

    baronealbertbaronealbert14 soat oldin
    • I am in no way an expert but I'll try to share what knowledge I have. I think one major reason for not outright exposing the participants to the virus is ethics. If you expose them intentionally you'll basically cause the death of those overcome by the virus. Whereas when you let them live their lives as normal, you don't add any more risk of them getting the virus and potentially dying from it. Only the risk caused by any potential side-effects from the actual vaccine are left. As for the placebo issue, any medicine ever has to be included in a placebo trial. What that does is assure your drugs actually do what they're supposed to do. You see, the placebo effect refers to the influence your mind has on your body. If you have a headache and decide to take a pill, you do that with the expectation that the pill will help ameliorate the pain. Well, studies found that that expectation alone will actually make you feel better, even if the pill was just a mixture of water and sugar (non-active ingredients). So let's say the vaccine trials _wouldn't_ contain a placebo group, and the results would show that most infected people experienced milder symptoms than normal. The conclusion then would be that the vaccine is effective in avoiding serious cases of infection. However, you can't say for sure whether those results are from the vaccine actually working, or just from the participants' _expectations that it's supposed to work_ . So now you're starting to invest thousands and thousands into the production of a vaccine that's no more helpful in combating the virus than a saline injection.

      ȘtefanaȘtefana12 soat oldin
  • This pro vaccine video gave more evidence against vaccines than for it, especially with the inequality in the placebo and vaccinated participants in the trials. Why are 160 people in placebo and 8 in the vaccinated groups?

    Stone StevensStone Stevens14 soat oldin
    • It can also mean the J&J trial was a lie!

      Jonathan AveryJonathan Avery7 soat oldin
  • And yet, over time, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are holding up significantly better against the variants than J&J. Their efficacy is way higher.

    Lenell DavisLenell Davis15 soat oldin
  • Now that you see what's going on with Johnson & Johnson and the fact you yourself mentioned it tested its vaccine in South Africa where Covid thriving.. which doesn't protects from the new strand.. you should delete this video and start again!!!! This is dangerously

    Demetrius BurkeDemetrius Burke15 soat oldin
  • No one taking about how the russians made the best vaccine. 92% after a single dose? Jesus man

    Chris O'GradyChris O'Grady15 soat oldin
  • Thank you for this video

    Jason SamuelsJason Samuels15 soat oldin
  • President Macron of France should be watching this clip everyday before he goes to work.

    Ssebitaaba WamalaSsebitaaba Wamala16 soat oldin
  • Yea vox , oh so scientific. Id rather take advice from a magic 8 ball.

    funk master22funk master2216 soat oldin
  • Oh yeeeaaaaa That’s why JJ is paused strictly now

    Rosa Maria CooneyRosa Maria Cooney16 soat oldin
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    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-Or17 soat oldin
  • Ommitig e.g Astra Zeneca and otheres in 3:22 clearly shows that this video was sponsored by Johnson&Johnson

    nuschnusch17 soat oldin
  • Anyone here after the Vaccine got suspended/stopped by the FDA & CDC?

    M TM T17 soat oldin
  • I am so glad you made this video, I just wish when people mention "which is better" they would actually watch this when I show it to them so they can learn something.

    RoboticDragonRoboticDragon17 soat oldin
  • A video with a thumbnail comparison and that compares saying why you can't compare. Nice

    Mike TMike T17 soat oldin
    • Definitely paradoxical or should I paraVoxical

      Mike TMike T17 soat oldin
  • Don't worry everyone! Now that there's a vaccine, everyone that takes it will be 100% immune and will no longer need to social distance or wear a mask! And if for some reason you happen to have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, then the manufacturer will take full responsibility and help you with any medical costs!!! Thank god for big pharma!

    antiqueroadshow Hollaantiqueroadshow Holla18 soat oldin
  • and ya'll REALLY wanted EVERYONE to get vaccinated.. wth dude. You can NEVER win.

    Let FalLet Fal18 soat oldin
  • let me translate this to arabic!

    CribCrib18 soat oldin
  • Never gonna get it. Never ever ever NEVER. There are so many things wrong with this.......and most especially what happened in the animal trials. THEY HAD TO STOP IT BECAUSE TOO MANY ANIMALS DIED!

    communicationTRUSTpowercommunicationTRUSTpower18 soat oldin
  • It's simple Covid 19 vaccines don't work for covid 21

    Johnny SilverhandJohnny Silverhand18 soat oldin
  • FDA just temporary halted J&J vaccine...

    Daniel MDaniel M19 soat oldin
  • Can anyone explain in layman terms what placebo means?

    Advait HyankiAdvait Hyanki19 soat oldin
  • That guy just denied his constituents 5200 vaccinations for basically no reason

    Antisocial HumanisTAntisocial HumanisT19 soat oldin
  • The way this just popped into my recommendations...

    ᗰY KITTY ᑭᗴᖇᑕYᗰY KITTY ᑭᗴᖇᑕY19 soat oldin
  • 0:17 i guess he was right hahah FDA is recommending thr jonhson vaccine to be suspended due bloodclots in the brain 🧠

    youtub eryoutub er19 soat oldin
  • What about the Indian vaccine

    See Unique ## PrabhakarSee Unique ## Prabhakar19 soat oldin
  • Well at least it looks like the mayor cares for his people unlike other mayors

    Cookie BoyCookie Boy19 soat oldin
  • Nooooo not I must surviveeeee stop itttttt.

    Covid-19Covid-1920 soat oldin
  • But then jhonson is getting canceled because of deaths so explain that.

    Emmanuel Rodriguez ClementeEmmanuel Rodriguez Clemente20 soat oldin
    • If you were up to the people and yourself you’d choose biotech

      Emmanuel Rodriguez ClementeEmmanuel Rodriguez Clemente20 soat oldin
  • “60% of the time, it works - every time”

    Trevor DogeTrevor Doge20 soat oldin
    • Best comment on here. I needed the laugh. Thank you.

      K MackK Mack14 soat oldin
  • Don't get the Johnson and johnson. Get the moderna or phizer they're way better

    Daddy LongdongDaddy Longdong20 soat oldin
  • "The Best vaccine Right now for You is the one that You are offered" In the rest of the world they are not offering us Any of those vaccines, so the pandemic in most countries won't end anytime soon.

    Mauricio RomeroMauricio Romero20 soat oldin
  • Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfiser... NONE of those companies developed the vaccine. The Janssen (wrongly named Johnson and Johnson) vaccine was developed in the Netherlands, the BioNTech (Pfizer financialy backed it) vaccine was developed in Germany and the Moderna vaccine was developed by the American NIAID. Its mildly annoying that these companies get credit rather than the companies or agencies that actualy developed it.

    TwigTwig20 soat oldin
  • But irrespective of time and location, both placebo and vaccinated people are exposed to the same environment. After all, it's a relative measure. So shouldn't efficacy rate be in fact meaningful when talking about covid contraction? Not hospitalisation or death

    Shivam AgarwalShivam Agarwal20 soat oldin
    • @Ștefana Yeah I understood some parts of your argument and it makes sense. A vaccine may just be good enough to protect someone from contracting a virus twice or thrice. But one question still pertains that -efficacy rate is measured by dividing covid contraction into vaccinated people by covid in placebo patients. So won't a higher caseload affect both groups equally?

      Shivam AgarwalShivam Agarwal5 soat oldin
    • The time and location are important because participants were likely exposed more times when the number of cases was higher, and were exposed to different (potentially more resistant) strands in other countries. So that efficacy rate is linked to those variables and thus cannot be compared to the efficacy rates of other vaccines. Let's say you're exposed to a virus four times in two weeks. And each of those times your immune system manages to fight it off. By the fifth time however, your immune system has already expanded its resources and it becomes overwhelmed, effectively resulting in you getting sick. So if a participant that got Moderna only got exposed two times before the end of his trial and didn't get sick, while a J&J participant got exposed six times and did get covid, that can't really be a reflection of the vaccines efficacy in relation to one another. At least that's my understanding of it.

      ȘtefanaȘtefana11 soat oldin
  • Moderna RULES!!!

    Elmer KilredElmer Kilred21 soat oldin
  • Who is here after Johnson and Johnson got banned.

    Vortex4020Vortex402021 soat oldin
  • Jhonson would like to know you're location

    Junior LazaroJunior Lazaro21 soat oldin
  • Thank you. This was really helpful.

    ARUN M.HARUN M.H21 soat oldin
  • If anyone is into subliminal messages and conspiracy theories, this video seems to favor the Sputnik V vaccine.

    legit123456legit12345621 soat oldin
    • Get real!😂

      Murariu DavidMurariu David6 soat oldin
  • Johnson and Johnson is horrible, it contains the Corona, while the Pfizer and the Maderna has no inkling of the virus, As someone who has a chronic kidney disease and immunodeficiency, I am forced to take the maderna or the Pfizer

    BrandonDavis259BrandonDavis25922 soat oldin
    • Just because u can't take it donsent make it horrible

      Malhar AcharyaMalhar Acharya20 soat oldin
  • Don't take any vaccine because its all toxic.

    Mr. Truth777Mr. Truth77722 soat oldin
  • Jajajajajajaj... How easy is to fool people. Pfiser ABSOLUTE eficacy is LESS THAN 1%. Study, please!!!!

    Ludwig V. BurkesLudwig V. Burkes22 soat oldin
  • FDA just pulled j&j

    thestig38thestig3822 soat oldin
  • All of this is an opportunity for the pharma companies to rack on cash and make huge profits.... thats all.

    bignavin10bignavin1022 soat oldin
  • people from any government should hire Vox to come up with this kind of explanation... easy to understand and clear.

    plasticeye007plasticeye00722 soat oldin
  • Thoughts with the 2 people who died because they got a placebo rather than the actual vaccine...

    FootballLifeFootballLife23 soat oldin
    • They knew that there was a 50/50 chance to get the placebo when they signed up for the trials. That's how it's always done. Yes, it's sad that two people died, but that doesn't mean wrongdoing on anyone's part.

      ȘtefanaȘtefana11 soat oldin
  • We talk about covid vaccines and what they can do but are they really doing the job or just of a cosmetic appearance to keep us happy and content..

    David McPheeDavid McPhee23 soat oldin
  • yesterday i got the j&j vaccine. i went in thinking i was getting moderna but all they had was j&j. for a second i was skeptical but i knew it's important to take whichever you're first offered. plus the nurse who vaccinated me explained that j&j was also tested on covid variants that are coming to the US which was really reassuring. it would have been ridiculous to refuse that vaccine as if i know more about it than doctors. this video is an amazing resource for people considering "vaccine shopping". just take what you're offered.

    acb 1994acb 1994Kun oldin
  • Not taking the vax is also an option. Vox forgot to mention that.

    D. MartinD. MartinKun oldin
  • Iam proud to live in Mainz 😊

    SatsumaBirke HDSatsumaBirke HDKun oldin
  • Best vaccine is natural immunity. There’s no such a vaccine to protect you like natural immunity after having a disease. That’s why I don’t understand the pressure put on people who already had Covid 19

    SaraandStuart ShannonSaraandStuart ShannonKun oldin
  • 🙏

    marina levenmarina levenKun oldin
  • Only if all news was like this. Wow.

    Chris CondonChris CondonKun oldin
  • Anti vaxxers are fuming

    Rigo AcostaRigo AcostaKun oldin
  • how does the efficacy rate correspond with herd immunity? although the lower efficacy rates will still help _me_ survive, they don't do as much to prevent me from becoming a _spreader_ which means the higher efficacy vaccines are still _better_ (assuming that their efficacy rates weren't affected by differing trial conditions, which they were. I'd love to get an updated efficacy rate) right? I'm not an expert - this is how it makes sense to me, but some times these kinds of things don't follow common sense.

    isaysisaysKun oldin
  • One LIE. Pfizer did not publicly disclose the fact that there were large numbers of suspected, but unconfirmed cases of COVID-19 that were excluded from their calculation of efficacy. This was revealed in a summary report issued by FDA. I would trust a Univ Oxford more than Big Corporations. 🔖 Oxford vaccine is 76 percent efficacy rate.

    Raghu NandanRaghu NandanKun oldin

    V randomV randomKun oldin

    UNKNOWN UnknownUNKNOWN UnknownKun oldin
    • @DSRReacts iF YOU become ill. Send me a message, and i will pray for you. OR Seek God with all your heart, and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Prayer of repentance. Now by the finished work of Jesus Christ. Ask him to heal you. That is good news you feel great. Have a blessed day.

      UNKNOWN UnknownUNKNOWN Unknown22 soat oldin
    • Already taken it, feel great to be honest.

      DSRReactsDSRReactsKun oldin
  • So if you don't want to get sick take Pfizer or Moderna. If you are okay to stay alive but don't care about suffering go for J and J.

    A BhattacharyaA BhattacharyaKun oldin
  • simple question: let's say pfizer's data is 162 and 8, so (162-8)/162 = 95% efficacy . now if we move the trial period to Nov. 2020, when more cases found in US. I think the best way to describe this more severe situation is "everyone has 5 times greater chance of getting Cov". so the number is more likely to be 162*5 and 8*5 at that time. Now if calculate the efficacy, should be like: (162*5 - 8*5 ) / (162*5) , it's 95% ! Nothing will change. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Yilong PanYilong PanKun oldin
  • Well done educational video to understand the purpose of vaccination so folks get anyone they're offered...............it needs to have more than 6 million views

    Kay B. OgunsemiKay B. OgunsemiKun oldin
  • If you can't compare them then they are not the same and that means. Inconvenience.

    Tani LeeTani LeeKun oldin
  • What about Chinese vaccines 🤔

    Josue MaronaJosue MaronaKun oldin
  • this video has slammed these idiotic anti vaccine communities on their reasons to avoid vaccination

    Farid AmirulFarid AmirulKun oldin
  • I want I vaccine that grants 100% immunity. Like I'll have no symptoms whatsoever.

    jack favvv02jack favvv02Kun oldin