mRNA vaccines, explained

2-Fev, 2021
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Why some Covid-19 vaccines were developed faster than any vaccine ever.
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Researchers working on Covid-19 vaccines have smashed speed records, bringing new vaccines from development to distribution in less than a year. They did this with the help of billions of dollars of unprecedented global investment -- but also, in some cases, with a new type of vaccine technology.
There are four traditional types of vaccines, and they all require the growing and handling of live pathogens in a lab, a time-consuming process than can add months or years to development. But two new types of vaccines skip that step altogether by moving that work from the lab to our bodies. mRNA vaccines, like the ones from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna; and Adenovirus vaccines, like those from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca; do this by sending genetic instructions directly into our cells, which then produce the harmless protein the body needs to learn to fight Covid-19. Because these proteins are produced from within cells rather than injected from the outside, they may be less likely to provoke adverse reactions in the recipient.
The result has been a host of vaccines developed faster than ever. But it's also ushered us into a new age of vaccine technology, one in which we can send our own bodies the instructions on how to protect themselves. That technology is already being used to drive research on vaccines for HIV and cancer. These new types of vaccines are weapons we developed to fight the coronavirus - but their real impact is just beginning.
Note: The headline on this video has been changed.
Previous title: How the newest vaccines fight Covid-19
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  • This video focuses on the two new types of vaccines, but as we say at 2:00, not all Covid-19 vaccines fall into those categories. Here’s a list of some of the leading vaccines, and which types they are: mRNA vaccines: - Moderna - Pfizer-BioNTech Adenovirus vaccines: - AstraZeneca - Johnson & Johnson - Sputnik V - CanSino Recombinant protein vaccines: - Novavax Inactivated virus vaccines: - Bharat/Covaxin - Sinovac - Sinopharm

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    • @gdpm lol

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    • warm people search for video: "The Mark Of the Beast and the Shrew Beast"

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    • So do adenovirus vaccinated peeps would have to inject themselves again in future sometime?

      Nicholas DranfileNicholas Dranfile10 kun oldin
    • Hi Emilio. Please, tell me more about 😯 I'm quite interested in Soberana's vaccine

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    • @EO's lol nothing like that happened

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  • It's not fair if I have to get a shot, because I had SARS

    Prissy DinglehofferPrissy Dinglehoffer2 soat oldin
  • Thanks for this video because I had some questions

    Tammy GauseTammy Gause16 soat oldin
  • We can go to Mars with mRNA n clear cancer soon. The scripts in my lungs felt like Alien adjust my lungs into another density

    All About SingaporeAll About Singapore21 soat oldin
  • Will the mRNA chain stay in my body forever?

    Yifan ZhangYifan ZhangKun oldin
    • mRNA is a messanger so it's never supposed to stay permanently. It's a blue print that is discarded after use

      useruser10 soat oldin
    • Yes

      Diana BlumDiana Blum20 soat oldin
    • it’s not supposed to, its supposed to break down not too long after

      noname anonymousnoname anonymous21 soat oldin
  • We're just going to have to hope that the that it doesn't involve change your DNA permanently and some random chip that's obviously the mark of the beast hopefully

    The AustinThe AustinKun oldin
    • The mRNA doesnt get into your DNA at all. Your cell just reads that mRNA and makes proteins from it. It then degrades quite quickly.

      AnoAnoKun oldin
  • Before development: mRNA (Pfizer & Moderna) will reduce cost & time to make compared to Adenovirus (AstraZeneca & JJ) After development: mRNA taken longer time & higher cost to make compared to Adenovirus Vaccines. So, is mRNA really a "serendipitous" discovery??? Which proven to have "high efficacy" plus "highly customize-able instructions", even though knowing fewer mRNA vaccines being produced compared to AZ & JJ so to meet challenging the world demands.

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  • Great video! Thanks! 1) It's not exactly messenger RNA (mRNA). They developed a "MODIFIED" version of mRNA (moRNA) with Pseudouridine. Yes, mRNA does not go into a nucleus of a cell. Where does Pseudouridine go after moRNA metabolism? Can it go into a nucleus and incorporates into DNA? Can it change information in DNA? Can it cause cancers? How soon could we see those cancers with pseudouridine changes? 2) All side effects in other vaccines trials happened in the first 2 months. Can we compare the old vaccine technology and the new modified mRNA technology? 3) Why do we have any side effects with the new modified mRNA technology within first 48-72 hours, when no antibodies are detectable (or even not produced yet)? What chemicals in the vaccine buffers can cause it? 4) Can the newly synthesized Spike protein interact with ACE2 receptor and cause any signaling? Can it release the von Willebrand factor (VWF) and cause clotting?

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  • The vaccine will separate you from God, do not take it. Its the abomination of desolation

    Gods PrincessGods PrincessKun oldin
    • What?! How does a vaccine which is suppose to help us not get sick separate us from God?

      Lance GLance G2 soat oldin
    • It better does. You people got obsessed with god. I used to know religious people which listened science and went to church on sunday to pray to discover new ways how to cure people.

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    • And exactly how does it? I would like to see your sources

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  • So basically it's injected poison.

    Dell ChicaDell ChicaKun oldin
  • Got my first shot today!

    Basically StrangeBasically StrangeKun oldin
    • Hope your gonna feel better and not catch the virus

      GoldBoxHunterGoldBoxHunter14 soat oldin
  • Wait... but if the cell makes its own spike proteins inside it, and antibodies fight it off... isnt that pitting your antibodies against one of your own cells...? Couldn't that somehow cause some kind of autoimmune problem or something...?

    Natsu714Natsu714Kun oldin
    • No the immune system can't look inside the cell. the spike proteins exit the cell first and then get detected by the immune system

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  • SPARS 2025-2028

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  • Just wondering when the mRNA makes the virus's part and body learns to fight that type of particular virus so what happens to the mRNA which is sent to make the virus or does break after some time. Cause if keeps making the virus isn't it a problem

    Eric MasseyEric Massey2 kun oldin
    • @Vio SeVen oh ok now i get it thanx for explaining

      Eric MasseyEric Massey2 kun oldin
    • It doesn't make the virus, it just gives instructions to the cells (specifically to ribosomes) to synthesize the same type of protein found in the spikes of the SARS CoV-2. Your immune system develops antibodies based on that foreign protein, just like in the real infection but without its devastating consequences. After that, the mRNA is destroyed.

      Vio SeVenVio SeVen2 kun oldin
  • Why do you need a vaccine for a 99.98% survival rate.

    aquameaquame2 kun oldin
    • source...

      useruser10 soat oldin
  • This left out the liposomes, the delivery vector for the mRNA. BioNTech developed a number of these for targeted delivery within the body. They are made up of phospholipids and probably cholesterol to keep the membrane supple just like the cells of our bodies. The liposomes are proprietary so what is in them is not specified but phospholipids can be can up of a wide array of amino acids that may influence how they travel or merge with specific cell types. This is the really intriguing part of of this novel approach because it may open up a new technology. If this can be honed to target cells with disease causing alleles this may be a method of delivering mRNA gene therapies.

    GardengallivantGardengallivant2 kun oldin
  • *Quantum computer with protein folding capability exists* Every virus: 👀☹️

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  • yes ,your cells are constantly making foreign,poisoness proteine.Causing auto immune diseases...

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  • don't put your trust in vox just cause they have an animated video, this video was not made by a doctor or phd with any certifications

    Jonathan RogersJonathan Rogers3 kun oldin
  • The new vaccine is produced using the cells of a aborted child. The new vaccine is a tuning point in the history of humanity...

    Hal LoHal Lo3 kun oldin

    Tom TomTom Tom3 kun oldin
    • vaccines are aware and have intent? please elaborate.

      JanSoloJanSoloKun oldin
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  • It's scary to realise Covid is like bat cold. Bats have hundreds of disease causing microbes within them.

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  • I visit your website and didn't believe you but because of my condition i decided to play along and now i am a living testimony. Dr.Osaoji on UZworld your medication are super authentic

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  • They didn't tested it wel on discovery development and preclinical trials normally (on animals) to know the side-effects.But licensing, manufacturing and distribution when the vaccine does not guarantee that you will not be contaminated cause you can still get it. It will take 5-10 years maybe more to see these effect like on the Mexican influenza in 2009. Look what happend than. So know I wil not be vaccinated as this is not tested well at all and forgetting the human aspect of it all.

    Janey BakarbessyJaney Bakarbessy3 kun oldin
  • It will alter your DNA. Destroy it before it destroy you

    Irsyad HasanIrsyad Hasan4 kun oldin
    • @Irsyad Hasan lol friends from facebook the best known source in the world

      useruser10 soat oldin
    • Do you have any evidence to prove your statement?

      JanSoloJanSoloKun oldin
    • Friends from facebook. Use lethal force to destroy vaccine which alter your dna.

      Irsyad HasanIrsyad Hasan3 kun oldin
    • who said that

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  • Is *Novavax* the covid vaccine that uses the Recombinant Protein method? I believe so, but would love confirmation from someone who knows for sure? *Vox if your reading this, would love to know* 😊❤🌈🔆

    EmmaEmma5 kun oldin
    • Never mind, it says in the pinned comment :-) Thanks Vox ❤ I thought so, but it was nice to have that confirmed, appreciate it 🌈

      EmmaEmma5 kun oldin
  • We know how mRNA vaccines are made, but we don't know yet if any longterm effects. There are concerns with fertility. I question why healthy young people would need this shot when the recovery rate is basically 100%, unlike the recovery rates for diseases, in which we get childhood vaccinations for.

    M GM G5 kun oldin
  • you guys are doing the lord's work making these videos. Thank you.

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    • @GoldBoxHunter these vxc are poison. Depopulation sterilization n genocide

      Dell ChicaDell Chica12 soat oldin
    • @Dell Chica ?

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    • Lord who? The one from downstairs👇👇

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  • if the vaccine uses our own cells to produce the spike protein... wouldn't the immune system attack the cells leading to a possible autoimmune disease?

    Bapho MetBapho Met5 kun oldin
    • No because the immune system can't detect what is going on inside the cell, just if the proteins exit the cell they can be spotted

      useruser4 kun oldin
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  • veryone get vaccinated and become a walking gmo.

    Im NobodyIm Nobody5 kun oldin
  • So if these new vaccines are made in a totally new way unlike any before,how do we know the mid to long term effects?

    Ian SandersIan Sanders6 kun oldin
    • theory and probability. the long-term effects of covid are way more probably than ones from a mRNA vaccine

      useruser4 kun oldin
  • Still don't understand how mRNA works

    DeadEnd1986DeadEnd19866 kun oldin
  • These covid 19 vaccines are the way to control your mind 👍

    AbhishekAbhishek6 kun oldin
    • please share the data you have gathered that proves your statement.

      JanSoloJanSoloKun oldin
    • how?

      useruser4 kun oldin
  • Exactly why is it a good idea to have your skin pierced and then have an unknown toxic concoction injected into your body? Hard pass for me. Big Pharma Lie$

    t flot flo6 kun oldin
    • have you read the ingredient list of all of the vaccines?

      JanSoloJanSoloKun oldin

    psikogeekpsikogeek6 kun oldin
  • Viruses are pieces of information in protein form and are not alive, therefore a vaccine does not have a "dead" virus in it. Think of them like a string of code from a computer program. They can be malicious or harmless, just like on your computer or phone.

    Justin SmythJustin Smyth6 kun oldin
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  • Where is the electron micrograph of the supposed mumps virus? Of any virus?

    True Love Cafe Canada 290 Dundas St E Toronto ONTrue Love Cafe Canada 290 Dundas St E Toronto ON6 kun oldin
  • People: have u developed the vaccine? Scientists: yes Karens and antivax: good that's one loose end

    Malaysian MappingMalaysian Mapping6 kun oldin
  • Trying to sell a FDA unapproved, experimental drug. Splendid move Vox

    Migs LMigs L7 kun oldin
  • I love these videos - so educational!

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  • It's just like an Olympic season for Researcher.

    AlienAlien7 kun oldin
  • I wonder what else it will alter in humans besides a response to covid.

    Rock BottomRock Bottom8 kun oldin
  • It is NOT a vaccine. Stop lying! The MRNA COVID-19 Technology Is NOT A Vaccine. Is Pfizer and Moderna Lying To Us? - The World We Live In (

    Thomas CullenThomas Cullen8 kun oldin
    • @Jimmy Swaggart Where is your links? I posted mine but VOX keeps deleting them. Google Dr. David Martin.

      Thomas CullenThomas Cullen7 kun oldin
    • @Thomas Cullen Ok so you have just shown that you have done absolutely no research at all and are just making things up. NO vaccine (except for a very few sterilising vaccines) will stop you getting the pathogen and if you can get the pathogen you can transmit the pathogen. ALL vaccines will greatly REDUCE (not eliminate) the possibility of transmission as it will lower your viral load and the less you have the less you will expel the less chance of transmitting. The mRNA vaccine is exactly the same it stops you getting the disease it does not stop you getting the pathogen.

      Jimmy SwaggartJimmy Swaggart7 kun oldin
    • @Jimmy Swaggart Also, this mRNA injection does not disrupt transmission of the virus by those who receive it. Vaccines do.

      Thomas CullenThomas Cullen8 kun oldin
    • @Jimmy Swaggart Please provide link stating that the mRNA injection provides immunity.

      Thomas CullenThomas Cullen8 kun oldin
    • @Thomas Cullen Ah yes it does stimulate an immune response and yes it does provide immunity there are plenty of scientific papers out there as well as the clinical trials. This new mRNA vaccines does almost exactly what the virus does the virus enters your cells and tells your cells to make copies of itself. The mRNA vaccine enters your cells and tells your cells to make a copy of a S protein (part of the virus) so that your immune system can recognise it and make antibodies for it. This has been proven in over 30 years of research and development in mRNA vaccines. Dr David Martin a financial analysist who runs a company called M-CAM, which analyzes patents and intellectual property to estimate the investment value of companies. So your listening to a financial analysist on vaccines and believing him. So a financial analysist who owns a company which analyzes patents and intellectual property to estimate the investment value of companies is telling you that this vaccine is not a good thing and that the whole thing is made up so please follow me on this, a FINANCIAL ANALYSIST who makes money from advising other companies where to invest is telling you the whole thing is planned. Humm I wonder who would have a lot to gain from this? Now I normally do not do this but I will give you a chance here. Do you want me to post further information discrediting the claims made by this Dr Martin or are you good. If no response I will assume you want more.

      Jimmy SwaggartJimmy Swaggart8 kun oldin
  • What kind of vaccine is Covaxin and Covishield

    yashodhan singhyashodhan singh8 kun oldin
    • Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine which means that it is made up of killed coronaviruses, Covishield is made from a weakened version of a common cold virus (known as an adenovirus) and has been modified to look more like coronavirus.

      Jimmy SwaggartJimmy Swaggart8 kun oldin
  • What's that? You say you wanna know how the mRNA from the vaccine gets into your cells to be read? You don't need to know that.

    jefferee2002jefferee20028 kun oldin
  • I guess everyone knows that if there are bad long term effects, you’d better have national healthcare and possibly welfare to rely on because the pharm. companies can’t be held liable.

    C.M. BrightC.M. Bright8 kun oldin
    • Wrong the vaccine producers can be sued for knowingly producing a faulty product. So should peanut butter makers be sued if someone eats peanut butter and has an allergic reaction? How about the makers of MSG? Is MSG safe if 2 million people consume it and have no reaction and yet 1 person in that 2 million does have a reaction?

      Jimmy SwaggartJimmy Swaggart8 kun oldin
  • In other words the human being is the Guinea pig!! it's a no from me.

    Black Film InstituteBlack Film Institute8 kun oldin
  • 1:13 i wish she shut up for one minute and explain

    Kurt RuSsElKurt RuSsEl8 kun oldin
  • Wait so the mRNA one basically make your own cells produce the spike proteins and then let your immune system deal with it, so does your immune system attack the individual spike proteins while the spike proteins are still inside of the cell or does the spike protein go outside of the cell? Or do they attack just attack the whole entire cell?? Also if the AZ vaccine is similar to the J&J one, why does the AZ vaccine dropping people left and right with these clotting news?

    ZekolwolfZekolwolf9 kun oldin
    • @Vary Olla Ah so you have to sacrifice some cells so that our body can develop the immunity, but since spike protein does not infect other cells it won't replicate. So does that mean the amount of vaccine gets injected into our body determines the amount of cells we "sacrifice"? for 4, I was wondering how come the other 3 vaccines don't have a high rate of clotting like to AZ.

      ZekolwolfZekolwolf8 kun oldin
    • 1 - spike protein manifests on the surface of the cell via the Major Histocompatibility Complex. 2 - presence of the antigens triggers T & B-Cell activation leading to antibody formation. 3 - cells are eventually destroyed via cellular apoptosis to be replaced by new cells. 4 - the incidence of clotting issues is already associated with Covid infections. So the number involved with the AZ vaccine is a drop in the bucket. Actual Covid is already killing thousands of people a day - especially elderly who also are the ones with clotting issues post-vaccination. So a few hundred cases out of tens of millions of doses of vaccine administered is as nothing when Covid kills thousands daily.

      Vary OllaVary Olla8 kun oldin
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  • Since when proteins can deliver DNA or RNA into a cell? That’s new to me. Whoever made this video is certainly not a biology major because everyone knows DNA and RNA are information bearing molecules found only in the nucleus of the cell. Nice try.

    Jennifer GriffinJennifer Griffin9 kun oldin
  • Just got my first dose. Nothing to complain about but maybe some injection site pain but you'd get that with any of them. Stay safe everyone, vaccinated or not.

    Kari WanskaKari Wanska9 kun oldin
  • the gentle music makes me trust these lysing psychopaths

    tanan ynytanan yny9 kun oldin
  • Johnson&Johnson is the vaccine I’ll get

    Easton’s Tech TubeEaston’s Tech Tube9 kun oldin
  • Four years for mumps vaccine. Six months for mrna. Did the folks vaccinated after the mumps still need to mask and social distance? Could you become an asymptomatic mumps super spreader after the vaccine? Funny how with this highly effective, unapproved vaccine, people still need to mask and distance.

    FlumazenilFlumazenil9 kun oldin
    • Mumps wasn't a pandemic and had a much lower infection rate, genius

      Bri KoalaBri Koala7 kun oldin
  • This is great technology and all, but I will let my body's immunity fight it instead. I feel modern medicine acts as a bandage rather than a cure for the problem and also corona is not a disease with high mortality.

    Kronos CsKronos Cs10 kun oldin
  • Thank you for this great explanation

    blackbird163blackbird16310 kun oldin
  • The difference is mRNA vaccines have to be produced by copying a piece of DNA with reverse transcriptase, which is error prone, in effect introducing random mutations, whereas the DNA vaccines are produced by DNA polymerase, which is highly accurate.

    goletragoletra10 kun oldin
  • Anti vaxxers should be sent to a forest and exposed to all diseases

    VideoviewerVideoviewer10 kun oldin
  • If this is a so called vaccine why do you still need to wear a face mask and use hand gell after your 2nd dose and why have we not been told of the long term effects on your body?

    Michael SmithMichael Smith11 kun oldin
    • @Jellyfesh "no long term effects" We don't know

      SheputsterSheputster8 kun oldin
    • no long term effects facemasks are not to protect you, its to protect the ones around you, same with hand gel

      JellyfeshJellyfesh10 kun oldin
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  • What about Sinovac and Sputnik V ....main info to highlight Pzfier and Modenna...

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    Stacia DixieStacia Dixie12 kun oldin
  • um still not taking this vaccine

    Deron ReedDeron Reed12 kun oldin
  • 4:39 Everyone's purpose in life should be helping pharmaceuticals save time and money

    Mine TeknoMine Tekno12 kun oldin
  • No one here touches one specific issue. Intervening in nature on this scale instead of letting our body protect itself, may create a society that is dependent on vaccines. In fact, we already did it with the flu vaccine , which many get every year. I never did. I may do it when I am much older and more vulnerable, but not now. Why is then the rush to vaccinate all the earth population , when most do not need it? To finance research and the meds companies? This is a dangerous and one way ticket to a potential major disaster. Stop being a herd.

    Arie SalmaArie Salma12 kun oldin
    • Thank You, finally someone says it.

      Kronos CsKronos Cs10 kun oldin
  • i only will use Sputnik V

    kubanskiloewekubanskiloewe12 kun oldin
  • My mom is antivax and said she read that the covid vaccines (presumably she meant the adenovirus ones) are not actually vaccines and are actually gene therapy. She told me they alter your DNA and no one knows the long term effects of changing your DNA. Also, she claims some US agency had to change the definition of "vaccine" in order to allow them to be made. Can anyone tell me how to refute what she believes? Any good and trustworthy sources to counter this line of thinking?

    brandobondbrandobond12 kun oldin
    • Your mom might be on to something. The truth is that there are zero studies on long-term health consequences of these rush-to-market, experimental, novel mRNA-based vaccines. Also, notice that in the medical definition of the word "vaccine" the words "cure" or "heal" are no where to be found. The only specifically STATED medical goal is the creation of anti-bodies. And when you look up anti-bodies and break it down to simplest form, it means anti-life or destroyer of life.

      Mo'a Keet TutsuwaMo'a Keet Tutsuwa6 kun oldin
    • What a vaccine is has changed over time. Originally, it referred to the specific method of using the cowpox virus to provide immunity to smallpox. It's where the name vaccine was derived from, based on the scientific name for cowpox. Later, we started using weakened forms of the virus to provide immunity and those were called vaccines. More methods were developed over time, but the overall idea of vaccines is unchanged. They provide something for the body to train for against a future infection. The viral vectors and mRNA vaccines all do that. Definitions change all the time.

      No NameNo Name10 kun oldin
    • clever mom you have !

      kubanskiloewekubanskiloewe12 kun oldin
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    • nice word salad, can the human behind this account translate?

      Donovan MahanDonovan Mahan4 soat oldin
  • It's scary that we are putting this in so many people when it was developed so recently and we don't know what the long-term implications are.

    eyescreamcakeeyescreamcake12 kun oldin
    • @eyescreamcake That would mean closing the most essential of infrastructure like grocery stores, where crowds of people can unavoidably build up. You can avoid as many people as you can, but know that one can never be careful enough. If you're worried about the mRNA vaccine, keep in mind that the same mechanism involved after vaccine administration also happens whenever you contract more common viruses like the Influenza virus, which is one of the known RNA Viruses. Your last response to Sheputster is also a very good point, by the way. 👍🏼

      M. AlbM. Alb3 kun oldin
    • @Sheputster Haven't countries always banned people from entering if they haven't been vaccinated? They have every right to keep infectious disease out of their land.

      eyescreamcakeeyescreamcake3 kun oldin
    • @M. Alb Because we can avoid COVID by just avoiding people? Or by getting conventional vaccines that have been proven by decades of use?

      eyescreamcakeeyescreamcake3 kun oldin
    • @Sheputster You're accusing me of moving goalposts now? Alright, let's reformulate it then - why can't you stand not travelling and visiting certain businesses for a short while? You pretty much failed to grasp some of the context in which obesity, compromised immune systems, diabetes, hypertension do not necessarily cause life-theatening conditions by themselves in such a very, very short period of time.

      M. AlbM. Alb8 kun oldin
    • @M. Alb Nice goalpost shift. The vaccine passport isn't just about traveling, it may also limit your ability to shop at certain businesses and routinely commute state to state. You're also vastly exaggerating the effects of COVID, and if you didn't know, the "500 thousand dead" the media likes to seethe about consists mostly of overweight, immunocompromised 60 year olds+ wherein COVID itself was a contributing cause of death.

      SheputsterSheputster8 kun oldin
  • I have only one question. How long will these vaccines protect a person? Why is nothing said about it.

    Aleks DrumsAleks Drums12 kun oldin
    • @No Name This is the first time I hear such information about 6 months. Is this official information? Brand new vaccines, and you're talking about the past 6 months. Where does this data come from?Do you have similar information about other vaccines like Astrazeneca, Sputnik V..You аrе talking only about Pfizer vaccine.

      Aleks DrumsAleks Drums12 kun oldin
    • We won't know for sure how long they'll last until that amount of time has passed. So far the BioNTech one is effective 6+ months.

      No NameNo Name12 kun oldin
  • My biggest question is how long does a vaccine keep us protected and how long is it effective for I got mine this Tuesday the Moderna and I’ve always wondered how long it’s going to protect me or work for

    Priscilla ProudPriscilla Proud12 kun oldin
    • 6 months :(

      kane Fatimakane Fatima10 kun oldin
    • The BioNTech vaccine so far is at least 6 months. We won't really know until X amount of time passes. We have to wait in real time. The Moderna vaccine is likely to have a similar length of effectiveness since it use the same tech as the BioNtTech one.

      No NameNo Name12 kun oldin
    • same here

      chris teechris tee12 kun oldin
  • Thank you for this explanation. I have learned a lot from your channel. :-)

    Pooches WorldPooches World12 kun oldin
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    LOO ALEXLOO ALEX13 kun oldin
  • Dont take the covid vaccine

    Dj PilkDj Pilk13 kun oldin
    • They aren’t forcing it so you don’t have to get it but I just got it and feel proud

      Aryan ShahAryan Shah12 kun oldin
  • A loot seams to be missing.

    vitloken1337vitloken133713 kun oldin
  • can the dose of the drug speak increase if there is auto immunity taking part

    krisna ajikrisna aji13 kun oldin
  • is there a link between mRNA vaccines and Prion Diseases (ALS, Dementia, Alzheimers,etc)?

    hellofajrhellofajr13 kun oldin