Why Putin wants Alexei Navalny dead

26-Fev, 2021
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Navalny's movement is unlike any in recent history.
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In 2006, a lawyer named Alexei Navalny started a blog where he wrote about corruption in his home country of Russia. It’s the most prominent problem under the regime of Vladimir Putin, who has ruled Russia since 2000. Putin has systematically taken over the country’s independent media, oligarchy, elections, and laws to cement his own power and wield corruption to his advantage.
That’s what Navalny set out to expose. And in 2010, he published a groundbreaking investigation into a state-owned transportation company, Transneft, which was funneling state money into the hands of its executives. The post launched Navalny into politics.
By 2016, he had become the face of Russia’s opposition movement, run for mayor, and was running for president against Putin himself. Navalny was unifying Russia’s opposition like no politician had before. That’s why the Kremlin tried to kill him. Navalny survived the assassination attempt, launching a movement never before seen in Russia.
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  • Putin, i like you very muchy.

    SickEndSickEnd5 soat oldin
  • 3:47 tell me the link to this vid or something

    Dio BrandoDio Brando5 soat oldin
  • Gianpaolo w io dico tutto quello che e sucesso e completamento demogratico perche non andate a fare una bella investicazione paragonate le elezioni e chi viene eletto in italia e quante bugie ci dicano in piazza dicono una cosa il movimento 5 stelle ma quanto al governo fanno tutto il contrario prometevano liberta e lavoro e benessere per tutti bugia e venuto giuseppe conte disse io saro l'avvocato di tutti gli italiani bugia adesso mario drachi peggio che peggio io dico che la democrazia christiana era un bellisimo partito perche non mettano la situazione in italia e drammatica gli italiani vogliono liberta e lavoro non privatizazioni e necessario uscire dal'europa e nazionalizare tutto saluti

    Giancarlo GGiancarlo G6 soat oldin
  • If Putin wants someone to be dead he will be dead. US president does not call him killer for failed assassination attempts.

    akashmihir84akashmihir846 soat oldin
  • Putin wants all of his enemies silenced but he will never silence the movement online.

    Benjamin S.Benjamin S.12 soat oldin
  • In mother Russia the victim kills the poison

    MR. BLueITAChiMR. BLueITAChi12 soat oldin
  • 🤣🤣 navalny 2% in élection

    Jean SansterreJean Sansterre13 soat oldin
  • Navalny is young and leans towards a more modern idea of government Vladdy P wants more of a traditional approach to government basically out with new and stay with old

    RUSECO GRUSECO G13 soat oldin
    • Putin it's a dictator

      123 223123 2238 soat oldin
  • Putin is lit brahhh

    A ZA Z16 soat oldin
  • I don't support the poisoning but I think Russia need's a man like Putin to by there presently.

    Breezy BoyBreezy Boy17 soat oldin
  • If I was Putin I will make him my vice president, you can never silence him by locking him up, you will make him stronger

    olayinka mobolajiolayinka mobolaji17 soat oldin
  • What

    Joyce DominguezJoyce Dominguez18 soat oldin
  • this man is a madlad.

    Garvey64 LIVEGarvey64 LIVE18 soat oldin
  • Even if they success To silence him, then everyones know the truth, cause man Who fight against corruption and lies, if he dies thats proofs every word

    Jesse HolmJesse Holm19 soat oldin
  • Putin is the best leader of the world, and you can't stand that.

  • Yes this is old school vox!

    Jordan ArillJordan Arill20 soat oldin
  • I see why Trump loved Putin so much.

    Que CreationsQue Creations20 soat oldin
  • Modi is doing the same in India.

    cruci yocruci yo21 soat oldin
  • I’m going

    CJ SantiagoCJ Santiago22 soat oldin
  • Dont get fooled people, if Putin wants you dead you will be dead without exeption and without any doubt, and bthw novichok is a compound poison, it is factually, scientifically and mathematicly impossible to detect after 5 hours inside a human body, and also another point there is no survivle rate for novichok poisoning, it has a 100% fatality rate because of the inexisting antidote, I firmly belive that Navalny is a nato agent and defenetly not a "people's person"

    federico romagnolifederico romagnoli23 soat oldin
    • How much did the Russian government pay you to write that? 🤣

      Mr. MapleMr. Maple20 soat oldin
  • I like how he use the cards to explain simple, easy , and yet still learning

    kingking23 soat oldin
  • Russia will never be free until it gets rids of it's chronic corruption problem

    An East European in UKAn East European in UK23 soat oldin
  • Putin's not bothered.

    Rachendra PyakurelRachendra PyakurelKun oldin
  • why the US doesn't start operation russian freedom like what they did in operation iraqi freedom 🤔🙄😒

    Taha AlattarTaha AlattarKun oldin
    • we'd cause all out nuclear war bro

      ShadowsCrescentShadowsCrescent16 soat oldin
    • @Harsh Arya that's my point 👌😂

      Taha AlattarTaha Alattar23 soat oldin
    • It's Russia baby.

      Harsh AryaHarsh Arya23 soat oldin
  • May Russia become A True Democratic Country and it be Putin and Communism's Fall....

    Janhavi JagtapJanhavi JagtapKun oldin
  • Navalny work for CIA. I have been in army. I know what is Novychok. Chances to survive it are zero.

    misterokatacmisterokatacKun oldin
    • @Mr. Maple I am from Yugoslavia. We are not east and not West. Have been in army 2 years in REAL war. I know what is Novychok. Chances to survive it are zero.

      misterokatacmisterokatac11 soat oldin
    • 5 ruples have been transferred to your account, comrade.

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  • 1:30 Let's just all appreciate the fact vox choose the ace of spades for Navalny 🥳

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  • Putin will go down in history as the most corrupt politician next xi..of China

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  • i have a feeling if putin wanted him dead.. he would have been dead.

    Vd3rVd3rKun oldin
  • And thay say perfect opposition never exists.

    Salah GabariSalah GabariKun oldin
  • Its the same in every country when good leader stand up for the people the corruption will try to silence them even death.

    Theo TrompTheo TrompKun oldin
  • No one can simply vote out putin

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  • Cia pay him..of he don't do ..putin..he doesnt have money.

    Bagus wiwahaBagus wiwahaKun oldin
  • It's always hard, if not impossible to drain the swamp.

    Mouse ToadMouse ToadKun oldin
  • Do any of Russians think, Navalny is a launching pad of USA?

    Javaeria GILLJavaeria GILLKun oldin
  • It's ironic how much these events in russia mirror events in the us, history truly does repeat itself.....authoritarian regimes all employ similar tactics

    AT AstroAT AstroKun oldin
  • Just By looking at Putin you can tell he’s badass

    cesar mendozacesar mendozaKun oldin
  • hhhhhh, you western people u are now playing childish politic. sit down and see how Russian and Chinese people rise due to your mistakes u committed in 19 and 20 centuries. (colonization)

    AKIRA KAYONGA Luc NorbertAKIRA KAYONGA Luc NorbertKun oldin
  • Very disappointing move to copy Johnny Harris..wow

    Mark KrudyMark KrudyKun oldin
  • we forgot that the church also has some cards

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  • Looks like a political game please-

    Ahmad Mudzakkir AminAhmad Mudzakkir AminKun oldin
  • Nav. is trying to overthrow a dictator. Russia is a democracy is name only. Things usually don't go well for folks like that.

    Mike MMike MKun oldin
  • It's not like this in America

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    • No the US just had 2 established parties

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  • sounds eerily similar to the situation in Turkey...

    Ata AlicAta AlicKun oldin
  • We in the west love this man because he will destroy Russia like yeltsin did it doesn’t take a genius to see this

    Gabe NewellGabe NewellKun oldin
  • If Putin wanted him dead, he would have been dead a long time ago. This is nonsense.

    Aleksandar StefanovićAleksandar Stefanović2 kun oldin
    • @Mr. Maple I can only wish...

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  • Should have included the part where the Russian hospitals said that he was not poisoned and then moved out of country and tested positive

    Eat ChoochieEat Choochie2 kun oldin
  • good.

    Taso GeoTaso Geo2 kun oldin
  • If he did Navalny would be dust long ago How about we talk about mess in y own backyard? America still lives in 19 century,no human rights,democracy interpreted totally wrong,how about all war crimes done since ww2 by western countries? Started by nukes on Hiroshima n Nagasaki

    Alaric von Gunnicus KAlaric von Gunnicus K2 kun oldin
  • If Putin wants a man dead, the man Is dead.

    FreesyFreesy2 kun oldin
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  • Why CIA wants to see Assange dead?

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  • Wile will win. Putin will fall anyway

    Serj KalinovskiySerj Kalinovskiy2 kun oldin
  • Simple , Rusia no es Venezuela y jamás permitiría un Guaido.

    Victor HerreraVictor Herrera2 kun oldin
  • And now Navalny is dying in prison😪 11 day of his hunger strike

    Elena ShuminskayaElena Shuminskaya2 kun oldin
  • А с какого перепугу американцам интересно выборы партий в России?

    Jerewel YTJerewel YT2 kun oldin
  • And then after Navalny becomes president he gets poisoned again and then we have USSR 2

    Kelter UnionKelter Union2 kun oldin
  • Mr. Navalny . You are future for Russia . People in Russia hate Putin regime . Many russians afraid talk about situation in your own country. . Coruption is higher level than we thing.

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  • He is against illegal immigration too 😊❤️

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  • Me 4 minutes into the video: _Which picture card has an E on it??_

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  • Why do I feel like God or the Divine is protecting this man. Poisoned so many time and survived.

    satya anonymoussatya anonymous2 kun oldin
  • Because he used the pronoun he/him to a mermaid king queen

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  • Videos by vox are so well scripted and the narrator's sound blends in so well

    Poopagedon GuyPoopagedon Guy3 kun oldin
  • Russia is literally a dictatorship under putin but only now you guys decide to bring this up. Even after he changed the constitution to make it so he can run for president longer and he's older terms were obsolete. Like bruh.

    Ben GBen G3 kun oldin
    • You speak as if extension this term would determine essence the vector of the ruling party. Putin is nothing more than nominal figure, all more less charismatic and antipathetic to many Russians, especially young people. And the amendments to constitution also brought quite factual changes: ban on holding residence permit and foreign citizenship for high officials, ban on offshore invoice for high officials, approval of civil ministers by parlament, formal social guarantees, etc. I and more other my peers (me 18) personally voted for this initiative; there is no need present it an unconstitutional coup, it is civil compromise within the framework of constitution. In contrast 1993, which the West supported with joyful squeals.

      Виктор КустодиевВиктор Кустодиев3 kun oldin
  • Navalny should think to eat McDonalds only in his life

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  • Say what you want but putin has major brains

    BerchBerch3 kun oldin
  • If he wanted him dead, he would be already. Putin was never predictable, he wants something else.

    D3aTHMaGNeTiCD3aTHMaGNeTiC3 kun oldin
    • If Putin killed him, he would be martyred, resulting in the opposition's cause to strengthen and become emboldened.

      ShadowsCrescentShadowsCrescent16 soat oldin
  • How about starting exposing your own american politicans? Oh wait, you can’t, you would get secretly murdered. 😂

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  • Plot twist the poison is not russian

    Toto SenpaiToto Senpai3 kun oldin
  • Please sign petition " Nobel Peace Prize for Alexei Navalny"

    L. S.L. S.3 kun oldin
  • Great film and work!

    mur murmur mur3 kun oldin
  • Navalny returned to Russia accepting that it will likely cost his life, but he does it for the slim chance that Russia might finally be free

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  • just googled this guy and apparently he’s dropping weight considerably fast and losing feeling in his feet and legs. respects to what he’s doing but i will be SHOCKED if he makes it to 2022

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    • @John yes

      Diruptio BruhDiruptio Bruh2 kun oldin
    • @Diruptio Bruh yes... are you under a rock?

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    • @Sarah Haney wait he's in prison?

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    • @Diruptio Bruh it is from prison

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    • @Ben G cooking for yourself is not that hard

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  • Putin always Was a criminal that weakened his country

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    • he is a criminal but he did strengthen his country

      yazanyazan3 kun oldin
  • freedom or death

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  • am i the only one who thinks Alexei Navalny would be a great president for russia?

    Slipper_0Slipper_04 kun oldin
  • We act likeJulian Assange is not in prison today😞😞

    Gustavo AlonsoGustavo Alonso4 kun oldin
    • @elsombrero1000 We in the USA and No, Assange is in the Prison in the UK but The USA is trying to extradite him after he blew the whistle on US government crimes, as well as other nations

      Gustavo AlonsoGustavo Alonso2 kun oldin
    • I cant remember him being in prison in russia. And who Is "we"?

      elsombrero1000elsombrero10003 kun oldin
  • me waiting until the russian federation rolls to civil war

    KUAH QI YANG MoeKUAH QI YANG Moe4 kun oldin
  • 1,969,996th view!!!!!!!!!!

    Crazy UbiquitousCrazy Ubiquitous4 kun oldin
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    • I thought you love putin

      pinky fingerpinky finger2 kun oldin
  • i am an american living in NY. You have no reason to believe me but the sheer execution and citations in this vid are extremely incredible

    Jay FiguJay Figu4 kun oldin
  • Bellingcat did an amazing, eye opening follow up on this story and got hard evidence pointing to FSB.

    Jay S.Jay S.4 kun oldin
  • If Putin wanted Navalny dead he would be dead by now.

    not important personnot important person5 kun oldin
    • If Putin killed him, he would be martyred, resulting in the opposition's cause to strengthen and become emboldened.

      ShadowsCrescentShadowsCrescent16 soat oldin
    • @not important person Trumps a different story, but I agree. Putin is guarded by his rich buddies and as long as Putin has them in his pocket I don't see it changing anytime soon

      jellysplatterjellysplatter3 kun oldin
    • @jellysplatter So was Trump in the US very influential figure, and Trump has 70 Million votes and big protesters backing him that stormed US capitol and he lost,how much votes can Navaly have? even if every man that protested against Putin votes for navalny Putin has more support and votes, that is DEMO CRACY Rule of people

      not important personnot important person3 kun oldin
    • How's disappearing in the prison system after saying he's losing sensation in his hands and legs?

      hihi4 kun oldin
    • Navalny is a very influential figure in Russia, if Putin straight up killed him there would be absolute anarchy. We saw how big protests and national recognition got from him only being detained.

      jellysplatterjellysplatter4 kun oldin
  • Seems that people of OMSK felt to punish him with some of that great trial

    Articueila Coryphaeus DuxArticueila Coryphaeus Dux5 kun oldin
  • novalny is a paid marionette by the west

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      Mukti Bahini জয় বাংলা!Mukti Bahini জয় বাংলা!5 kun oldin
  • Everyone is racist in Russia. Left and right.

    Ben DoverBen Dover5 kun oldin
  • Bro

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