Why Mount Everest's height keeps changing

16-Mar, 2021
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The world's tallest mountain just got a little taller - here's why.
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In December of 2020, China and Nepal made a joint announcement about a new measurement for Mount Everest: 8,849 meters. This is just the latest of several different surveys of Everest since the first measurement was taken in 1855. The reasons why the height has fluctuated have to do with surveying methodology, challenges in determining sea level, and the people who have historically been able to measure Everest.
We mention this NOAA post in the end tag of the video, which addresses another way to measure the height of mountains: oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/highestpoint.html
NOAA has more information about the geoid here: oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/geoid.html
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  • Tenzing is from Nepal not Nepal and India

    Nryn SrmaNryn SrmaSoat oldin
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    Gabriel LockettGabriel Lockett7 soat oldin
  • Mount Everest be like: I EAT A METER OF ROCK FOR EVERY MEAL

    Ronen RayRonen Ray7 soat oldin
  • how it come tenzing from Nepal n india 🤔🤔🤔🤔 he is only from Nepal belongs to sherpas commuinity ..

    Solo traveller Sulove AryalSolo traveller Sulove Aryal18 soat oldin
  • Wow, very interesting...

    Nathan NgumiNathan Ngumi21 soat oldin
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  • Thanks for calling it Tibet, and not China.

    Jay S.Jay S.4 kun oldin
  • The fact that it took 200 years to let Nepal decide the height of their own mountain is kind of mind-blowing though

    Spectacular SpaghettiSpectacular Spaghetti5 kun oldin
    • Well Nepalese political history is truely messed up... "we hav to read a lot

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  • How and why is tenzing norgay a nepalese and indian? He is Nepalese. Period. You need to change it.

    Nirwan JoshiNirwan Joshi7 kun oldin
    • @VISHNU VARDHAN well.u r being patriotic here, tell me wat u want

      EyaN 11EyaN 112 kun oldin
    • @EyaN 11 bharatam is not the concept.

    • @VISHNU VARDHAN Bharatam is jst a concept for indian to represent Subcontinent its not a country ok..

      EyaN 11EyaN 112 kun oldin
    • @Nirwan Joshi If you are hindu or buddhist, can you tell me how big is Bharatam

    • @VISHNU VARDHAN ????????

      Nirwan JoshiNirwan Joshi4 kun oldin
  • Interesting, until I heard "global warming," then I bailed, didn't see the rest.

    sodaspopsodaspop7 kun oldin
  • Why don’t they just use an aircraft altimeter ?

    Gabriel NeefsGabriel Neefs7 kun oldin
  • The neplease call everest Chomoumlunga as well

    Huggsmd 1Huggsmd 17 kun oldin
    • Nope sir....

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  • Yo tenzing ain't from india

    Naveen BasnetNaveen Basnet7 kun oldin
  • 1. Everyone knows it as "Everest", and they know how to pronounce that. 2. If you change it to Sagarmāthā, you'll anger the people who want to call it Chomolungma - and vice-versa. The peak is on the border of two countries; which one gets to pick the name? Better to call it "Everest" as a neutral choice that pleases neither.

    rtpoertpoe8 kun oldin

    AI Unit ProteusAI Unit Proteus8 kun oldin
  • It's not called global warming any more. Get with the program.

    Raven BishopRaven Bishop9 kun oldin
  • Could you do more stories about Angola and Africa in general please

    bolia bamolendebolia bamolende9 kun oldin
  • Background music name please?

    Shuvo BiswasShuvo Biswas9 kun oldin
  • One side in Nepal and one side in China.

    JkjkjkJkjkjk9 kun oldin
  • 8:01 Mauna Kay-uh is how you pronounce it. Not Mauna Key-uh.

    The Great FladoodleThe Great Fladoodle9 kun oldin
  • 8848.86m

    Ayush AryalAyush Aryal10 kun oldin
  • The height grows every year i think lol

    kawalykawaly11 kun oldin
  • Sir Edmund Hillary

    Rishav PrasadRishav Prasad12 kun oldin
  • Apparently George Everest pronounced him own name differently than we all do now. Eve (as in Christmas eve) rest, Eve~rest and not EVerest.

    snap crackle popsnap crackle pop13 kun oldin
  • I used to think that Everest was a cool archaic word for furthest or highest (like "forever" + est) but no it's just some British bloke

    Koen v. MeijelKoen v. Meijel13 kun oldin
  • India has measured Everest height more than any other country.

    Rajat ChaudharyRajat Chaudhary15 kun oldin
  • 2:25 that is not a right Angle

    nils pilsnils pils15 kun oldin
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  • Why does the script of this video sounds like the NPR’s Short Wave podcast?

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  • Why isnt the Sherpa guide named?

    Gabriel KumontoyGabriel Kumontoy16 kun oldin
  • George Everest pronounced his name "Eve-rest" not "Ever-est"!

    CassiaCassia16 kun oldin
  • So when do you measure sea level, at high tide or low?

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  • I can tell you the answer in 10 second, because China and Nepal keep measuring the height of it and keep "arguing"(just sort of) and with a little bit more snow so that is why it keep changing, this video is just trash talking.

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  • As a Chinese it’s uncomfortable that VOX says Mt. Everest standing at the border of Nepal and Tibet, a country and an official province of China. Besides at the end referring it to Nepal’s OWN mountain without mentioning China and their effort?

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  • Just a fact : The actual height of Everest was calculated by Indian mathematician Radhanath Sikdar . He got appointed for surveys in 1831 by George Everest , surveyor general of that time. Sikdar calculated the exact height in 1851 (but officially announced in 1855 ) . It was actually 29000 ft , but for some reason they added 2 feet more and measured 29002 ft .

    Sayuj PatraSayuj Patra20 kun oldin
  • Nepal: I'm so proud that I finally measured my mountain. China: U mean OUR mountain? ☭

    Abdullah ElturkmaniAbdullah Elturkmani20 kun oldin
    • Wel the measurement was done by Nepalese but waited for China submit as both Nepal n China had decided to announce the height together

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  • Shoutout to Radhanath Shikdar!

    Syed Samiul BasitSyed Samiul Basit20 kun oldin
  • VOX -"He-May-Lane" Other - He-Mal-Yun.

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  • I always wondered what they called it in the local languages cause it obviously wouldn't be 'Everest'. I guess now I know! Does anyone know if those of names have some particular meanings?

    KendrixTerminaKendrixTermina21 kun oldin
    • @rgohaLol

      EyaN 11EyaN 112 kun oldin
    • Sagarmatha means mother of sea Chomulungma means mother of world

      rgohargoha20 kun oldin
  • Plot twist: It's not a mountain, it's a giant turtle who began his slumber when there was still water around it and now it's starting to move. It's 2021, what else can you expect smh!

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