The warning signs before the Capitol riot

16-Yan, 2021
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No one should have been surprised.
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Law enforcement agencies have said they had "no intelligence" indicating that a group of Trump supporters would overpower police and enter the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021. But journalists and researchers who study the online far right say that's not true. In fact, the groups at the heart of the riot had been planning it for days, in plain sight, on social media -- and the signs that an event like this was imminent had been coming for years.
Reporters Logan Jaffe (ProPublica) and Robert Evans (Bellingcat) describe the warning signs they observed weeks, months, and even years before a mob of Trump supporters broke into the US Capitol building.
Propublica: Members of Several Well-Known Hate Groups Identified at Capitol Riot
Propublica: Capitol Rioters Planned for Weeks in Plain Sight. The Police Weren’t Ready.
Bellingcat: How the Insurgent and MAGA Right are Being Welded Together on the Streets of Washington D.C.
SPLC: Extremists Are Cashing in on a Youth-Targeted Gaming Website is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • Just replace USA with SCNA (States of Central North America). That sounds more division friendly

    ⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙⴼⵓⵛⴽ ⴽⴰⵔⴻⵏⵙKun oldin
  • Armed Ghurkas guard Buckingham Palace now.

    Kumquat PerkKumquat PerkKun oldin
  • I am ashamed to even say I’m from America for this reason and many other reasons 😔

    -:- Olympia YT -:--:- Olympia YT -:-Kun oldin
  • the decimated states of america

    MapniticianMapnitician2 kun oldin
  • America invading America

    hampterhampter3 kun oldin
  • Lock them all up. Deplorables.

    Sandy GanSandy Gan4 kun oldin
    • Sadly you cant lock up 40% of a country.

      Pieter's FilmsPieter's Films18 soat oldin
  • YOBA

    Front Line MasterFront Line Master8 kun oldin
  • Biden: warmonger and narc.

    Richard 303Richard 3038 kun oldin
    • ? ok buddy

      pranay kataripranay katari5 kun oldin

    DehExotic BruhDehExotic Bruh8 kun oldin
  • I agree with SteveBannon.

    Internet GangstaInternet Gangsta9 kun oldin
  • I never want to hear Trump supporters say they’re “good Americans”

    Ashton ButlerAshton Butler11 kun oldin
    • They do be like with confederate flags: I AM A PROUD AMERICAN >:) MERICA

      Juan RosadoJuan Rosado16 soat oldin
    • @Pieter's Films I know he’s not my president that’s why I said Trump 2024.

      Jacob DavisJacob Davis18 soat oldin
    • @Jacob Davis its over... Get over it. He is a president not your grade 10 boyfriend

      Pieter's FilmsPieter's Films18 soat oldin
    • @Steve Reid I am 👍

      Jacob DavisJacob Davis8 kun oldin
    • @Jacob Davis you’re not being serious, are you?

      Steve ReidSteve Reid8 kun oldin
  • dang america is a disaster

    DarkplaguerDarkplaguer11 kun oldin
  • Trump trash

    JD JonesJD Jones11 kun oldin
    • @Pennsylvanian Railfan Sometimes I think the people supporting trump weren't in the country in his 4 years of presidency

      Pieter's FilmsPieter's Films18 soat oldin
    • biden trash

      Pennsylvanian RailfanPennsylvanian Railfan23 soat oldin
  • This is mis- characterizing. This is slanted. This is opposite of truth. FORTY TIMES Trump denounced white supremacists. Your video is wrong because you took some small groups and some comments and sliced and spliced it together. You blamed the actions of BLM AND ANTIFA on the majority if voters in America. You are a deliberate slander machine. Unplug it. The peaceful million man march wants to stop what actually happened. A fraudulent election, censorship, false news, omission of facts, sensationalism. If you want to make a video, research who pays political agitators to create the burnings and murders and vandalism and rioting in Americas cities. Watch the video made undercover, of Aaron (minter) Black. Listen to him tell who pays political agitators to try and raise confusion and get attention. Put THAT in your pipe.

    Danny LincDanny Linc12 kun oldin
    • Do me a favor Shut up

      Juan RosadoJuan Rosado16 soat oldin
    • @Generic Shitposts 20 hours no answer he can't cope

      Ninety Nine BallonsNinety Nine Ballons9 kun oldin
    • @Danny Linc anyway name one incorrect fact they made and back it up with evidence that it's false

      Generic ShitpostsGeneric Shitposts10 kun oldin
    • @Generic Shitposts aptly named

      Danny LincDanny Linc10 kun oldin
    • @Danny Linc Cope malder

      Generic ShitpostsGeneric Shitposts10 kun oldin
  • left: The warning signs before the capitol riot. also left: Trump incited violence causing the riots.

    corban shaffercorban shaffer12 kun oldin
    • @corban shaffer that's their job *and* judges who trump himself confirmed because of their loyalty and have overwhelming reason to lie said trump was wrong

      Michael AbbottMichael Abbott4 kun oldin
    • @Michael Abbott So judges can't lie now?

      corban shaffercorban shaffer4 kun oldin
    • @corban shaffer every judge or election official confirmed that Biden won (that is an undeniable fact, there are facts in politics but people choose to ignore them) but trump repeatedly tried to undermine them and lie about the results therefore causing his supporters to believe he won and try to suppress democracy.

      Michael AbbottMichael Abbott4 kun oldin
    • @Michael Abbott Who said they were false? Theirs no facts in politics its a matter of opinion. And how could he rile up his base for months when they didn't even know whether he won or not?

      corban shaffercorban shaffer4 kun oldin
    • @corban shaffer trump was the main distributor of false claims about the election and tried to rile up his base for months before the attack.

      Michael AbbottMichael Abbott4 kun oldin
  • too much freedom just too much

    kenzie sorminkenzie sormin13 kun oldin
  • We Americans : We will protect our Country. We will topple the government. Meanwhile The whole World : You(Americans) are not the clown. You are the entire circus. (Only entertainment and enlightenment purposes.) --->the above Comment

    Cibin CibiCibin Cibi13 kun oldin
  • This is the Pinaccle of *Dont listen to everything you hear in the Internet*

    Jeremiah MuñozJeremiah Muñoz13 kun oldin
  • This ppl to the government: they are attacking our constitution also them: *Attacks the place where the constitution is* Me: THE TABLES HAVE TURNED IN THE WRONG WAY

    Reagan MetzgerReagan Metzger14 kun oldin
  • Stop the steal. Proceeds to try to take the government with force.

    Sun TzuSun Tzu14 kun oldin
  • As a dutch person this is so weird to me, the fact there are just about two parties and obviously that divides the country in two groups, that causes things like this. Obviously you always have left and right but now it's literally red against blue and these things happen.

    WouterWouter15 kun oldin
    • @Meltrix true

      KodakKodak2 kun oldin
    • @Kodak then we need to stop the media from dividing us.

      MeltrixMeltrix9 kun oldin
    • it’s the fact politics divide the country. I wish we could all come together and ignore others politics

      KodakKodak13 kun oldin
  • The *EXCITED* States of America 🇺🇸

    Smallstudio DesignSmallstudio Design16 kun oldin
  • And now I know, why USA is an unsafe destination for expats

    Bushra BandenawazBushra Bandenawaz16 kun oldin
  • Hey did they know the founding fathers dint want political factions

    Mr. TurtleMr. Turtle17 kun oldin
  • THATS KAREN 2:06

    Esperanza MendozaEsperanza Mendoza17 kun oldin

      Juan RosadoJuan Rosado16 soat oldin
  • I'm not sure if this was said for sure. But I've never heard these people be called terrorists and I don't get why. Because they are. They litterally terrorised the country.

    SiyanaxSiyanax17 kun oldin
    • They have been called terrorists. And yet the people that burned down Minneapolis over the summer, the people that set up an autonomous zone in Portland, as well as all the other examples of defacing our country are not labeled as terrorists. The double standard is ridiculous and I hate how nobody is pointing it out.

      MeltrixMeltrix9 kun oldin
  • Puerto Rico: y’know I’m having second thoughts on statehood

    YeeterSnitzelYeeterSnitzel17 kun oldin
  • They dare to do this cz no one is really been punished by their own action Treat their violence too softly

    Felix TanFelix Tan17 kun oldin
  • People still wonder why Cops are better to people who support them, then those who are against them 😂 common sense people

    TheNexCoolGuyTheNexCoolGuy18 kun oldin
  • México: *Alright, we need a wall*

    MisterDrew 94MisterDrew 9418 kun oldin
  • Me:if they hurt you start tazeing or shooting and if they want to test me they will not be alive probably. I’m not messing around with this. So don’t f*** with me

    Federal Bureau of InvestigationFederal Bureau of Investigation18 kun oldin
  • Broken States Of America

    Gamer kid 64Gamer kid 6418 kun oldin
  • No one should ever be surprised by right wing violence. It’s always there.

    Spiral DynamicsSpiral Dynamics19 kun oldin
    • @Spiral Dynamics I think he’s saying that because nobody on the left wants to acknowledge the violence that extremists on their side of the spectrum have caused (ex. The burning of Minneapolis over the summer). I can say that me as well as many other Republicans condemn the actions of the people of the people that entered the Capitol but denying that the Left hasn’t done the exact same things previously is just ignorant.

      MeltrixMeltrix9 kun oldin
    • @Jacob Davis antifa was a global organisation founded by the anarchists of the Spanish civil war. Adopted by the nkvd then kgb. Used for espionage and intel against America. After the fall they faded out of existence. These so called antifa is just wannabes wanting a name

      Ninety Nine BallonsNinety Nine Ballons9 kun oldin
    • Jacob Davis Why is it that anytime someone wants to hold a republican accountable all you here is “But they did it too.” ?? 🙄 Never mind. We know why.

      Spiral DynamicsSpiral Dynamics15 kun oldin
    • Ya same with left wing violence

      Jacob DavisJacob Davis15 kun oldin
  • I wasn’t

    NTFNTF19 kun oldin
  • Thank God rush is dead!

    Robert MaynardRobert Maynard19 kun oldin
  • the funny thing they still call them "Trump supporters" while they are Trump's terrorists who they will have no problem in killing who is against them, and they are no different than the Al-Kaeda in Afghanistan except they are mostly white supremacists', and trump's mentality and vision have no key differences in compare to Bladen's vision to his enemy. "who's not with me he's against me, and don't deserve to live".

    Toufic JammoulToufic Jammoul20 kun oldin
  • mfs dont have any lives. or are so bored they just say some of the darndest things. then they do some pretty out there stuff... like go home and yell at a kid on your xbox like a normal person

    Alexander WilliamsAlexander Williams20 kun oldin
  • The GOP exists on a diet of accusing Democrats of doing what they themselves are trying to do. One woman in this vid held a sign reading "Democrats cheat to win." The truth is, we don't need to cheat to win - all we have to do is vote, like we did last year in unprecedented numbers. 7 million more in the popular vote. 45 million more citizens represented in an evenly divided Senate. The only path available to the GOP winning is sedition and voter suppression, i.e., cheating.

    Xaviotes HarrisXaviotes Harris21 kun oldin
  • China and russia:Eats popcorn

    Nyeko ChanNyeko Chan21 kun oldin
    • Nah more like Switzerland

      Juan RosadoJuan Rosado16 soat oldin
  • Would have another Civil War I'm afraid.

    The Challenger Of GameThe Challenger Of Game21 kun oldin
  • i think everyone bar the cops seemed to know this was going to happen

    david cunninghamdavid cunningham21 kun oldin
  • Pray for all people in to god 🙏🙏

    Ade MarebaoAde Marebao21 kun oldin
  • Kim Jong un

    Millionaire TraderMillionaire Trader22 kun oldin
    • that random comment 😂

      LadelLadel6 kun oldin
  • The Republican supporters are what gives the republican party a bad rep, not including trump.

    Sean YuSean Yu22 kun oldin
  • Can't belive we couden't raid area 51 as much as these guys

    Lucelio RodriguesLucelio Rodrigues22 kun oldin
  • Fox News should be under investigation.

    cyasicyasi22 kun oldin
    • you think it has to do with fox?

      Pennsylvanian RailfanPennsylvanian Railfan23 soat oldin
  • if i was a general, i would order the army to open fire on everyone.

    Team Cloud DevelopersTeam Cloud Developers23 kun oldin
  • I don’t know what happened, but the America I knew in 2008-2015 is not the America I know now. I don’t even know if I want to consider this a country anymore

    bentack_33bentack_3323 kun oldin
  • The moral of the story is that. They failed. Trump loses. Biden won. Deal with it losers.

    Thomas WandererThomas Wanderer23 kun oldin
  • What about the lefts Democrat politians who said BLM riots were ok, they should push on them, they want to see more, protests aren't always peaceful etc, etc? That's violent rhetoric too! Hypocrtic much?

    C826 SmithC826 Smith23 kun oldin
    • BLM riots? We accept that some were pushed a bit too far, but MOST wherent! The news only portrays the violent ones because nobody cares about people marching singing lullabies and songs

      Juan RosadoJuan Rosado16 soat oldin
  • You know when the trump supporters were storming the capital keep saying USA? Well, in there minds, it’s the “United States of America”, to me, it’s “Ultimate Supreme Anarchy”. Also, it could mean monarchy.

    Fernando ValenciaFernando Valencia25 kun oldin
    • It’s just my prediction

      Fernando ValenciaFernando Valencia20 kun oldin
  • Imagine how many protests there would be if the secret service just opened up on the raiders

    DrizzleDrizzle25 kun oldin
  • People riots: Covid-19: It's free real states

    Insa3xInsa3x26 kun oldin
  • The way that the United States of America will lose its status in the world is from its enemies within.

    Wow Might Sea DragonWow Might Sea Dragon26 kun oldin
  • You know why this is happening? Because most people in the world don’t deserve democracy, they do not have the intellectual capabilities to function outside a tyrannically ruled society. So, a good advise to all you American people: stop treating your rights like it’s nothing! You were supposed to earn it but you didn’t so here is the consequence!

    IwannameowIwannameow27 kun oldin
  • Another civil war?

    MemesMemes27 kun oldin
  • This could lead to anarchy.

    Fernando ValenciaFernando Valencia27 kun oldin
  • 2020: Oof, that was a rough one, hope 2021 is bet-

    J.S. BachJ.S. Bach27 kun oldin
  • the election was rigged don't deny that, however I do not condone the capitol riot

    FastFox Basel QawasmiFastFox Basel Qawasmi28 kun oldin
    • @Kodak words of a theif: "no election is perfect"

      FastFox Basel QawasmiFastFox Basel Qawasmi13 kun oldin
    • I believe there was fraud in the election like there is every election but nothing that would change the results

      KodakKodak13 kun oldin
    • The election was NOT rigged.

      This channel does not exist.This channel does not exist.27 kun oldin
  • The states of america

    • • • •• • • •28 kun oldin
  • That intro hurts me head. What happened to logic and free thought?

    ChiCubbies 16ChiCubbies 1628 kun oldin
  • What’s happening and why I don’t understand

    Azra AbbasAzra Abbas29 kun oldin
  • How did no one see that the first orange president would be terrible? Basically had the same IQ as an orange.

    Nether Reactor CoreNether Reactor CoreOy oldin
  • The very foundation of the US was built upon this kind of behaviour and way of thought. Now that the average US American receives incredibly poor education as well, how is *anyone* shocked? I for one fear the international implications, as this kind of idiocy has a tendency to spread from the US.

    SeverinsenSeverinsenOy oldin
  • Its funny how people dont see how both sides caused this.

    McSkittlezMcSkittlezOy oldin
    • How did the left cause this

      Rae GardensRae Gardens29 kun oldin
  • Wray: Antifa more an ideology than organization. FBI: Formerly Bureau with Integrity. March 13, 2021 Saturday

    LQQK49LQQK49Oy oldin
  • Republican or Democrat, this is unacceptable. This vote is not going to keep democrats in office for the rest of time. This is a 4 year thing. There are no excuses to raid the Capitol over this. I live in a Republican dominated state, and even i can say this is messed up. VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER

    KibzKibzOy oldin
  • Varsity Squad stayed home that day....

    mr Andersonmr AndersonOy oldin
  • Relax guys, there's a logical explanation. They found oil underneath the Capitol so the CIA secretly worked with Trump supporters to stage a coup and invade the building.

    NovikNovikOy oldin
  • that ‘im glad i dont live in America’ happiness is definitely kicking in rn

    haraneharaneOy oldin
  • You know what, I'd rather go anywhere then the USA

    TansanBotilyaTansanBotilyaOy oldin
  • The government should fear the people. The longer Biden is in office, the more angry the people are gonna get. BLM burned our places of business and beat people. When we do it, then it's considered rioting by the MSM. I have no desire to unify with the evil and delusional. I seek to destroy it.

    Trigger Me6Trigger Me6Oy oldin
  • I Hope they overthrow the goverment

    Hamza HussainHamza HussainOy oldin
  • Ha ha ha, Canadian's go brrttttt

    the humble idiotsthe humble idiotsOy oldin
  • The top three countries are slowly falling

    Atoom ToastAtoom ToastOy oldin
  • Let's just nuke the world and start over

    G TrivetteG TrivetteOy oldin
    • @tom Dean yhea not a good idea

      G TrivetteG TrivetteOy oldin
    • Gee chief not sure you know how that works, this ain't the sims.

      tom Deantom DeanOy oldin
  • I wish God would bless Tucker Carlson the same way he blessed Rush Limbaugh

    dayofthedogdayofthedogOy oldin
  • time to declare independence from US of A

    TianTianOy oldin
  • The media took advantage of the covid crisis & they should all be in jail including you people at Vox CNN fox Bunch of psychopaths

  • (This is what they actually said) Trump Supporters: If Trump wins, Biden supporters will Riot and protest everywhere.

    TheMilkyWaysWayTheMilkyWaysWayOy oldin
  • This is why real Americans spell Republikkklans this way and they now consider the Republikkklan party to be the Russian government.

    Coco CrispCoco CrispOy oldin
    • That Russian collusion is a conspiracy. There is no proof of collusion anywhere. Keep reaching...

      Kevzy DevKevzy DevOy oldin
  • I support trump but this is not right this needs to stop

    buff catbuff catOy oldin
  • Republicans: We didn't complain that Biden won! We just hope that he does a good job in office 🥺🥺 Also Republicans: raids the capitol, claims that there was voter fraud and the election was rigged when there's proof it wasn't.

    m1lkywaym1lkywayOy oldin
    • You mean how it was PROVEN that 2 Russian dudes rigged the 2016 election?

      tom Deantom DeanOy oldin
  • These aren't riots like u say Hong Kong are peaceful protesters they are also peaceful protesters

    EpicGamer 2460EpicGamer 2460Oy oldin
  • 2:05 Karen

    gler Mergler MerOy oldin
  • Tucker Carlson should not be allowed to speak

    eggeggOy oldin
  • The radical left along with the Chinese government are trying to destroy the united states they helped Beijing Biden steal the election

    Leland McKeeverLeland McKeeverOy oldin
    • Hey didn't 2 Russian dudes rig the 2016 election, or was the FBI just lying?

      tom Deantom DeanOy oldin
    • Bruh...

      MI, U And IMI, U And IOy oldin
  • All of them need to be made an example of. Give them all the stiffest possible sentences! We have to show people like this you cannot desecrate our nations Capitol. You literally cannot be anymore un-American or unpatriotic than storming, looting, and rioting the Capitol building. People love to bring up BLM or Antifa, which I don’t agree with most of their rhetoric and actions, but neither has done anything like this even if they have rioted in places as well. Those places are not our nation’s capital. What did they truly think they were gonna accomplish? All they managed to do was cement the fact the rest of America thinks they’re extreme kooks.

    Garbeaux ÆGarbeaux ÆOy oldin
  • They knew but they did nothing But for real tough this nation is going to collapse if this stuff continues I’m a Trump supporter but that does not mean I’m a terrorist.

    George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonOy oldin
  • It's Funny how they dont talk about the amount of DAMAGE BLM and Antifa has done

    Sebastien BernalSebastien BernalOy oldin
    • @Skybound So burning down black people's business in a BLM protest is not a federal crime

      Sebastien BernalSebastien BernalOy oldin
    • @Sebastien Bernal what BLM did was beyond trashy, what those Trumpies did at the Capitol was a federal crime.

      SkyboundSkyboundOy oldin
    • @MI, U And I Yes both, watch the real news

      Sebastien BernalSebastien BernalOy oldin
    • Antifa maybe, but BLM, no...

      MI, U And IMI, U And IOy oldin
  • Literally at no point during this riot was our democracy on danger. The republican vice president was certifying the election with a Republican senate and a couple loons start a riot and all of a sudden the president incited an insurection? Did everyone forget the billions of dollars in damage across dozens of cities with dozens of people killed and businesses and livelihoods destroyed? All encouraged by democrat politicians? But no, a couple unarmed guys climbing a wall and sitting In chairs is much more dangerous. Y'all are beyond reason and need to stop watching CNN, Facebook and UZworld for your information, its rotting your brains, and when anyone tells you a differing view it all shows.

    Ocala pistoleroOcala pistoleroOy oldin
    • There were nooses put up, some people were threatening to assassinate government officials Mike Pence was one of those, assaulted officers, couple people died during this, and some people were breaking into the Capitol building.

      J.A.M.J.A.M.29 kun oldin
  • At this point I wouldn't be surprised if america divides itself into two separate sides like the berlin wall

    NicoNicoOy oldin
  • When Mcdonalds gets band:

    Jigsaw bgJigsaw bgOy oldin
  • There are boxes of ballots found in trash all were trump votes media does not show...

    Gabriel Gimme ChanelGabriel Gimme ChanelOy oldin
  • Riot states of america

    Gabriel Gimme ChanelGabriel Gimme ChanelOy oldin
  • What's gonna stop them from trying again, given that they see the Biden Administration as an illegitimate government? If CPAC was any indication, Trumpism is still the top agenda among conservatives. On the other hand, imagine the horrors this nation would be facing, had the Insurrection succeeded, Trump got his 2nd term as president, and Congress is 100% Republican. There would be no talk about the next Covid relief, migrants would probably be shot at the border, and the U.S. would probably be at war with Iran, %/or China.

    Chad SimplicioChad SimplicioOy oldin
  • 34

    just a random nerdjust a random nerdOy oldin
  • and back off of rush limbaugh he was a good man who did a lot of good for our country

    Carter MccaigCarter MccaigOy oldin
    • You are delusional.

      David GilesDavid GilesOy oldin
  • so they had right to protest, and didn't hurt anyone- there were 3 casualties from the whole protest because one of the ambush's, which didn't involve the christians or actual trump supporters

    Carter MccaigCarter MccaigOy oldin
    • Some people there were attacking the officers.

      J.A.M.J.A.M.29 kun oldin
    • @MI, U And I i really don't know why

      Carter MccaigCarter MccaigOy oldin
    • @Carter Mccaig So why do it then, it would only ruin the image of the one they support...

      MI, U And IMI, U And IOy oldin
    • @MI, U And I some rioters didn't and couldn't take over one of our key government buildings

      Carter MccaigCarter MccaigOy oldin
    • Sir, it's a historical government infrastructure

      MI, U And IMI, U And IOy oldin
  • they stormed the capitol because they thought that with the senate and house being democrats that the second amendment would get abolished

    Carter MccaigCarter MccaigOy oldin