Two theories for an unsolved Soviet mystery

5-Apr, 2021
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What killed 9 hikers in 1959?
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In February 1959 a group of hikers disappeared in the remote Ural Mountains of Western Siberia. A search party found their tent weeks later, abandoned along with all of their equipment. Frozen bodies were found 1,500 meters away, mysteriously underdressed for the weather conditions: most weren’t wearing shoes or gloves, and some were just in their sleeping clothes. Even stranger, three of the hikers had suffered major internal trauma - broken ribs and a fractured skull - and two were wearing clothes contaminated with radioactive substances.
Nonetheless, the lead Soviet investigator closed the criminal case into the hikers’ deaths, concluding that an “overwhelming force” is what drove them from the tent. Theories ranging from rare weather events to conspiracy to UFOs have developed ever since, to explain what is now called the Dyatlov Pass incident. But two plausible theories, each involving an “overwhelming force” may finally explain what happened that night.
It could have been a delayed slab avalanche. The hikers dug a platform into the slope of Kholat Syakhl to pitch the tent, and a scientific model published in January 2021 demonstrates that this, combined with strong downslope winds that accumulated snow above the tent, triggered a deadly slab avalanche. This type of avalanche can occur even in places not known for avalanches and can cause injuries consistent with the ones some of the hikers sustained.
It also could have been a strong “katabatic wind,” a powerful wind that travels down a mountain slope, picking up speed under the force of gravity. In this scenario, a strong wind can become near-hurricane level very suddenly. If this happened the night of the incident, it could explain why the hikers would have abandoned their tent so quickly, as the powerful wind would potentially tear the tent apart. The mysterious internal injuries that some sustained are explained by a snow den the hikers dug for shelter collapsing on top of them.
Both theories offer potential solutions for what drove the hikers to suddenly abandon their tent, and why some were so severely injured. Ultimately though, since there were no survivors, many of the questions surrounding the case will likely never be answered.
Further reading:
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Mechanisms of slab avalanche release and impact in the Dyatlov Pass incident in 1959, by Johan Gaume & Alexander M. Puzrin
The Swedish-Russian Dyatlov Pass Expedition 2019, by Richard Holmgren
Avalanche Dynamics: Characteristics of Snow Avalanches in Motion, by University of Washington Press via CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
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  • One of the things that remains unexplained about the Dyatlov Pass incident is the radioactive substances found on pieces of clothes that Dubinina and Kolevatov were wearing. The expert testimony in the original radiation analysis report makes it clear that the radiation was unusual. The 1959 analysis included an experiment involving washing the clothes of the hikers - which they found reduced the level of contamination. The expert then emphasized that the bodies were found in running water. Meaning the level of radioactivity detected, which was excessive when the bodies were found, would have been significantly higher at the time of their death. Check out the original radiation analysis report, along with all of the other case files scanned and translated at, an amazing resource that has compiled many of the original documents related to the case: -Thanks for watching, Coleman

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    • @KariHikariOokami as if they are trying to deliberately steer us i a certain direction.

      Kingshuk UkilKingshuk Ukil3 soat oldin
    • Man you guys are so slow to this

      Bryce LifeBryce Life20 soat oldin
    • Redthirst No, it’s not the Kyshtym disaster-the Dyatlov group was too far away for their clothing to be radioactive. They were found too far to the northwest for the radiation from Kyshtym to have had such an effect on their clothing.

      TheRickyLeviTheRickyLevi20 soat oldin
    • @Henrik Nordin yeah it's a shame vox didn't know this, makes the radiation super understandable. I think they died do to a rapid pressure change, even through I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject.

      C.J.M. 1997C.J.M. 1997Kun oldin
    • @KariHikariOokami The channel That Chapter does a great video that provides extra accounts and facts that point to a theory that explains the radiation.

      Kristen SwansonKristen Swanson2 kun oldin
  • The possible key is Yuri Yudin, highly possible his medical conditions were simply covers and he had a relative save his life by recalling him

    RAMBITRAMBIT32 daqiqa oldin
  • We need to study if alcohol's effect makes people take off their clothing during hypothermia. At least in Russia conventional wisdom is when you are about to freeze one should drink alcohol. My mom is kinda OCD person she always told me frozen people are always found naked. She hates when i go on adventures she has many stories. I think it's the easiest explanation.

    Dr. King SchultzDr. King SchultzSoat oldin
  • It was a Yeti attack. That's why the tent was ripped open and its inhabitants had fled in horror, nearly naked, into frigid abyss. The four that suffered terrible injuries were killed by the Yeti. It took them to one of its layers nearby, but abandoned them before it could finish consuming them when the ice shelter collapsed in the subsequent avalanche. There is definitive proof that they were being stalked by the Yeti in photographs developed from the film in their cameras. The local indigenous people know all about it. The radiation was likely from the Yeti having, at some point, unwittingly ventured into one of the many contaminated areas created by the Soviet government. This is all fact, but the deep state cover up continues to this day, and has been joined by the West. And Joe Biden criminally stole the election while trump is the epitome of integrity and character. 🤣

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  • Nobody, explained the radioactivity?

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  • Vox Unsolved!

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  • it was an avalanche.

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  • Interesting that this does not have a youtube context panel.

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  • Do one on the disappearance of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon. I dare you!

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  • Alien: Don't blay me..

  • It was an avalanche. No ufos, no top secret testing etc. Soz.

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  • "The first person to go to that place 1500m away wins, lesssgoo!"

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  • I think they are sleeping at night and suddenly the avalanche appeared and they run to the forest without proper cloths.

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  • so a nuke test gone wrong by the soviets and they covered it up

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  • I’m thinking SCP-966 “Sleep killer”

    Ronen RayRonen Ray9 soat oldin
  • I reckon it was a Yeti attack I mean the group took a photo of a 'strange' figure days before they died.

    Pyro MagicPyro Magic10 soat oldin
  • With the condition the tent was in how is it possible to tell it was cut open from the inside

    Barry HollonBarry Hollon10 soat oldin
  • Do you think we will ever know the truth?

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  • What about the radiation

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  • Aliens...

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  • isnt it called dyatlov bcoz of the mountain pass that goes by the same name where the see hikers had gone to 1:33

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  • They were kidnapped.

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  • Worse than a horror film

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  • Ok, but what about radioactivity

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  • Where were they trying to reach anyways. What was their goal

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  • I was waiting for alien part..

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  • Nothing explains the whole case. The radiation and missing body parts. Also the report doesn’t explain in what way the body parts are missing. Were they cut out by knife or something, or has been crushed with pressure with hard object.

    Majid HussainMajid Hussain17 soat oldin
  • Stalin had them killed

    Morgan ChildMorgan Child17 soat oldin
  • Thanks. "Slab avalanche" is a term begging for a catchy portmanteau! I vote for the obvious 'slabolanche'! Whatever happened to these people was a tragedy. As a scientifically-minded person, I do believe there's always a reason, and that the human mind can (eventually) grasp it. Whether humans can ever truly find out a given thing is another matter entirely! I acknowledge that there will always be questions we can't answer. I accept that as an axiom. Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem doesn't only apply to logic & math! It's an inherent principle that applies to *_any system_*, including human knowledge. So, there will always be mysteries, and there will always be events (or cascades of events) that break the best planning, or the most 'secure' or 'fool-proof' of systems. tavi.

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  • I think someone farted in the tent

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    • 3rd theory right here

      Muhammad Raihaan MusharrafMuhammad Raihaan Musharraf13 soat oldin
  • my theory is that their bodies and their stuff just did that

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  • 😱The Thing

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  • both theories dont explain, why there are bare foot. Ok they had to get out fast, but when its -25°C you wouldn`t sleep without shoes and without a lot of clothes. And the wind theorie doesnt explain, why there are footsteps visible.

    KazumaKazuma19 soat oldin
  • Naaah.... I like the 'aliens' better!!

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  • Moral of the story: think twice about camping on “Death Mountain”

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  • Diarree?

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  • There were actually 10 hikers but, one left in the middle of the hike. Why is that not mentioned? Kinda sus dude😂

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  • What about radiation?

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  • Copying lemmino smh

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  • Could of been a bear attack

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  • What about the radiation that was found?

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  • And the radioactivity?

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  • These 2 theories still don't explain the amount of radiation on the clothes of the victims

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  • Avalanche Me : Case closed!

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  • Its not surprising to think why they left considering they were in a very harsh environment to begin with. The main question is what made them separated after walking for 1500 kms.

    MohitMohit23 soat oldin
  • it was prob both a katabolic wind and slab avalanche. that drove them out of the tent and then hypothermia finished them off. they just were unlucky.

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  • Heard this once back before. Very mysterious

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  • The mystery of the sausage party at dead mountain is a better title.

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  • Yaa let's completely ignore the radio activity.

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  • Any lemmino viewer: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you*

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  • What about the radioactive clothes? Which theory explains that?

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  • You left out so much evidence that these theories wouldn't even be able to explain such as the burns on their skin.

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  • What about the radiation?.... neither theory answer that part

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  • Clear case of psychosis caused by hypothermia. The sole survivor even explained a lot of what happened and admitted that one, if not more, of the hikers resorted to murder.

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  • hey VOX we need part 2 of this to explain about radioactive subject ...make part of 2 of this one with more excited

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  • Something very dangerous & supernatural creatures maybe be lurking in the Siberian Mountains and we may don't even know about it.

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  • A radio active avalanche

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  • More mystery videos please!

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  • It's the aliens

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  • Vox is doing a good job , explaining difficult question people wanted to know.

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  • Probably an grizzly bear attack they heard the. Roar and ran into the woods where three of them died from hypothermia three must've tried to fend off the bear causing them injures so once the group gets to a certain point they send three of the best condition people back up to get gear while leaving the three injured people with one person to take care of them which ended in there death

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    • @Pretzel A31 yeah I wrote this at the start not the end of the vid so it's completely wrong

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    • Note: Their footprints indicated that they were walking not running. Having a bear attack wouldn't just make you walk like it was some sort of manageable thing.

      Pretzel A31Pretzel A31Kun oldin
    • Ok I made this at the start of the video so it's completely wrong so it's just a theorie

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  • Dyatlov??? 3.6 Roetgen...not good, not bad.

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  • Great hypothesis. I do wonder why there was excessive radiation found on two of the hikers clothing.

    J JJ JKun oldin
    • Two worked at a radioactive workplace

      Pretzel A31Pretzel A31Kun oldin
  • Nobody is even talking about the missing tongues. I don't believe the avalanche story.

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  • Odd to see nobody mentioning an amazing atmospheric horror game, inspired by this tragic event, named Kholat

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  • Bear? Very radioactive bear?

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  • But the radiation?

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    • @Pretzel A31 Thanks!

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    • From the two who worked at a radioactive workplace

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  • Definitely, tha name Dyatlov hasn't lived in good memory

    julian Calvojulian CalvoKun oldin
  • i read that some of them were students at a lab involving radiation experiments..hence it was their clothing...

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  • My theory, one of them farted

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  • I don’t get why’s the mystery here: an avalanche crashed their tent, also crashed several people to death, they were stuck in the tent so they cut from instead and run to find wood to make fire (their clothes were buried under heave snow and they couldn’t get them), also they panicked, people aren’t always making the best decisions

    Moon ShadowMoon ShadowKun oldin
  • yeah but what about the radiation?

    Hugo AtencioHugo AtencioKun oldin
    • Probably lab equipment was contaminated lol, if there were radiation, they should have found it on all bodies not just some

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  • What about the high radiation levels that was on them and their clothes?

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  • so you're saying it was aliens

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  • Let me know if you watch Lemmino

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  • Jesus, I didn’t know I clicked on a Buzzfeed Unsolved video.

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  • Lemmino covered this pretty well...

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  • i thought there was one survivor who had just left the group early

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  • avalanche.

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    • nvm

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  • who else saw buzzfeed unsolve cover this like a year or two ago

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  • someone had too much cheese fries....

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  • CNN: "Putin killed them when he was 7"

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  • This video almost has 555,555 views! 551,764

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  • idk about you but the avalanche theory basically closes the case for me.

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  • Why they took all their clothes off. Usually, when we spent the night in a tent, we did not take off our clothes. After all, in -30 frost, a tent and a fire can not warm a naked body. (google translation)

    Almaz KhairullinAlmaz KhairullinKun oldin
    • Some people when exposed to extremely cold temperatures remove clothes as it feels like they are burning.

      Lachlan McNeillLachlan McNeillKun oldin
  • The Soviet Union was weapon testing within this area as it thought it was uninhabited. When the nuclear weapons were tested it scared the the sasquatch living in the area normally peaceful shy creatures to become violent and precede the humans as a threat so it attacked them and mutilated whoever it caught and the rest died of hypothermia when chased out of the tent by the Sasquatch.

    MCLR722MCLR722Kun oldin
    • Doesn't explain why their footprints indicated them walking not running.

      Pretzel A31Pretzel A31Kun oldin
  • What if the zipper was just frozen stuck?

    The Stoic WhistleThe Stoic WhistleKun oldin
  • If their deaths were due to natural conditions what about the radiation substances on the woman's body?

    Mbarka BohaMbarka BohaKun oldin
    • Two worked at a radiocative lab

      Pretzel A31Pretzel A31Kun oldin
  • Cool I'm back down this rabbit hole again

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  • Archer Season 6 Episode 3 makes more sense now

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  • This is criminally underwatched. Maybe the title should've been better?

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  • “What made them leave their tent?” it was definitely a spider

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  • Dyatlov and Soviet union means trouble

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  • Я здесь один русский, которого бросает в дрожь произношение русских фамилий? Лол! )

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    • Doesn't have to be Russian to feel that :) same.

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  • You missed the most secretive and mysterious part . 3 of them was highly radioactive . Their cloths and every thing was highly radioactive. You should research more about this .

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    • Two worked at a radioactive lab. 3 radioactive clothibgs came from them

      Pretzel A31Pretzel A31Kun oldin
  • Feel like I'm watching Lemmeno

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  • Avalanche I guess

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  • 4:48 background track sounds like Ahoy on Iconic Arms

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  • Explains Nothing

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