Tech platforms banned Trump. Now what?

21-Yan, 2021
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Deplatforming Trump won't stop the big lie.
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Former US president Donald Trump has now been kicked off of social media platforms from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest. His suspension followed a violent insurrection on the Capitol in his name, and came months after Twitter had begun flagging hundreds of his posts for false statements about the election that he lost. But, as Platformer's Casey Newton explains, banning Trump was actually the easy part. Now tech platforms have a new problem: How do you combat misinformation when it's become bigger than any single user?
Casey Newton writes Platformer, a publication about the intersection of big tech and democracy:
Read more from Vox about how Trump's absence from Twitter and Facebook had near-immediate effects on the platforms:
And Recode's Peter Kafka on what Trump's deplatforming might mean for Trump and his supporters: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • they banned trash so why are everyone mad

    keto keto179keto keto1798 soat oldin
  • Completely useless title for this video

    BLLY MusicBLLY MusicKun oldin
  • USA Joke

    YoVa VanYoVa Van2 kun oldin
  • VOX news is simply FOX news with a V.

    Vishu MagarVishu Magar7 kun oldin
  • I trust social media and media like Vox a lot less than political leaders. Why would I want them as the police? The regulation should not come from a third party, its not corporation s' job to guide our democracy. It's our job and the job of our government. So, Vox can simply shut up and let us 🇺🇸 do the work.

    Vishu MagarVishu Magar7 kun oldin
  • Trump try to ban tiktok. Then tiktok ban trump

    manoj pereramanoj perera8 kun oldin
  • The worse thing is, the more they are silenced from doing anymore harm, the more they feel oppressed thinking they are with the good guys.

    宮崎庄部フルール宮崎庄部フルール9 kun oldin
  • Social media is the death of being social (personally). You go out to eat with someone and they would rather be on their phone being “online social”. People will follow and listen to anything on social media it’s ridiculous

    Javi CeniJavi Ceni10 kun oldin
    • "phon is bad giv likes now pls" Now I ask you, what did you use to make this comment?

      Blue PikmanBlue Pikman7 kun oldin
  • This is another one of those instances where normal people with access to these platforms have an opportunity and a responsibility. Social media can't just hand us a safe environment, we need to create one by keeping ourselves and others accountable for the impact our expression has on others.

    Kim PalonenKim Palonen11 kun oldin
  • I wished you would talk about how giving a private company the power to go after a political leader - no matter how awful he is - is really dangerous. Today it's Trump, but now there's precedent and they have the power to severly limit free spech.

    lolaslilyslolaslilys12 kun oldin
  • It was stolen. And Twitter is a socialist company in my opinion

    ja goja go13 kun oldin
    • *The information in this comment is incorrect*

      F4TaL -F4TaL -4 kun oldin
    • "socialist" "company"

      DeusSanguisDeusSanguis7 kun oldin
    • Your opinion is wrong

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • This whole video could be deleted if you guys googled what the word incite means 🤦‍♂️

    Mr. ETMr. ET13 kun oldin
  • o

    just a random nerdjust a random nerd13 kun oldin
  • This is straight up censorship

    Grieve TanGrieve Tan14 kun oldin
  • The only "people" we should be deplatforming are government agents.

    Windy City WeebWindy City Weeb14 kun oldin
  • Yknow something that would have made the world a lot less unstable? Instead of Twitter going ahead and fact checking Trump’s tweets back in 2019-2020ish they instead began fact checking ALL THE TWEETS made by any politician with over 100k followers. Would have given Republicans less of a reason to complain and make politicans in general more careful about what they post

    NatjoNatjo17 kun oldin
  • Ok, but the whole Tide Pod thing didn't blow up until Fox News talked about it. If started on UZworld (with it being a very small thing), the mainstream media made that huge, then it became a big thing on UZworld. Just saying.

    Brian KleinschmidtBrian Kleinschmidt18 kun oldin
  • Title: "Tech platforms banned Trump. Now what?" First words: "Something I think about a lot is Tide Pods" 😂

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻18 kun oldin
  • tide pod challenge is why /j was invented

    QuarryBeeQuarryBee21 kun oldin
  • Democracy is just an illusion and an ideology. There is a division that democracy can transformed into tyranny.

    Joshua Balondo AB Philosophy 1-2Joshua Balondo AB Philosophy 1-223 kun oldin
  • Trump's new media platform is gonna have over 50% of the population on board just like the 2020 election.

    J. PondJ. Pond23 kun oldin
  • Imagine hating the guy who wants you out from under he thumb of disgusting power hungry warmongers?

    The Writer AlexThe Writer Alex23 kun oldin
  • some bans were justfied but some of them like twitch and spotify I'm saying like what's next they going to ban his PlayStation account next

    Social GamingSocial Gaming25 kun oldin
  • America: Social Media bans president. China: President bans social media.

    ChuckChuck25 kun oldin
  • Time to turn off social media. Failed experiment. Oh well. Maybe social media 2 won't have the bug that turns people into toxic monsters.

    WW27 kun oldin
  • lol they are so hypocritical

    Seth BitSeth Bit29 kun oldin
  • Didn't he release national secrets on Twitter

    United Republic of EggUnited Republic of EggOy oldin
  • We celebrate

    Puppy_OverL0rdPuppy_OverL0rdOy oldin
  • I can imagine the only two places he is not banned is twitch and Roblox. He can stream Roblox. Lol

    AIRED: Coca Cola Ro-Racing SeriesAIRED: Coca Cola Ro-Racing SeriesOy oldin
  • Trump 2024

    AdamAdamOy oldin
  • 2:49 That is simply false. Legally, he did not incite an insurrection. I'm not saying what he did was just, but that statement is false. That's what the whole 2nd impeachment thing was about. Incitement is a legal term, and in this context, the words you use matters.

    BenIsJamInBenIsJamInOy oldin
    • He didn't technically incite it (he never actually explicitly told them to do so), but he absolutely encouraged it

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • Gotta love how a media platform is promoting the censorship of speech. Gotta purge all the wrong think incase people start questioning things.

    MasterHodirMasterHodirOy oldin
  • Wait, so you're telling me I'm not the only one who thinks tidepods look tasty?

    Ricky911Ricky911Oy oldin
  • He really did not incite violence

    Nickie van der MerweNickie van der MerweOy oldin
  • So they should post only what your side wants to see?

    Jesus RamosJesus RamosOy oldin

    caseoinkcaseoinkOy oldin
  • How is saying "be there for my protest" incitement of violence? He mentions violence nowhere. How many people has Twitter banned for literally calling for business to be looted and government buildings to be burned to the ground? Political censorship plain and simple.

    Dylan peresDylan peresOy oldin
  • "One man education is another man brainwashing" -A wise man

    John Mckaly • 7 years agoJohn Mckaly • 7 years agoOy oldin
  • Ironic how this video itself is full of misinformation.

    VIPER GVIPER GOy oldin
  • If it is "platform", it shouldnt censor contents. twitter, facebook, youtube, those are no longer platform, just a tool for politics

    2TE12335G2TE12335GOy oldin
    • So if I were to tell people online to attack you in real life, it gets kept up, and people actually attack you in real life, would that be okay?

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • Best part I saw in what I could bother to watch. going on about that 'one big lie', and pretending the problem is that people think the election was rigged [something that wasn't a problem to believe while the left screamed it for 4 years straight] rather than that there are flaws in the system that would CAUSE people to come to this idea that need to be looked at and fixed in order to solve. not just the same media who insisted the election was rigged in 2016 with no evidence now dismissing and belittling anyone who even considers there could have been foul play.

    Fearmus RozenrotFearmus RozenrotOy oldin
    • @Curlewsss Did they find that it had any actual tangible effect, or just in the same way that basically every major country does in sense of...they made their positions known, and it rarely has any notable impact, let alone provable impact? And that only supports the point that the problem is there are holes, and it's moronic to demonize those who don't trust the results now any more than the left didn't trust the results last election, because it's refusing to look at the fact there are issues and flaws that leave this as an actual thing to worry about. But plenty will insist ignore it...until your side loses, then pretend you care, till your side wins...them mock those who considered it possible. Which side is doing which role in any given cycle is easily predicted....which side won? The loser will be crying fraud, the winner will be mocking the idea it could ever happen...until they lose again and the roles reverse.

      Fearmus RozenrotFearmus Rozenrot11 kun oldin
    • Have read the Mueller report? It was found that Ukraine did interfere in the election, however it wasn't found that Trump had any role in it

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • Should i even care about it? I'm Russian...

    TimkadorTimkadorOy oldin
    • А в подъезде кто срать будет и в лифте кнопки поджигать?

      The Ruler of 34The Ruler of 34Oy oldin
  • to the description: Yes it will. Its the first step at least. Misinformation shouldnt be treated as protected speech

    JohnzzeraJohnzzeraOy oldin
    • Exactly

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • America is a free country! Freedom of speech cannot be prohibited, this is sacred! Oh stop.

    Дмитрий ЕнинДмитрий ЕнинOy oldin
    • @Дмитрий Енин I alrady did. Freedeom of Speech is only violated when the governmont censors you. Private companies were never covered by that law. Freedom of speech is broken when you have absolutely no options and possibilities to express your opinion because the government forbids it. When a prviate company such as Facebook doesn't want a certain person on their website then it's their right to ban him. This has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech. To quote the Amendment of the freedom of speech. "Congress shall make no law..." In not a single word are private companies mentioned. And that's also the reason why facebook's actions were legal because no laws have been broken, including Freedom of speech. And as I said Trump had a press conference room in his house wehere he could have adressed the world anytime he wanted. I rally hope you understand this law now. This law can only be applied to the government.

      M. RM. R24 kun oldin
    • @M. R lol well then tell me the definition of freedom of speech. or you can only write: Freedom of speech is not violated. Freedom of speech is not violated.

      Дмитрий ЕнинДмитрий Енин24 kun oldin
    • Freedom of speech has not been violated. A private company also has rights, you know. Your definition of freedom of speech is just wrong.

      M. RM. R24 kun oldin
    • @M. R what difference does it make from which side freedom of speech was violated? Government or American companies? I'm talking about the United States as a whole. In general, freedom of speech was violated, and it is foolish to deny it. Although it doesn't matter anymore. well done! They chose a president who could not even remember the name of the Minister of Defense whom he appointed.

      Дмитрий ЕнинДмитрий Енин25 kun oldin
    • Freedom of speech has not been taken away from him. He had literally a press conference room in his house where he could have adressed the world anytime he wanted. Freedom of speech only means the government can't forbid you to say what you want. This right has nothing to do with private companies. Freedom of speech does not mean that a private company is forced to give everyone a podium to speak on. If Facebook didn't want Trump on their website then it was their right to ban him. Freedom of speech has not been violated.

      M. RM. R25 kun oldin
  • *took them long enough*

    Confusing PuppoConfusing PuppoOy oldin
  • Well to be fair, a fair amount of things he said were not completely baseless. Not everything I agree with, but the man made a few solid points, and to ban people for that is quite the overreaction, and arguably overstepping boundaries. Again, not agreeing with everything the man said or did, but he definitely wasnt the devil he was made out to be.

    Dan BearDan BearOy oldin
  • Online censorship is going to be way worse if we allow this kind of thing to happen, Florida’s governor realized this and filed a lawsuit against bigtech. Let’s hope it goes somewhere.

    CarlCarlOy oldin
    • @WampRatt bad president

      gameRgameRKun oldin
    • @WampRatt u aint black

      gameRgameRKun oldin
    • @Devyn Tucker Problem is you can't encourage a raid on one of America's most important houses.

      Cum powderCum powderKun oldin
    • thank you carl wheezer, preach it brudda

      the man the man 2the man the man 23 kun oldin
    • @Dog Water True!

      WampRattWampRatt8 kun oldin
  • 8 of my accounts are suspended with a matter of minutes of creating them

    Nina RosadoNina RosadoOy oldin
  • Twitter: bans trump for inciting violence Conservatards: tHiS iS liTerAllY 1984!!1!!

    TranquilityTranquilityOy oldin
    • @CT 4040 Cutup In what moment he said that they should to enter to the capitol?

      Andraddy AAndraddy AOy oldin
    • More accurate: Twitter: bans Trump because they have the power to Conservatives: please stop censoring us Democrats: bUt yOU iNcIteD vIolEnCe!

      Detective CromwellDetective CromwellOy oldin
    • @Andraddy A "we are going to walk down to the capitol" "I'll be there with you" "You have to show strength you have to be strong" "You cannot take back our country with weakness"

      CT 4040 CutupCT 4040 CutupOy oldin
    • "inciting violence" 😂

      Andraddy AAndraddy AOy oldin
  • I remember when dems were saying the same thing and having videos about like channel 4.

    Sei WarriorsSei WarriorsOy oldin
  • If Trump was suspended because pf the storming of the capitol and the denial of election results, shouldn't twitter ban people who said that the 2016 election was won due to Russia and suported the Black Lives Matter protests that were as violent as the storming of the capitol?

    Enzo L. ManfioEnzo L. ManfioOy oldin
    • Russia did actually interfere in the election, it's just that Trump wasn't involved in it

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • Did Vox not watch Trumps trial⁉️

    Thomas GibbonsThomas GibbonsOy oldin
  • They could have banned him for a few hours at a time, they shouldn't ban him permanently. If you ban him permanently, the day he has an alternative, now what? Why did Singapore allow Maersk to use our Port Facilities after they moved everything to Tg Pelepas, we don't want them to have an alternative and rely on us, and we control.

    MrBoliao98MrBoliao98Oy oldin
  • Half of the population should be sent to concentration death camps. Here’s why that’s a good thing:

    C. T. L.C. T. L.Oy oldin
    • That's a massive logical stretch there, mate

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • Putin said it best the US presidency is a joke they get elected get into their nice little office then the people with nice suits and suitcases (elitist) come in and tell you how it’s really run

    Joshua RodriguezJoshua RodriguezOy oldin
  • Trump: The election was stolen. Missing ballets etc. Democrats: The election was stolen. Russian influence etc. Stop "misinformation" so everyone gets in-formation.

    The Wayward HunThe Wayward HunOy oldin
  • Can I please talk to your manager?

    ya boyya boyOy oldin
  • Life as we know it is a lie why does anything matter anymore

    ya boyya boyOy oldin
  • Why has THIS not been FACT CHECKED??? The commentor says at 2:49 that Trump incited an attack on his own government which is not true. "Fact checks" seem to only work one way.

    William LecorchickWilliam LecorchickOy oldin
    • While the 'incitement of violence' statement isn't true in technicality, it was in nature

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • Freedom of speech Pros:everyone can say what they want Cons:everyone can say what they want

    RommyJoj • 21 yearsRommyJoj • 21 yearsOy oldin
  • I dont discuss about politics But i use politics for meme

    broijustkilledemustomake iwanttomakemorefeatherhatbroijustkilledemustomake iwanttomakemorefeatherhatOy oldin
  • Trump had a Paypal? Wonder how much he'll get from his supporters if it gets reactivated.

    pikespicepikespiceOy oldin
  • When You try to ban TikTok but TikTok bans you

    Itz_101Itz_101Oy oldin
  • Trump did not incite violence and this was a riot not an insurrection

    Brenden BennefieldBrenden BennefieldOy oldin
    • @Brenden Bennefield Is it considered an insurrection if the target place to riot is the exact place where government officials are currently there? Like being inside the place, looking like your chasing down the politicians?

      MI, U And IMI, U And IOy oldin
    • @MI, U And I It was wrong but it was a riot because an insurrection is the over throw of a government

      Brenden BennefieldBrenden BennefieldOy oldin
    • Well, it's because they invaded the Capitol which is a historical political institution...

      MI, U And IMI, U And IOy oldin
  • this must be the worst video of this platform so far. I mean Vox is clearly a trump voter.

    Fecchi the illustratorFecchi the illustratorOy oldin
  • The festive colony systematically grease because adult fortunately advise into a meek latex. plant, scientific dinghy

    poopy sbapoopy sbaOy oldin
  • Lies are true and truth are lies that’s liberalism

    Duston LandscapesDuston LandscapesOy oldin
  • Well the Times has something to say about the election

    Friedrich HayekFriedrich HayekOy oldin
  • Let’s be real the removal of him is purely political to disable his Movement

    Finn LewisFinn LewisOy oldin
    • Let's be real, the jailing of John Wayne Gacy was purely because the jury didn't like his clown outfit

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • Good. We never had a “Liberal Democracy” The United States of America is a Democratic Republic. The USA is a Republic.

    Love To Do Cool StuffLove To Do Cool StuffOy oldin
    • liberal democracy noun a democratic system of government in which individual rights and freedoms are officially recognized and protected, and the exercise of political power is limited by the rule of law. "the objective of liberal democracy is not limitless freedom" (tbf it's really confusing because it's very similar to terms like "Social Democracy" and "Democratic Socialism" which all mean different things)

      John GiorgettaJohn GiorgettaOy oldin
  • Clubhouse has reserved his account. 😂

  • It is not a good thing when somebody deletes an account of a president just bcs you don't agree with them.

    Karel KošinaKarel Košina2 oy oldin
    • Trump was going to cause more political violence; whether he would intentionally do so or not is another question

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • Just don't make censorship a thing and we humans can communicate well.

    Karel KošinaKarel Košina2 oy oldin
  • Oh no. You’re not enough of an adult to hear differing viewpoints. Ban ban ban

    Mattmax21Mattmax212 oy oldin
  • Here's a thought, let everyone speak.

    The real AlThe real Al2 oy oldin
  • Susceptibility of censuring anything not corresponding with the established dogma is what Orwell warned. No one has the right to fact check and intervene the natural flow. This devious cover might be useful in this case but it's catastrophic potential is all too certain.

    Osama MunirOsama Munir2 oy oldin
  • I wish this were longer since it was too short

    Terry AltherrTerry Altherr2 oy oldin
  • Trump shouldn’t have been banned. He didn’t incite violence.

    MacScott245MacScott2452 oy oldin
  • “Now what?” We celebrate

    I’m BeatleI’m Beatle2 oy oldin
  • UZworld: Cleveland Street Preachers

    Amy KraynikAmy Kraynik2 oy oldin
  • If social media giants are acting like the press then they should be licenced like the press otherwise they have no accountability.

    DaveDave2 oy oldin
  • Yey for censorship! 👏

    Anne OnymousAnne Onymous2 oy oldin
  • Who read the title as “Ten platforms”?

    Connecticut BallConnecticut Ball2 oy oldin
  • We are waiting,reddit

    ErikhErikh2 oy oldin
  • I hate how liberal vox is

    Michael ChowMichael Chow2 oy oldin
  • When the media push the "Russiagate " theory but was "verified " by the media but no one be Banned

    TSDamiano GTSDamiano G2 oy oldin
  • Liberal men lack testosterone

    WGonzWGonz2 oy oldin
    • Conservative men lack brains

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • How do you reconcile the question raised in this video with the freedom of speech?

    JBJB2 oy oldin
  • Conspiracy theories are not misinformation.

    Professor MAWillettProfessor MAWillett2 oy oldin
    • I wouldn’t say it’s miss information, but it’s not fact. A conspiracy theory is basically something someone believes without fact.

      Alec MAlec M2 oy oldin
  • Trump should open a new internet account in Florida or Poland. If his Twitter account gets banned, file a complaint through the local ISP and begin the fines.

    Professor MAWillettProfessor MAWillett2 oy oldin
    • @Jellyfesh : Now you’re just talking out of your hindquarters. You don’t know and you are certainly are not in a position to dictate terms.

      Professor MAWillettProfessor MAWillettOy oldin
    • @Professor MAWillett even if he wants to be on twitter / FB he cant

      JellyfeshJellyfeshOy oldin
    • @Jellyfesh : I believe it’s up to President Trump whether or not he wants to be on Twitter and/or FB again. One thing is for sure though, he doesn’t seem even a little bit worried about it. And why should he be, you worry about it enough for both of you.

      Professor MAWillettProfessor MAWillettOy oldin
    • @Professor MAWillett you have no idea what you are talking about, One thing for sure, trump will never be on Twitter again

      JellyfeshJellyfeshOy oldin
    • @Jellyfesh : MR. jellyfish, you clearly don’t understand the concept. If one has a local ISP in say Poland for example and Poland (for example) has rules, regulations and laws that don’t allow Twitter or FB to ban a user for an offense not contrary to local laws then Poland (for example) can and will impose penalties against Twitter and/or FB of a monetary nature. Twitter and/or FB may stubbornly insist on banning their users but the host country can and will insist of fining them into oblivion.

      Professor MAWillettProfessor MAWillettOy oldin
  • I've been looking for help to recover my lost account. All thanks to coderlouis5 On Instagram, he's a legit hacker..

    Diamond JohnDiamond John2 oy oldin
  • It’s as bad as “you must wear two masks”! That’s a joke that went too far. Soon the lemmings will use Saran Wrap.

    OneHorseTownOneHorseTown2 oy oldin
  • Biden loves kids

    Owen MooneyOwen Mooney2 oy oldin
    • Trump locks em up

      Alec MAlec M2 oy oldin
  • Check out John Doyle that is his actual channel name also good video

    John Doyle fanJohn Doyle fan2 oy oldin
  • Reminds me of the black mirror episode where you can't communicate with anyone if u get bad points

    Heather ZHeather Z2 oy oldin
  • How do you get ban on Spotify🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Vanix ツVanix ツ2 oy oldin
  • Anybody here looking for Trump supporters?

    XMichael823XMichael8232 oy oldin
    • me

      Alec MAlec M2 oy oldin
  • Now the left of the same thing with Russia saying Russia stole the election 2016

    Rio AielloRio Aiello2 oy oldin
    • Four words: read the Mueller report. It found that Russia did interfere in the election but Trump didn't have any known involvement in it

      CurlewsssCurlewsss11 kun oldin
  • In a matter of years, the truth will be what twitter and facebook let you post.

    XabierXabier2 oy oldin
    • that is already happening right now

      Nargiz KNargiz K2 oy oldin
  • This video wholly failed to answer the question in the title: "Now what?" Give me some details about how a solution could conceivably work! Does it involve big corporations deciding what should and shouldn't be allowed said in public forums?

    Andrew JehanAndrew Jehan2 oy oldin