India's huge farmer protests, explained

30-Dek, 2020
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Thousands of India’s farmers have set up camp in Delhi.
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In November 2020, thousands of farmers marched from the northern states of India to Delhi to protest farming reforms passed by Prime Minister Modi’s government. Those protests have continued throughout the month of December and show little sign of letting up. The farmers have set up camp in and around the capital city to pressure the government to repeal the laws, but the government won’t budge.
The government says these new laws will modernize farming by liberalizing the industry, but India’s farmers say it will be their downfall. Under these new policies, farmers will have fewer government protections and will likely lose the government-regulated markets and prices they have relied on for decades.
To make matters even more difficult, all this is happening as India’s farmers grapple with a shrinking share of the economy that has contributed to a suicide crisis around the country.
To understand the three farming reforms and why they have driven so many farmers into the streets, as well as the history behind the problems farmers have been facing for decades, watch the video above.
Sources and further reading:
If you want to read the three laws behind the protests, issued in late September, you can find them here:
For a deep dive into "mandis," or India’s regulated whole markets, check out the report “Understanding Mandis: Market Towns and the Dynamics of India’s Rural and Urban Transformations” by Mekhala Krishnamurthy:
Here, you can explore data that shows the impact of the farming reforms on the whole markets since they were announced in June 2020:
To learn more about the “Green Revolution” and the impact it had on India and its agriculture, check out this detailed report by the Journal of Ethnic Foods:
If you want to explore India’s agricultural economy in relation to the country’s GDP over time, check out this data from the World Bank:
Here is some more data compiled by the Government of India on India’s farmer suicide crisis:
And a link to international suicide hotline numbers:
Finally, you can read our written explainer on here:
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    VoxVox3 oy oldin
    • @sumith patel first listen NDTV, then say, BJP pupet

      Charanjit KaurCharanjit Kaur26 kun oldin
    • These farm laws are unconstitutional because centeral government can't make laws on farming, this is the state government issue

      Charanjit KaurCharanjit Kaur26 kun oldin
    • These laws passed in Parliament in very unconstitutional way

      Charanjit KaurCharanjit Kaur26 kun oldin
    • Ok

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    • @bigmac donald P

      Atheng VonsonAtheng VonsonOy oldin
  • Indian media can't show truth Thats why they call it an INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY whenever anyone from around the world supports this protest

    Harshdeep SinghHarshdeep Singh2 soat oldin
  • Singh is King and thanks to part of Hindus and quite a lot of Muslims we will win

    X fan mother Singh is kingX fan mother Singh is king3 soat oldin
  • 有人问我印度帝国有皇吗? 我怎么回答?

    Tan Zhi harngTan Zhi harng2 kun oldin
  • This is helpful - thanks Vox. It misses a vital question tho: Why did the government implement the opposite to what the farmers were asking for?

    cronokleecronoklee4 kun oldin
  • This is just to protect middle man monopoly and is a narrative resonated by the Congress party. Please conduct a proper research

    Satish IyerSatish Iyer4 kun oldin
    • I don't understand what you are trying to say pls explain

  • I stand with u guys from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    Hyder ChahillHyder Chahill5 kun oldin
  • Our media is busy with Election results , Taimur saif ali khan , Next big movie realese events , Mutual funds , Next best IPO ... Stock market ... Busy with gully elections .. We report covid only when cases reaches min 50k else we neglect ...We never question on basic needs of ppl education , infrastructure, healthcare .. we split partywise news are selective ...

    Better_india chBetter_india ch5 kun oldin
  • We must support every country people for protest if any government is doing wrong..

    Charcoal TV UltimateCharcoal TV Ultimate5 kun oldin
  • We must support every country people for protest if any government is doing wrong..

    Charcoal TV UltimateCharcoal TV Ultimate5 kun oldin
  • Excellent job done by u... Show more to the world so can everyone support... Government is doing wrong tell everyone I request

    Charcoal TV UltimateCharcoal TV Ultimate5 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when a country votes in a racist leader

    Hassan IbrahimHassan Ibrahim6 kun oldin
  • The downside of the law is clear here. But, their government must have reasons to make the law. What are the benefits for their country that they try to achieve in the future?

    Jessica GJessica G6 kun oldin
    • The corporations that donate to political campaigns make more money. That’s the benefits.

      Eshan SandhuEshan Sandhu4 kun oldin
  • Bechare bicholiye na ghar ke rahe Naa that ke

    abhaysingh rathoreabhaysingh rathore8 kun oldin
  • When you present only one side of the argument.

    Getsuga TenshoGetsuga Tensho9 kun oldin
  • Vox explained it better than Indian Government ever will

    Anshul SainiAnshul Saini9 kun oldin
  • Bjp supporters hv disliked the video .... lotus will go down

    Rucha ShindeRucha Shinde10 kun oldin
  • Farmers being almost half of all workers have a lot of power just as long as they can hold out until their demands are discussed and hopefully met.

    Danny HughesDanny Hughes10 kun oldin
  • Good work.

    Mohd MoqtadeerMohd Moqtadeer11 kun oldin
  • If people can work in bars as a government employee, then why can't farmers have a government job. In india government employees are well protected from harsh conditions.

    aswin aswinaswin aswin12 kun oldin
  • Thanks!

    Vasco Amaral GriloVasco Amaral Grilo14 kun oldin
  • So vox says these farmers have money to live on highway doing nothing but want to go back to suicides system. Vox is not smart.

    Archish AroraArchish Arora15 kun oldin
  • Agriculture is dying. India should get rid of its third world tag of "agrarian economy." These freebies & subsidies are draining the govt. treasury.

    Shinchan NoharaShinchan Nohara15 kun oldin
  • It's an SFJ (A khalist@ni terror organization) funded Picnic

    Facts, Figures and FunFacts, Figures and Fun15 kun oldin
  • thanks vox for covering farm protest

  • My grandfather was one of the advisors who went over to India to help them modernize agriculture. He worked on setting up an agricultural research station in the south of the country where you could use the mountains there for climate zones that ran from tropical to temperate for different crops.

    HansLemursonHansLemurson16 kun oldin
    • @HansLemurson thx

      School CubersSchool Cubers11 kun oldin
    • @School Cubers Lawrence Skold, professor of Agronomy at the University of Tennessee

      HansLemursonHansLemurson11 kun oldin
    • wow what was his name ???

      School CubersSchool Cubers11 kun oldin
  • People said the Same when Zomato and Swiggy entered Indian Markets ....They called People will Stop Coming to Restaurants ..LoL

    Invest and InnovateInvest and Innovate17 kun oldin
  • what happened in red fort show that also what protester really a protest or war'''?

    Rajdeep BanerjeeRajdeep Banerjee18 kun oldin
    • Yup watch Dhruv Rathee video he is the only one who has made a video on it.

      WaidensWaidens17 kun oldin
  • When streers will be silent , parliament will be vagabond .🤐

    A DOLFA DOLF18 kun oldin
  • Britian funded the Amritsar genocide.

    Zoya Saeed Saleh GillZoya Saeed Saleh Gill18 kun oldin
    • Le tune toh alag hi topic pkd liya.

      Amandeep SinghAmandeep Singh13 kun oldin

    massimo garciamassimo garcia18 kun oldin
  • Seeing this, I have become very disgusted with the media of my country. A foreign media is covering everything so well, but our media does not show all this on TV because all of them are sold and are doing smoothies. shame to indian media and journalism.

    Eternal SoulEternal Soul19 kun oldin
  • i support farm bills

    Lalit Mohan BarniaLalit Mohan Barnia19 kun oldin
    • You can. They're an economic policy. But I hope you don't support the stifling of the farmers.

      This channel does not exist.This channel does not exist.18 kun oldin
    • Let the truth show the reality in a few months or years

      Raphael BritoRaphael Brito19 kun oldin
  • Truth shall win that is reality.

    shakeb razashakeb raza19 kun oldin
  • These r not farmers , they r the middle man of farming industry who doesn't want this law to come 😉

    Abhishek SharmaAbhishek Sharma20 kun oldin
    • 200 dead, are they middlemen too? Are the millions protesting from all over India middlemen sir?

      This channel does not exist.This channel does not exist.18 kun oldin
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  • Do cover the positive side of India too, like our vaccine program for the pandemic.

    Tinker TailorTinker Tailor21 kun oldin
  • Let’s talk about Bill Gates’ role in destroying the Indian farmer.

    ingrid ariaingrid aria21 kun oldin
  • No farmers no food

    OfficialRaid RoyaleOfficialRaid Royale21 kun oldin
  • The farmers are the lazy taxes eaters simply wanting govt subsidies and also want to sell their products at high price and of low quality.

    Regular GeneralRegular General21 kun oldin
    • @GAMINGwithXAN yes it cost more

      Regular GeneralRegular General15 kun oldin
    • @Regular General does your chapati cost more than your traveling cost or college fees? Are you struggling to find food? Search final price of food online & offline.

      GAMINGwithXANGAMINGwithXAN15 kun oldin
    • @Waidens Everything is bad blame on govt it is the responsibility of the farmers to be competitive in price and quantity.

      Regular GeneralRegular General17 kun oldin
    • @Regular General cause our government policy are worst and it's government job to make farmer aware of increasing products. Most farmers aren't knowledgeable and doesn't know about efficient farming. Also people scam farmers there are video that a guy sold his onions for 10rs per killo. Government is not creating proper plan and this bill is good but some things aren't helping farmers.

      WaidensWaidens17 kun oldin
    • @This channel does not exist. Research from where and certified by whom.If our farmers were such hardworking then our agri output should greater then every other countries.

      Regular GeneralRegular General18 kun oldin
  • Lotus a national flower connected God and Goddesses crime. I am aware of. .denied their entry in Parliament do recover The government due for sitting in Parliament article 104

    kaspadia C Pkaspadia C P21 kun oldin
  • If Indian governments increased the price for crops it increases the disposable income with in the country as it is all ready a tiger economy and has an ever more affluent population that could afford it this would turbo charge its economy

    Michael O CallaghanMichael O Callaghan22 kun oldin
  • This video needs wayyyy more views

    Hammy TreyHammy Trey23 kun oldin
  • There isnt much in they way of an arguement for why these laws where brought into existence in the first place. Dont really expect VOX to be objective when their is a left wing narrative to peddle. If the farmers get better price they should be allowed, but they shouldnt expect the taxpayers to fund their inefficienct methods. The govt is no better, but an unregulated market is necessary to bring in much needed capital. As to your arguement on bihar, simpluly deregulating the the market is not enough, there isnt much in the way of capital to go into bihar wherw the political setup is significantly more dysfunctional for any sane investor to get involved in. The arguement vox peddles is the same reason why India remained where she was for 40+ years. Vox is a product of post 2008 US, their fundamentally ideology is distrust towards market regulated or otherwise, nothing they've said so far has shown otherwise. Considering how era defining these farm laws are and the effect it will have in India , a bit more objectivity and analysis of the arguements behind the govts rationale wpupd have been appreciated even if that's too much of an ask.

    Alexander PhilipAlexander Philip24 kun oldin
    • Well said brother...

      ܫܠܐܡܐ ܫ̰ܶܫ̰ܳܦ̇ܐܰܫܠܐܡܐ ܫ̰ܶܫ̰ܳܦ̇ܐܰ23 kun oldin
  • Where are the andh bhakts, i am tryna find em to slash em

    Ei EpixEi Epix24 kun oldin
  • "We will lose our lands, we will lose our income if you let big business decide prices and buy crops. We don't trust big business. Free markets work in countries with less corruption and more regulation. It can't work for us here," Gurnam Singh Charuni

    teomi abteomi ab25 kun oldin
    • @teomi ab lol such an unsolicited arguments, govt anyway needs to procure from farmers for food distribution scheme and all. It’s like arguing that bsnl will get closed when jio enters market

      Harit GandhiHarit Gandhi20 kun oldin
    • @Harit Gandhi the new laws make business easier and more profitable to do it in the free market and the farmers will be forced to sell to them once they all move over

      teomi abteomi ab21 kun oldin
    • Then don’t sell to big business

      Harit GandhiHarit Gandhi21 kun oldin
  • Green Revolution was lead by MS Swaminathan

    AsAs26 kun oldin
  • There were 3 reforms - why donu mention only 2? What I mention as negatives, r only fears - not one point u make is against the reforms... why not try it out first, than just venting fears n creating Hangama? The government is listening, suggest u want some sort of assurance rather than showing ur belligerance?

    Pallavi BhatiaPallavi Bhatia26 kun oldin
  • vox is anti india

    Abhishek PrasadAbhishek Prasad27 kun oldin
    • kissan ekta jindabad

      EkamBugzEkamBugz26 kun oldin
  • They aren't only farmers in india , it's just one state. There are several state & union territories calmly doing great farming. It's misconceptions & false news.

    vinod kumarvinod kumar27 kun oldin
    • @This channel does not exist. The video just explained 'previously deregularised market is becoming a regularised market by this law which affects farmers', does this statement makes any sense ?! Though you claim that farmers protesting from above states, Why isn't anyone protests from Gujarat, tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala , Odisha , bengal , bihar ,J&k, ladakh, 7 sister states , 7 union territories etc ?!

      vinod kumarvinod kumar27 kun oldin
    • "Its just one state" Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, MP, Maharastra, and UP are all 1 state apparently? So now 1=6? What is this brilliant maths?

      This channel does not exist.This channel does not exist.27 kun oldin
  • No biggies guys Modi just simply sided with mega corp like Monsanto so in the end the 1% always win.

    JeridJerid28 kun oldin
  • this is what romans did when they modernized their work force. they decided to give beneficial funding to students with an agricultural background, and gave a lot of bailouts to the farming industry (though progressively more towards large farming companies). but it worked out great despite similar appeals. hopefully there are protections for farmers from bankruptcy and other banking-agricultural relations but it should work out in the end.

    GabrielGabriel28 kun oldin
  • I don’t understand all my life it said farmers are cheated by middleman.. Now the middle man is gone why worry..

    A LA L28 kun oldin
    • @A L We're not saying 'oh we shouldn't bring in any reforms.' We're saying 'the new reforms aren't helping the problem and are actually making it worse.'

      This channel does not exist.This channel does not exist.7 kun oldin
    • Why have to stick to old way of being cheated? Because now this law allows Corporations to literally dictate prices, and now the farmers are gonna be more cheated than before. Before this the Mandis had MSP which gave the minimum price of a crop so this disabled the middlemen to ask the crops for a price less than the MSP. But now with the MSP gone the Corporations can dictate any price and the farmers will have to give in.

      FungusFungus7 kun oldin
    • @Harman Singh so most developed countries are following this process .. They can sell the goods to any organization that 💰 pays high price .. They don’t have to stick to one Market.. We can introduce New systems as many educated are investing in farming like hydo are other types Farmers can still benefit .. Why have to stick to the old way of being cheated ..

      A LA L15 kun oldin
    • government middle man was only option before bill now private Middle will enter the market

      Harman SinghHarman Singh16 kun oldin
    • Because the middlemen are being replaced by big middlemen (corporates).

      This channel does not exist.This channel does not exist.27 kun oldin
  • i hope this farmers get justice 😢

    christantyna ashleychristantyna ashley28 kun oldin
  • Thankyou vox

    ArutkoArutko29 kun oldin
    • Thank you Western propagandists and one sided analyzers

      Blender GeekBlender Geek29 kun oldin
  • Vox always hides the truth

    Anderson NovaAnderson Nova29 kun oldin
    • @Boud gaming * like what farmers are fearing is allready happing with madi system

      Harman SinghHarman Singh16 kun oldin
    • Lol true but what did the hide?

      Boud gaming *Boud gaming *29 kun oldin
  • Why is modi still the prime minister of india 🤦

    Henry FrancoHenry Franco29 kun oldin
  • The government's new farming laws were bound to rile the farmers.

    Sourav GhoshSourav Ghosh29 kun oldin
  • What are are farmer laws in USA? Do USA have concept like Mandi?

    Dinamani Gopala KrishnaDinamani Gopala KrishnaOy oldin
    • Thanks @Harman Singh . So now I don't understand why Vox dont want Indian Govt can't have parallel system to Mandi which works similar USA

      Dinamani Gopala KrishnaDinamani Gopala Krishna16 kun oldin
    • they are free to sell anywhere

      Harman SinghHarman Singh16 kun oldin
    • no

      Harman SinghHarman Singh16 kun oldin
  • I love channels like vox on youtube as they can't be manipulated by governments unlike the ones on television 10/10 love it

    Abhinandan PatilAbhinandan PatilOy oldin
    • @Blender Geek bro im indian and have noticed how the news is manipulated like during when they were introducing the new farmin policies there were several actors being blamed for drugs . Plus the government has the power to manipulate tv but they dont own/have power in youtube so its difficult to manipulate it .

      Abhinandan PatilAbhinandan Patil28 kun oldin
    • @Blender Geek your logic makes to no sense. We are literally talking about vox saying it like it is and showing the gravity of the situation unlike Indian media who conceals everything in an attempt to appeal to the mass people. We are literally talking about those poor farmers and stuff they're going through. Though it does seem like if BJP and bhakts asked you to pay your dues, you would but if underprivileged farmers ask for their rights.. you would relent.

      Minie BrahmaMinie Brahma28 kun oldin
    • You are talking like if a Britisher comes to trade with you and ask you to give your land to him, you will believe him, but if a Indian asks you to do the same thing, you will relent

      Blender GeekBlender Geek29 kun oldin
    • They are very manipulative... watch trump then watch Biden/Obama

      Boud gaming *Boud gaming *29 kun oldin
  • Ok thanks for the video

    minecraft 56minecraft 56Oy oldin
  • New World Order! those billionaires are trying to have the world in their palms !

    ak MTak MTOy oldin
  • My apologies for saying this but what language are they speaking, I read that Hindi is not the only language spoken in India. But I hope things in India goes well for the farmers

    E- WorldE- WorldOy oldin
  • I kindly disagree on your view on this situation

    space garagespace garageOy oldin
    • The reason you disagree is because they are asking people to not vote for BJP. Not voting for BJP is just common sense at this point lol.

      Minie BrahmaMinie Brahma28 kun oldin
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    Draw My ThingDraw My ThingOy oldin
  • Now over 100 days and they are now building temporary house

    vvOy oldin
  • I hope this ends the long obsolete Caste system aswell Doesnt matter what level u are still an Indian,not going to be any White anyway😂 I hope Farmers win to spat the face on the socalled High tier foolish caste

    HuntaKillerHuntaKillerOy oldin
  • About time Indians stood for their own rights on any level. No more double standard, equal rights and protection, liberty and justice for all.

    Tuvia's Jelly BomTuvia's Jelly BomOy oldin
  • Bill Gates

    gsppuffergsppufferOy oldin
  • I support Farmers!❤️

    Karan SidhuKaran SidhuOy oldin
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    Adityo TioAdityo TioOy oldin
  • I'm thirteen everyday watching these debates on TV still couldn't understand this. Thanks to vox... Now I can say I know about farm protests

    Elon musk FCElon musk FCOy oldin
  • disagree with your view on farm laws

    Akash kumar sinhaAkash kumar sinhaOy oldin
  • Only the punjabi farmers making a scene

    Lord GrimmLord GrimmOy oldin
  • Indians don't see how the central government is robbing the common people to make Modis rich friends Happy.They still Vote for BJP

    kevin sureshkevin sureshOy oldin
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    Tuan LeTuan LeOy oldin
  • No one cares anymore lol

    Chaitanya SayiChaitanya SayiOy oldin
  • Adani and Ambani Law

    VikiVikiOy oldin
  • Farmers in Canada of Indian heritage live in big mansions. They held caravans driving in their luxury cars in support of the farmers in India. I don’t have a point. Just stating an observation.

    Bo AyalaBo AyalaOy oldin
  • Wait why is it only Punjabi farmers protesting ???? I'm from South Africa not sure about the sentiment throughout the larger picture of India, which is a massive country by all means. Looks like they're only against the change it seems

    CMONCMON007CMONCMON007Oy oldin
    • @space garage sounds like a front...for political gains....and Im sure that corrupt Congress is diving in there to stir it up cause they want votes...thats all Congress really cared about in the end and let India stagnate..... Anyway i feel in the long term this introduction of new laws to industrilize in the long term is wanting to push a lot of India's economic sectors into major manufacturers to compete with China in the end and bolster India's economy output a lot more for the long run..yes 'change' is something a lot of people dont like cause people get comfortable and complacent but I feel this is wanting to test a new way for India to the next level...I might be wrong but its how I interpret the bigger picture

      CMONCMON007CMONCMON007Oy oldin
    • They are not even properly protesting anymore they are in WB telling ppl to not vote for bjp and when this so called protest started they stated "we ain't gonna do anything political" well many factions of the protest left cause they knew what these guys are up to

      space garagespace garageOy oldin
    • Its not just Punjab farmers, farmers from UP, MP, Maharastra, And many other states have protested as well.

      This channel does not exist.This channel does not exist.Oy oldin
  • Vox is Jelus. Eeendia will be suprapower 2025 and then v laff at u Toelet is my enemy, Eye vil Pooop on Streeets 💪🏾🚩India=Superpooower 2025🚩💪🏾

    Jello ShotsJello ShotsOy oldin
    • Whaaaaaat?

      Wo WWo WOy oldin
  • The numbers and stats presented are wrong

    Manu PresannakumarManu PresannakumarOy oldin
  • Seek simplicity and distrust it - Alfred North Whitehead

    Shreyash AgarwalShreyash AgarwalOy oldin
  • Either gov. win or arhti(middlemen) only poor and broke farmers will lose, not the rich one who are here to save their brokerage. Government took one good step but also took a bad step on msp issue. These poor farmers if don't support middlemen they will face consequences back home so they are here. All governments stabbed them in the back they can't trust government so they can't say no to these middlemen. Only poor farmers with suffer who work hard and still not get enough money to support their family and prepare next crop, so they take loans, they were broke now they are broken but they still get up and do their part. Government need to show they have their backs not just by words but by actions so these poor farmers can get out from under these middlemen. I hope this goverment will do the right thing.

    VishalVishalOy oldin
    • @This channel does not exist. where did i say I support government selling the country to corporations. I said msp issue need firm solution in favor of poor farmers. Answer me this without these bills how long been poor farmers were selling to middlemen and then answer this why were they killing themselve? Read the bills first freedom fighter,then answer me this you think equal price for all crops are good? Price for normal and basmati rice should be same or price for fruits should be same? For example one Apple is selling for 100 rupees per kg and other one for 50 rupees per kg. Selling them for same price, is that fair, if it is fair tell me to whom is it fair? I am also against privatization.

      VishalVishalOy oldin
    • Government solution for freeing farmers from middlemen: Selling farmers to corporates (rich middlemen) Nice

      This channel does not exist.This channel does not exist.Oy oldin
  • They are not farmers they ar Jatt landlords who themself dont even pay a proper salary to actuall farmers in punjab who are of UP and Bihari region.

    GrandmasterTigerfistGrandmasterTigerfistOy oldin
  • Modi ji needs to go bye bye tata goodnight.

    Mahrhen lakiangMahrhen lakiangOy oldin
  • wow.. how shrewdly one can twist the facts is shown in this video..

    arnav 07arnav 07Oy oldin
  • I hope vox also covers why only Punjabi and Haryanvi farmers are protesting. Because *ahem* MSP *ahem* only supports them. More farmer suicides are from southern states. Punjabi and Haryanvi farmers are rich as f. Come to AP/TG/TN and look at the farmers issues. These laws support them.

    jack mackjack mackOy oldin
    • @Anshuman U 🤣😂😂 sarcasm

      Suriya SuriyaSuriya SuriyaOy oldin
    • Bro you got something these in my village near Gwalior every body is happy with these laws

      Anshuman UAnshuman UOy oldin
  • Govt. need to have a seperate agency to act as a business resource center for the farmers in each state that they can go to; to give them business guidance, teach them business & negotiating skills etc. Without that, it's like throwing them out of the ship and they're saying, they don't even know how to swim!

    Ren SinRen SinOy oldin
  • Maybe the indians are doing that right thing

    Duce AnchovyDuce AnchovyOy oldin
  • Why aren't unions the answer here?

    Gianni FormicaGianni FormicaOy oldin
  • Farmers should resist this law. Here where I live dairy farmers are basically left without regulations, but instead of helping, this cause one big multinational corporation to have a virtual monopoly over the milk market. Now things are going downhill. FARMERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO RESIST!!!! LONG LIVE FARMERS!!!!

    Da BelliDa BelliOy oldin
    • My village people are saying if these laws are taken then they will protest🙄🙄

      Anshuman UAnshuman UOy oldin
  • き?

    Cocaine HipposCocaine HipposOy oldin
  • This videos missed out on telling agriculture percentage also declined because other industries boomed which were not there after independence. These laws are already adopted by developed countries and was presented by opposition themselves during their governance. And that form nation wide farmers, only a region of them are protesting. I wouldn't trust videos like these about other countries I know nothing about.

    Pranay ChaturvediPranay ChaturvediOy oldin
  • Short answer: Capitalists became Feudalists and farmers protest becoming their peasants

    Comrade BorisComrade BorisOy oldin
  • Jai modi I support modi.

    Voice Of HindusVoice Of HindusOy oldin
    • @Abdul Modi is better than Pappu

      Blender GeekBlender Geek29 kun oldin
    • Ghanta

      AbdulAbdulOy oldin
  • There's a lot of drawbacks in the current form market where the middlemen gets bulk of the profit. It's very essential to weed them out and create a market where farmers can directly bargain with the buyers.

    Nandu SNandu SOy oldin
  • I proudly stand with the farmers 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    ThaJemmThaJemmOy oldin