Vaccine side effects are actually a good thing

11-Fev, 2021
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Why you might feel sick after getting a Covid-19 vaccine.
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Every vaccine can have side effects like muscle pain, fever, or headaches; and some of the new Covid-19 vaccines are even likelier to give you those side effects than you may be used to. But the scientists who work most closely with vaccines emphasize that when a vaccination makes you feel sick, it's almost never a bad sign. And once you understand why vaccine side effects happen, you may even be happy to get that headache.
Read more about why the Covid-19 vaccines may feel different from other routine shots:
Much of the data in this video came from the clinical trial reports for the first two studied vaccines to become available. You can read those courtesy of the US Food and Drug Administration:
Pfizer/BioNTech: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • I don’t trust taking this vaccine moving on.

    Time Of My LifeTime Of My Life6 soat oldin
  • This could have been 3 minutes

    Emily PottsEmily Potts8 soat oldin
  • Okay so you differentiate other pre-conditions from vaccine deaths, now do the numbers on fatalities due DIRECTLY from covid & get back to me

    RyanRyan13 soat oldin
  • Well..... Some of the info here is outdated. As we now know about side effects that did cause deaths.

    Nori LoriNori Lori15 soat oldin
  • The same people who have gaslighted and lied to us all these years are now pushing this rushed vaccine HARD. I’ll take my chances with the 99% survival rate of covid 🙄

    Hank Rises HillHank Rises Hill16 soat oldin
  • Outright LIES! Check out CDC VAERS (Centre of Disease Control, Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Centre). I conducted a search for only SERIOUS and FATAL/DEATH adverse events for covid vaccines for the USA alone and got 202 pages (about 20 events per page) with a note at the top saying there were too many incidents to list on this one report. Started out with a two-year-old dying immediately after covid vax... all the way up the ages. It's murder AND this is dis-information.

    Lori PowerLori Power18 soat oldin
  • Actually a bad thing

    metropolismetropolis20 soat oldin
  • I went to the doctor and he injects me a vaccine and nurses holds my arms. After 14 hours I felt sick and my hole body is very painful! After the vaccine I have a sick for 1 week! My body is very very painful and I feel like my head will gonna explode! The doctor uses Sinovac! So I know the side effect of Sinovac! Now I feel better but my body is still aching and tired!

    Waterplays ChannelWaterplays Channel21 soat oldin
  • All these are all well and good but vaccines are usually studied for years before releasing it to the public. Im still not convinced I need to take this.

    David SimpsonDavid Simpson21 soat oldin
  • After our immune system makes the antibodies against Covid 19 You picked wrong house fool

    Eric MasseyEric MasseyKun oldin
  • It's a good thing if we can survive :D In Hong Kong there is certain number of people dying of covid vaccine

    cjromecjromeKun oldin
  • I received my vaccine today and I will tell you the side effects. So far (9hrs after shot) my arm is sore and it hurts and i can't stretch it. I feel like a T-Rex xd 😂. I'll come back with a edit soon for update on my side effects. Update: 19 hours after the vaccine (covid 19 vaccine) I feel ALL the side effects. I went to sleep with a sore arm and woke up with a fever, headache, body pain and fatigue and I'm cold. Edit soon

    ʀɛӄȶܛSαɳԃყʀɛӄȶܛSαɳԃყKun oldin
    • Rest well and stay hydrated.

      Loya FrostwindLoya Frostwind3 soat oldin
  • Had covid back in December. Waited 90 days as per the medical health officers in British Columbia, before I could get the vaccine. Finally got Pfizer in March! I couldn’t move the injected arm for one entire day because it felt extremely heavy and sore plus a low grade fever 😭 It hurt just from closing the door! Had the worst sleep ever! All was good after third day! Waiting for my second dose now!

    beaglechenbeaglechenKun oldin
  • We need to have these translated in Spanish! I would love to do that!

    Daniel CardenasDaniel CardenasKun oldin
  • Just got the vaccine and I feel sick just like when I had covid. Everything hurts and I’m tired

    KingKingKun oldin
    • Same here. Got vaccine yesterday and fell sick over night 🤒

      Adrian SierraAdrian Sierra15 soat oldin
  • Man that Moderna second dose is a real kick in the pants

    xxuncexxxxuncexxKun oldin
  • 12 hours into the first dose of the astrazeneca vaccine, I have developed body ache, fever, feeling cold and generally unwell. Summer is in full glory and the fan n AC is off. Its almost two a.m and am unable to sleep. Hopefully will come back with better news soon...

    Smile MileSmile MileKun oldin
    • Update after 25 hours of the onset of side effects which were quite the strain on my 47 year old body. Am 80 to 90 percent better and expect a full recovery by morning even as I go to sleep...hope it helps

      Smile MileSmile Mile15 soat oldin
  • 99% survival rate. vaccine isnt fda approved. i’m not going to be a human guinea pig for our government, choose to if you want. just dont force me.

    pret 3pret 3Kun oldin
  • So in other words it's a good thing that I'm drained and so tired beyond anything and can barely get around 3 weeks after the 2nd shot of the Pfizer vaccine??? When will I gain my strength back? I'm almost 60 years old....

    Dave HibbsDave HibbsKun oldin
  • But which vaccine 🤔

    Jester ParejaJester Pareja2 kun oldin
  • Got my shot this morning, and really the only thing I felt was that I was tired. I knocked out on the couch and slept for about 3 hours. Pfizer vaccine works. My arm hurts and I'm still a little tired but no fever, no chills.

    GoblinGoblin2 kun oldin
  • This was great thanks🥰

    Alexis DimesAlexis Dimes2 kun oldin
    • Check out CDC VAERS - and you'll see that this video is total lies.

      Lori PowerLori Power17 soat oldin
  • You actually want ppl to believe that side effects are normal? We're just suppose to accept it?

    Dontwear itoutDontwear itout2 kun oldin
    • Si.

      Сракатанский КатоблепасСракатанский Катоблепас20 soat oldin
  • me part of Pfizer’s 2% throwing up

    Dea HajrullahuDea Hajrullahu2 kun oldin
  • African Americans choose reparations over vaccinations. HR 40 bill

    Aaron WicAaron Wic3 kun oldin
  • So true

    deshana Ddeshana D3 kun oldin
  • My head hurts that’s all

    Vanox51Vanox513 kun oldin
  • Side effects are not a good thing. They are common but not good. Side effects are the body responding to poisoning. Our bodies know exactly how to deal with viruses and we don't need vaccines at all, we've just been brainwashing into thinking we do. vaccines have always been more dangerous than the actual disease and they don't prevent disease.

    J. KarpinskiJ. Karpinski3 kun oldin
    • Do I smell a anti-vaxr get outta hereeee. You get a little sickness to prevent a big sickness. Right now I can't even get outt abed

      Daylin HesfordDaylin Hesford3 kun oldin
    • ​@Ricky Babcock search youtube for - A Shot In The Dark - Vaccinations Documentary

      14ALL41OK14ALL41OK3 kun oldin
    • source?

      Ricky BabcockRicky Babcock3 kun oldin
  • The vaccine kills very very few people, CoViD kills much much more people, so getting vaccinated with any vaccine is a good choice. But it is not true, that no one died from a covid-19 vaccine. The video implies that no one died from a vaccination. To be inaccurate about this fact promotes mistrust in the people and jeopardizes the vaccination campains. So it would be better to correct this video or remove it, because it could cost a lot of lifes. Otherwise it is a very good video.

    rabenklang7rabenklang74 kun oldin
  • watching this after i got the second dose of moderna. last night was one of the worst nights of my life the side effects were just unbelievable. My body hurt, i was very tired, had a fever, felt cold and my skin felt like it was burning and it felt like someone was pulling out my nail with plyers all at the same time. but i usually get hit harder by side effects than others. my mom and my sister and cousin got the second dose at the same time and they felt very little.

    Kay ÈmKay Èm4 kun oldin
    • are you okay now?

      Anish VengalaAnish VengalaKun oldin
  • I’m happy I got vaccinated! If I go I go. Least I’m doing what I think is right to saving humanity!

    IN PlutoIN Pluto4 kun oldin
  • Just wait a couple years for all those who got vaccinated thats when the real side effects will hit

    YouTube deleted My accountYouTube deleted My account4 kun oldin
    • @UZworld deleted My account Gates might think that the planet is over populated, but thinking that and taking steps to eradicate humans is a big leap. Bill Gates would actually lose money as more people died because that would mean less people around to use Microsoft services, software, etc. Capitalists fundamentally want growth, not a decline.

      JanSoloJanSolo20 soat oldin
    • @JanSolo not 100% sure about that but i heard gates said this earth is to overpopulated

      YouTube deleted My accountYouTube deleted My account21 soat oldin
    • @UZworld deleted My account but why? What purpose does less humans serve a capitalist?

      JanSoloJanSoloKun oldin
    • @JanSolo i was thinking its gates they are legit demons and want to make everything Non organic if you know what i mean. They even said it that its in agenda 21/30 THE VACCINES WERE MEANT TO DEPOPULATE A BIG PERCENT OF HUMANITY !!! THEY WANTED HUMAN DEPOPULATION !

      YouTube deleted My accountYouTube deleted My accountKun oldin
    • @UZworld deleted My account was it Gates that made covid or a chinese lab? I was under the impression that it was Trump that made covid so that he his lackeys at clorox could sell more bleach.

      JanSoloJanSolo2 kun oldin
  • Got my second dose today, wish me luck! And congrats to everyone who is fully vaccinated

    FernandaFernanda4 kun oldin
    • Good luck! How's your body doing?

      Anish VengalaAnish VengalaKun oldin

    ajob2677ajob26774 kun oldin
    • but the fever and chills from the vaccine last a day or two, and the fever and chills from covid last 2 weeks soooo

      Raoul BarberisRaoul Barberis2 kun oldin
  • I just got vaccinated yesterday (Johnson & Johnson) - I’ve been having aches and chills all night. UPDATE: After a full night of night being able to move from being cold, nauseous, muscle spasms/aches and dizziness, I was able to recover within 24 hours of getting the vaccine and I’m back to my normal self other than a bit of aches in my legs and hips.

    - princess- princess4 kun oldin
    • How's it going right now? Feeling good?

      meruem ,meruem ,17 soat oldin
  • It’s a obvious hit to the human vibration that resonates with the planet 🌎 that’s why it gives u a headache(nanobots 🤖in 🧠 ) , makes u tired( energy ⚡️hit) ,and muscle pains etc as well as changing your dna 🧬 🤧🤕🤒🥴 DO NOT GET THIS VACCINE 💉 ⚠️☠️

    Tito Marley 079Tito Marley 0794 kun oldin
    • @14ALL41OK okay. What's your point?

      JanSoloJanSolo3 kun oldin
    • @JanSolo Scientists are not gods and not always good people. Hitler and Stalin had scientists too! Everyone has a price. Bribery or Blackmail.

      14ALL41OK14ALL41OK3 kun oldin
    • you sir, are clearly a reputable scientist. Where did you get your multiple phd's from?

      JanSoloJanSolo4 kun oldin
  • Side effects are a good thing?👀... I don't think so!!!

    rahemma smithrahemma smith4 kun oldin
    • @rahemma smith Have you gathered data from all vaccine recipients or are you looking at specific videos to suit your narrative? I just want to understand your data collection process and then understand how you came to your conclusions.

      JanSoloJanSolo2 kun oldin
    • @Ricky Babcock I sure did.

      rahemma smithrahemma smith2 kun oldin
    • @JanSolo Scientific data is right in front of you're face... Look at all the video's of people who took the vaccine and now have problems.

      rahemma smithrahemma smith2 kun oldin
    • did you.... watch the video....

      Ricky BabcockRicky Babcock3 kun oldin
    • show us your scientific data to prove your point, please.

      JanSoloJanSolo4 kun oldin
  • I've learned more from Vox than I have from the health officials on TV

    CarlosCarlos4 kun oldin
  • Why did i choose to not get vaccinated, well rip

    NoxLightNoxLight5 kun oldin
  • So, I have a question. If a person, who was infected with covid-19 and had recovered in the past, their immune system, will already have developed a defense mechanism to fight against it, right? So, should that person, take a vaccine? After all, vaccine, is given, for the immune system to develop the defense mechanism, right?

    Nileena JNileena J5 kun oldin
    • I had the virus a while back also. For me I barely felt anything at all when I had it. I just got vaccinated today and I'm feeling very sick and have all kinds of side effects. But tbh I'd say you should get vaccinated regardless. Just because you had one varient of Covid-19 doesn't mean you can't get infected by another variant. Just play it safe for the health of others (I personally got the shot just so I could travel lol)

      Daylin HesfordDaylin Hesford3 kun oldin
  • This video definitely made me feel better. Thank you!

    Elvira DElvira D5 kun oldin
    • Too bad. Do some research. These are lies.

      Lori PowerLori Power17 soat oldin
  • A Violation of Our Human Rights

    Ric Di clementeRic Di clemente5 kun oldin
    • please do not take the vaccine so you can assist in reducing the population.

      JanSoloJanSolo3 kun oldin
  • Forcing People in To Vacation is A Flagrant Violation Of Our Human Rights ?

    Ric Di clementeRic Di clemente5 kun oldin
    • Is that a question?

      JanSoloJanSolo3 kun oldin
  • For

    Ric Di clementeRic Di clemente5 kun oldin
    • eskin

      JanSoloJanSolo3 kun oldin
  • Forcing People to Take A Foreign Vaccine is A Flagrant Violation of Our Rights ?

    Ric Di clementeRic Di clemente5 kun oldin
    • You're not forced to take the vaccine.

      Trump Is a confirmed cuckTrump Is a confirmed cuck4 kun oldin
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    Pawit NinnabodeeePawit Ninnabodeee5 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know what's in the vaccines besides mercury? Anyone who intends getting jabbed would obviously have done thorough research into the contents .... please share.

    Reginald WilliamsReginald Williams5 kun oldin
    • @JanSolo Facebook is pro vaccine,pro big pharma and pro establishment.anything that questions vaccines is censored on facebook so idk what you mean

      Voodoo Sugar WallsVoodoo Sugar Walls2 kun oldin
    • @JanSolo "But, I get you got your phd from Facebook University, so I will bow down to your thorough knowledge of all things vaccine related"... haha! ... rather lame personal insults but I'm sure you can think of more.

      Reginald WilliamsReginald Williams2 kun oldin
    • FYI - the ingredients were easily available via a DuckDuckGo search. I also looked at the ingredients contained in the vaccine and they are all pretty standard issue, ruled safe by the FDA, etc. With that said, I don't see mercury anywhere in the list of ingredients. But, I get you got your phd from Facebook University, so I will bow down to your thorough knowledge of all things vaccine related. Share your gift.

      JanSoloJanSolo3 kun oldin
    • @JanSolo why are you using logic to defend your point, thats like talking to a wall

      BachibakBachibak3 kun oldin
    • The Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine includes the following ingredients: recombinant, replication-incompetent adenovirus type 26 expressing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, citric acid monohydrate, trisodium citrate dihydrate, ethanol, 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HBCD), polysorbate-80, sodium chloride.

      JanSoloJanSolo4 kun oldin
  • The video don t include THE REALITY OF NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS..

  • I got the Pfizer not too long ago today. Got a low end fever.

    Cherokee FitCherokee Fit5 kun oldin
  • I had fever chills body aches the day after 2nd dose. My fingers also swelled up twice their size, everything back to normal on day 3.

    scrufflescruffle5 kun oldin
  • The ordinary node extraorally please because india simulteneously bruise anenst a ludicrous bead. waiting, telling banjo

    Moe GreengrassMoe Greengrass5 kun oldin
  • "no deaths from the vaccine" this aged like milk

    woodywoody5 kun oldin
  • after each of the doses my arm was stiff in the shot area for a few days. but only after the second shot did I get a low grade fever for about a day after the shot.

    KainGercKainGerc5 kun oldin
  • This will be burried in the comments, but I just got the vaccine the night before and feel awful. But I know science and my body are doing this on purpose and this video made me feel a lot better 💙

    Mikey GuanipaMikey Guanipa6 kun oldin
    • @methos1999 I had the actual virus and it was pretty bad lol. I just wasn't expecting to be throwing up for 3 hours after the vaccine 😭🤢

      Mikey GuanipaMikey GuanipaKun oldin
    • If this is how you feel from the vaccine, imagine how the actual virus would feel.

      methos1999methos1999Kun oldin
    • @Daylin Hesford it'll pass! I felt sick for a full day but now all I have is arm soreness

      Mikey GuanipaMikey Guanipa3 kun oldin
    • Same Sonic I'm suffering rn from first shot but I know it's working

      Daylin HesfordDaylin Hesford3 kun oldin
    • @Dal Mi I live in the USA and I had gotten phizer!

      Mikey GuanipaMikey Guanipa3 kun oldin
  • I'm getting it today. I always have a reaction to the flu shot since i was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease . I prepared to lay low for a couple days.

    Garden GirlGarden Girl6 kun oldin
  • Are this vaccines are effective on other strains of corona or it is just for covid-19 ?

    Alfa MaleAlfa Male6 kun oldin
    • Check out CDC VAERS - try searching for SERIOUS and/or FATAL/DEATH for covid vaccines. They are lying in this video.

      Lori PowerLori Power16 soat oldin
    • most vaccines are only good for the one strain that it was designed for

      BachibakBachibak3 kun oldin
    • They still are studying this

      scrufflescruffle5 kun oldin
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    Larry LavendarLarry Lavendar6 kun oldin
  • We are living in amazing times. I will definatly be linking this video everytime i hear someone is afraid of side effects.

    VrooksVrooks6 kun oldin
  • Had my first AstraZeneca jab 2 days ago around 3pm in the afternoon. 6 hours later I had the shakes, a sore throat, and there was a large sore bump at the injection site, and my whole body felt stiff and I ached everywhere. Spent most of the next day in bed, and I had the mother of all headaches, it felt like my head was going to split open. The aftercare leaflet said to take some paracetamol, so I did. 3 hours later I felt better. As of typing this I’m back to normal again.

    NeetNeet6 kun oldin
    • Did they report it as an adverse event or not? They should be doing that.

      Lori PowerLori Power16 soat oldin
  • 👍🏽

    soaring feathersoaring feather6 kun oldin
  • Got my mine today now I have the chills

    Bruce LeroyBruce Leroy6 kun oldin
  • Got the merdernin one, first dose, feel tired and slightly sore arm. Second dose: shivering like I got Parkinson, headache, the shivering goes away on its on. Overall feeling a little better as the day goes on. Everyone reacts differently

    JWAY 202JWAY 2026 kun oldin
    • Not looking forward to the second one ughhh! The shakes are what I’m dreading, everything else is manageable for me

      IN PlutoIN Pluto4 kun oldin
  • It's a lethal injection. It's killing people

    Tuberworks JonesTuberworks Jones6 kun oldin
  • Thanks you

    Maria PozosMaria Pozos6 kun oldin
  • Vaccine side effects after a flu shot are understood, red rashes weeks latter is a sign of trouble

    May ManginsayMay Manginsay6 kun oldin
  • It hurts a lot

    Amy G DalaAmy G Dala7 kun oldin
    • @appletongallery Nah that's corona if you get it it ruins your body for the long term even though it has a low death rate.

      RoyalGummyWormRoyalGummyWorm6 kun oldin
    • It’s gonna hurt more down the road- 6-14 months.

      appletongalleryappletongallery7 kun oldin
  • Emergency Use Authorization is not Approved...this is still an experiment. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System is a record keeping data base of people who have been injured by vaccines and it was documented in said system. It is well known that all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe because of the experience of possible adverse effects in those taking them.. so what's the overstating it? What are all the known side effects? A lot of long term unknowns... My body , my choice....Finally, what is the survivability rates without the vax?

    Billy LerchBilly Lerch7 kun oldin
    • @appletongallery no known isolates in possession...p.39...that information is on pg.42 now last time I checked.

      Billy LerchBilly Lerch6 kun oldin
  • Watching this just got my fist shot an feeling pain everywhere and no appetite

    Liliana Escobar SotoLiliana Escobar Soto7 kun oldin
    • DO NOT GET A SECOND SHOT!!! Jeezus.

      appletongalleryappletongallery7 kun oldin
  • Thank you Vox. Im getting microchipped (joking of course) Saturday!

    OMOM7 kun oldin

      AAAAAA5 kun oldin
  • Immune system be like- Mohalla bachate bachate, pura shehar jala diya😭🤣🤣

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    Thomas SrsichThomas Srsich7 kun oldin
  • So people dying from vaccines is a good thing?

    XRP MoneyXRP Money8 kun oldin
    • @RoyalGummyWorm - Here’s another headline from The Sun- “JAB SAFETY 236 Brits died after getting Covid jabs but vaccines ‘didn’t play a role’, say regulators”

      appletongalleryappletongallery4 kun oldin
    • @XRP Money you’re the one making the claim, the responsibility falls on you to prove your claim. Not me, as I’m not the one making the claim that the vaccine is killing people. Seems that the education system has failed you. Before making claims, you have to have evidence, and facts that are proven, by your side. So please, provide the source of your information (an article or something like that).

      Danish KhanDanish Khan5 kun oldin
    • @Danish Khan Prove it!

      XRP MoneyXRP Money6 kun oldin
    • @ActiveCity Many countries reporting multiple deaths following vaccination.

      XRP MoneyXRP Money6 kun oldin
    • @XRP Money where is your evidence

      ActiveCityActiveCity6 kun oldin
  • good luck with that poison

    Fat Guy With A DroneFat Guy With A Drone8 kun oldin
  • It may be a good thing, but if u have anxiety like me not so much lol

    Yt ShadowYt Shadow8 kun oldin
    • Check out CDC VAERS - try searching for SERIOUS and/or FATAL/DEATH for covid vaccines. They are lying in this video.

      Lori PowerLori Power16 soat oldin
    • V O X IS C R P. MOST F A K E L Y I N G S I T E EVER.

      Meedeeuh AreliarsMeedeeuh Areliars5 kun oldin
  • So this is where all the experts are lol 🤣🤣 you guys are a joke think you know everything from one youtube video and want to criticize people that don't feel comfortable taking a rushed vaccine

    MusicUNIversal420MusicUNIversal4208 kun oldin
    • It was not rushed. Billions of funding into the production of the vaccine, thanks to Donald Trump, to ensure it comes out quickly and is effective!

      Sarah0000SarahSarah0000Sarah6 kun oldin
    • It was not rushed. This vaccine came out quicker because more money was spent on it, more resources, larger test group, rate of Covid positive tests in the placebo group, etc. Also, it's not like all of a sudden all of these breakthroughs were made in 2020. This has been the outcome of decades of studying, researching, and testing on mRNA vaccines that have now made this possible. You should do some research on Katalin Kariko.

      Danish KhanDanish Khan6 kun oldin
  • I’m not a priority so my country decided I don’t need the vaccine and I’m not getting one

    My LyricMy Lyric9 kun oldin
  • If side effects are actually good... I wish you guys the entire range of side effects next time you get vaccinated ;)

    Jimmy The Powerful ! FUJimmy The Powerful ! FU9 kun oldin
    • did you stub your toe or why are you so angry?

      BachibakBachibak3 kun oldin
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    Ana DasmosAna Dasmos9 kun oldin
    • @Danish Khan its a bot

      BachibakBachibak3 kun oldin
    • i feel like you just put a bunch of random words together to form a sentence.

      Danish KhanDanish Khan6 kun oldin
  • got 1st Moderna shot, sideeffects are not easy to tolerate, but better than catching corona

    Dr. Daigoro IttoDr. Daigoro Itto9 kun oldin
  • The Truth about viruses Viruses are a product of the Earths ecological cycles. They regulate the planets ecosystems and evolve life forms. The Earth also produces Humans. Human populations are also regulated by the planet in order to maintain our ecosystems. Vaccines are not naturally occurring they don’t adapt and change like our bodies immune system and some people only care about getting rich.

    WondersomeWondersome9 kun oldin
    • @Danish Khan 😂 you just stated that immunity through mass vaccinations would cost hundreds of thousands of lives. You got your sales pitch all jacked up brother. Herd immunity is reached by the natural spread of the virus among the population it has nothing to do with vaccines. We already know the mortality rate for this virus is low and its being artificially inflated by the same people who are attempting to profit from our irrational fear of disease. Viruses are not evil they have a purpose. Vaccines cannot keep up with virus mutations the way a healthy immune system does.

      WondersomeWondersome6 kun oldin
    • @Wondersome the thing is, with something as deadly as Covid, a lot of people's immune system (especially old people's) are not *strong enough.* That's why people are dying to things like viruses in the first place. Just the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have died to Covid proves you wrong. Sure, we could reach natural herd immunity (when so many people are vaccinated that it stays contained), but it would cost hundreds of thousands of lives. That's why the vaccine is so important, because it's so effective.

      Danish KhanDanish Khan6 kun oldin
    • @Wondersome Exactly. This is why I never go to the doctor when Im sick. I have shungite rocks and ever since I started using them my health has significantly improved. But unfortunately, my wife's friend forced me to take the pfizer vaccine. I had severe headaches. Decided to not take the 2nd dose.

      Shailesh SShailesh S6 kun oldin
    • @Randomdud3 if you understand that our immune system adapts and changes already then why we do need vaccines?

      WondersomeWondersome8 kun oldin
    • I know that vaccines dont "change and adapt like our immune system". But the cool thing is that they instead adapt and change our immune system.

      Randomdud3Randomdud38 kun oldin
  • Thank yo for this valuable information. I can't wait for my second dose of moderna!

    Taii potatoieTaii potatoie9 kun oldin
  • He is one in a million, best among many, most trusted , I almost gave up on trading then I met him through a friend, Austin is the most trusted trading expert who helped the life of my family and I ,

    Marry RedddMarry Reddd9 kun oldin
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      Marry RedddMarry Reddd9 kun oldin
  • 21% vomiting dafuq

    Jesse WuJesse Wu9 kun oldin
    • You're supposed to report side effects: CDC VAERS if in US.

      Lori PowerLori Power17 soat oldin
    • I vomited after the J&J

      Zack WathenZack Wathen5 kun oldin
  • Getting mine in a week and I'm so stoked

    Sanny GnanasundaramSanny Gnanasundaram10 kun oldin
  • Meningitis,coma,neurological damage and paralysis rte not good things halfwit!

    Silence DoGoodSilence DoGood10 kun oldin
  • Until a new variant comes along ...then the vaccine won't help you. And actually could do worse

    MrDOB1000MrDOB100010 kun oldin
    • @Danish Khan saw your comment. Geert van den bossche is my source. Funnily enough he will be ignored by MSM

      MrDOB1000MrDOB10006 kun oldin
    • Source? Until then, what you are saying has no validity

      Danish KhanDanish Khan6 kun oldin
  • I caught a high fever and headache the night after my first modern shot

    Hassan M AdjiHassan M Adji10 kun oldin
    • You're supposed to officially report any side effects.

      Lori PowerLori Power16 soat oldin
    • Me too..

      Shailesh SShailesh S6 kun oldin
  • Yesterday I had a first shot of Sputnik-V vaccine and this night I had a fever as a side effect with temperature rise up to 38C, in the morning after breakfast I felt good like nothing ever happened, it was kinda strange. Guess my immune system worked as it supposed to.

    Rustam SabitovRustam Sabitov10 kun oldin
  • But this doesn't prove if there aren't any nanobots in this!!!! 😱 Joking xp

    Arsalan ShamiArsalan Shami10 kun oldin
  • Phase 3 under Covid is the go ahead to unleash the vaccination on the population as a mass, then collect the data. Only issue I have with vaccinations, population is not told what is precisely in them, carriers, chemicals and preservatives too, because they sure aren't just Covid survivors antibodies.

    David JohnsonDavid Johnson10 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else start getting getting cold flashes after taking the vaccine like my body started shivering and I started getting cold flashes ????

    DeAndre HarrisDeAndre Harris10 kun oldin
  • I’ll take the vaccine on Saturday so that i can get a sick leave on Monday 👌🏻👌🏻

    lord-ksa999lord-ksa99911 kun oldin
  • Death is one of them.

    Aleaf BanzaiAleaf Banzai11 kun oldin
  • I just got mine today 🙌🏼💉🦠 my arm hurts right there on the spot. That means is working 💪🏼

    allenrpnallenrpn11 kun oldin

    Draconum InterfectorDraconum Interfector11 kun oldin
  • I'm woke, I refuse the vaccine.

    Luchador de CocinaLuchador de Cocina11 kun oldin
  • Science is so amazing 🥲

    Esther M.Esther M.11 kun oldin
    • Outright LIES! Check out CDC VAERS (Centre of Disease Control, Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Centre). I conducted a search for only SERIOUS and FATAL adverse events for covid vaccines for the USA alone and got 202 pages (about 20 events per page) with a note at the top saying there were too many incidents to list on this one report. Started out with a two-year-old dying immediately after covid vax... all the way up the ages. It's murder AND this is dis-information.

      Lori PowerLori Power17 soat oldin
  • "If you got the COVID-19 Vaccine between 2020-2021 you may be entitled to compensation."

    DissentDissent11 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the truth!!!!!

    Michele HanlonMichele Hanlon11 kun oldin
    • Really? Check out CDC VAERS - try searching for SERIOUS and/or FATAL/DEATH for covid vaccines. They are lying in this video.

      Lori PowerLori Power16 soat oldin
  • The little number causally talk because bolt physiologically smile onto a adamant viola. knowledgeable, resonant notify

    Ayden GrimesAyden Grimes11 kun oldin