How Racist Am I?

30-Mar, 2021
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This is a difficult question to ask yourself. But recent events and an increasing amount of research has shown just how much racial bias impacts our world. Before we can start the work of dismantling systemic racism, we have to first understand our own biases. Glad You Asked host Cleo Abram explores if we can measure those biases, how we shine a light on them, and what to do about them.

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  • Hi! I loved this video and the series! Thank you :) I wanted to leave you a note as well: it would be really useful to have the list of people featured in the video in the comments, so we can find them and follow their work. Thanks again!

    El Lenguaraz Laura VidalEl Lenguaraz Laura Vidal7 kun oldin
  • Cleo 😍 Joss 😍

    Karl MakihaKarl Makiha10 kun oldin
  • Props to Cleo, honestly. I was kind of puzzled about why a white person was leading this segment, but seeing how much she put herself on the line for what is clearly a difficult conversation was incredibly meaningful. As a brown woman, I love this series!

    HeadLikeOrangeHeadLikeOrange10 kun oldin
  • Amazing series you have here! Kudos to Vox!

    Kelvin TangKelvin Tang11 kun oldin
  • Here in India we are biased against people from other states, castes, religion, skin colouration, ethnicity basically everyone that's not you.

    Sayak ChoudhurySayak Choudhury11 kun oldin
  • Where can I find this test?

    Jaco Van NiekerkJaco Van Niekerk11 kun oldin
  • I admittedly at first was skeptical of this video, but honestly, its really interesting. I dont think the title is SUPER accurate, but "How Implicitly Biased am I?" sounds less interesting.

    Barytyrannus- Jurassic Park, Godzilla, and More!Barytyrannus- Jurassic Park, Godzilla, and More!11 kun oldin
  • Thank you to the hosts for allowing themselves to be so vulnerable in front of us. We need more shows like this

    king89053king8905311 kun oldin
  • The host is really pretty, that is promoting unrealistic beauty standards!

    Bryn RietzBryn Rietz11 kun oldin
  • At 9:50, "... We have control over where we live, who we work with." Uh, this ain't true for most people. Good video, this part just confused me though.

    Tes SetTes Set12 kun oldin
  • This is going to be a really tense and insightful season.

    Mike NjukiMike Njuki12 kun oldin
  • i mean going into the experiment they know what its about. and the tests clearly show what its trying to test people on. you need to simulate a scenario for the partcipant where they don't know what they are being tested on, which allows for honest experiences/actions displayed by the participant.

    Maathesh ManoharanMaathesh Manoharan12 kun oldin
  • Let's not get pedantic here: Being a kid and saying that someone else's food smells funny is not racist. That is just a kid expressing that a smell is new and foreign to them (As an adult - yes... That would be rude, and probably racist, because you have the vocabulary and experience to express your curriosity in a better way.)

    LorentariLorentari12 kun oldin
  • We should probably break racism up into two separate if linked things structural racism and personal racism.

    Fredrik DungeFredrik Dunge12 kun oldin
  • I can't wait to watch more of this series n share it to the people I know

    Spike AbdeenSpike Abdeen12 kun oldin
  • Yeah bias isn't racism, racism is for an example when you are confronted with your bias and you say "Maybe there's a reason I feel this way" rather than "Wow that's something I really got to work on". Racism is also the structural effect of loads of people's bias.

    Fredrik DungeFredrik Dunge12 kun oldin
  • Thank you for doing this series

    AlAl12 kun oldin
  • This is an interesting topic I spend my entire life in South East Asia and East Asia surrounded by people from all ages who subconsciously practice some form of racism It could be as subtle as "harmless" jokes, to directly requiring "Chinese-speaking" or "Chinese only" employees

    Kianglek TanKianglek Tan12 kun oldin
  • I liked this take on racism. I am glad they didn’t say “all white people are racist” or “black people cannot be racist by definition” or “discrimination against white people is good to level the playing field”. They used did their best to use science and the tone was pretty positive. This is the best way to solve this problem.

    Jacob BrownJacob Brown12 kun oldin
  • If you are honestly asking yourself, "am I racist", you probably are not...

    8000RPM8000RPM12 kun oldin
    • Not a true statement. You are just not being honest with yourself

      Mel KerrMel Kerr11 kun oldin
  • I know y’all have a time limit, but you really should have included the full stories when they asked about being embarrassed over something racist that you did or said around the 7 minute mark. Especially since right before that segment, you included someone’s comment that detailed interviews would be better at sussing out racial bias. It’s a lot easier to let yourself open up and figure out your own racial biases if you’re listening to and connecting with an anecdote from another person. Just like the video showed, we don’t respond that well to tests and ratings and computers and being put on the spot. It annoyed me while listening when y’all chopped up those stories that sounded interesting or important

    Claire MagnusonClaire Magnuson12 kun oldin
  • I'd like to see the IAT test bias between attractive people and ugly people. I suspect that bias may be stronger and more widespread than any having to do with race.

    Essess NineEssess Nine12 kun oldin
  • i agree with the lady that implicit bias is not racism, but letting it affect decisions we can control is. i doubt racism can ever be erased without fundamentally changing human nature, but it can be criminalized and strictly punished.

    SorenkairSorenkair12 kun oldin
  • I just think As Americans, privilege is embedded in our psyche regardless of race. I lived abroad as a kid and moving back to the States for college it really hit me how Americans of all backgrounds embody a sense of over self importance. Maybe it’s our education system that doesn’t really teach us about other cultures and maybe we don’t seem to think it necessary to speak other languages. Dismantling White Privilege starts with dismantling American privilege or any kind of privilege for that matter

    Faheem HashmeyFaheem Hashmey12 kun oldin
  • Being an Asian American, It was immensely hurtful that my white friends told me my potstickers or kimchi smelled bad. It's scar tissue that you don't realize you have until you're able to process the past actions. You don't realize it's racism until you're surrounded by people who don't say those things or give focus to your culture in a positive way.

    Austin KimAustin Kim12 kun oldin
  • this woman is gorgeous

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  • she looks like keira knightley

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  • great video

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  • Loved the Professors! Great job Vox.

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  • Simple question; does diversity of skin color represent a diversity of thought? or conversely, can people have different skin colors, and think exactly the same? hmmmm

    mollkatlessmollkatless12 kun oldin
  • Black people can be racist, white people can be racist, hispanics can be racist, asians can be racist, russians can be racist, australians can be racist, anyone can be racist. This DOES NOT MEAN that we are all racist. It doesn't even mean we are all slightly racist. It means racism exists, and anyone can experience it.

    Jack BakerJack Baker12 kun oldin
  • I grew up in a very White city and grew up trying to fit it that resulted in me having a lot of internalised racism which I’m still struggling to “de-program”.

    futurejaefuturejae12 kun oldin
  • I feel like the statistics presented around minute 5 really are missing an important point: while white people show higher degree preference for white people, what is interesting to see is how much that tendency is similar between white and black, suggesting only part of it is causally linked to your ethnicity and most of it is "baseline" or "society wide" bias. Now that's actually interesting and surprising.

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  • Really good content!

    TaicrozetaTaicrozeta13 kun oldin
  • You aced this Cleo!

    Nilesh LadvaNilesh Ladva13 kun oldin
  • i think its always important to move forwards and change your views based on evidence and respect for others . If someone says that a specific phrase i use/used is has racist, transphobic sexist roots etc ill try my best not to use it .

    Robert TraceyRobert Tracey13 kun oldin
  • host hella looks like an adult millie bobby brown lol

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  • Joss talking about not knowing what to do with her hands was #relatableaf lol

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  • Dang Vox, you did it again! I love this! 🗣❤️

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  • Damn, Cleo was worried that as a white woman in this conversation she would be taking up space or be unwanted, what do you mean??

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  • This girl looks like the chick from Get Out

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  • Well lads, the comments are going to be a bit rough on this one. Remember not to get too caught up, idiots don't want to change their minds, they want anger and a reaction

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  • Finally, Season 2 of Glad You Asked!

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  • I think a lot of the bias tests are hard to do because EVERYONE thinks they're less racist than they are, myself included. I may not be able to pinpoint my own issues a lot of the time, but I know I have them. It's a matter of understanding that when it's pointed out, that I not act like a douchebag, but with grace and willingness to learn and change.

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  • I really enjoyed this

    Simone ChèrieSimone Chèrie13 kun oldin
  • When it comes to most controversial issues and stuff like that, I'd like to know the background and get information on the situation imo

    irish beastirish beast13 kun oldin
  • I think that saying race preferences in dating is racist is madness, you wouldnt say that a gay man is sexist. You love who you love, thats just how it is

    August HSAugust HS13 kun oldin
  • 13:09 wow imagine using Skype

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  • I enjoy videos and things like these. They get your head scratching and question them and ask others because you never have questions like these with your friends from school or work or sports. Just thought I get that out.

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  • Am I the only that thinks that Cleo looks exactly like Keira Knightley?

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  • I am so glad this was posted

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  • Thank you.

    Scott DeanScott Dean13 kun oldin
  • We all have our biases, and maybe always will to a degree. But we can work on it, having friends of a different race helps immensely. Thats what personally has helped me.

    Indigenous American PrideIndigenous American Pride13 kun oldin
  • ... When did Lee come to Vox!? cool! ... sorry that was a much more topical comment, everybody

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  • this entire production was phenomenal

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  • The main host of this episode is beautiful imo.

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    • Hey this is a really serious topic and she's trying to be professional, not solicit comments about her attractiveness. I think you shouldn't make comments like that.

      Joshua CohenJoshua Cohen13 kun oldin
  • The complex definition of racism that Dr Dasgupta gave was the best modern explanation of what racism is as a whole. I web of interconnected actions backed by biases.

    Carter LeeCarter Lee13 kun oldin
  • I love Joss

    DarwishEGDarwishEG13 kun oldin
  • The first convo I EVER had about race was after I moved from a big city to a small rural town, I was 7yrs old (and am very white). I came home from school and asked where all the black people were, because in the city I'd been 1 of 3 only white kids in my class, the rest were a mix of a dozen nations from Yugoslavia to Senegal to China. To this day I still feel weird in a room with only white people, which is a weird bias to have (I feel) while still living in a mostly white area, even in the small city I moved to.

    Keatrith AmakiirKeatrith Amakiir13 kun oldin
  • Such an insightful video. Thank you for this. It really delivered on the objective of addressing inward personal perception and assessing oneself, as I'm sure people who watched this also felt.

    Philip SevenPhilip Seven13 kun oldin
  • I was expecting this video to be good, but not this good! I thought it was very well done and challenging. That said, for the love of God please stop blocking the camera with your hand for transitions as if it’s some vlog or something. That actually drove me nuts 😂

    Peter RakPeter Rak13 kun oldin
  • Not so long ago I listened to a radio show for a few weeks. After those weeks I watched the same show on TV for the first time and in some way I was weirdly surprised that the presenter was black. It was the first thing that came up. That’s how I know I’m biased. I’m sorry. Did anyone have a similar situation?

    DaniDani14 kun oldin
  • First thought in my mind when I first saw Fabiola: "Wow, she is beautiful!", 2nd thought: "Damn she is pretty".

    Nexu JinNexu Jin14 kun oldin
  • I never knew about racism. Or even the difference of race when I was young. Social media is what introduced me to this. In some cases, it’s where I develop some racist jokes, as an Asian, i now try to live up to some of our stereotypes. And jokes about other races, which is so common everywhere. Sometimes I wonder if it is racist or there is a limit.

    curtisleecurtislee14 kun oldin
  • Exposure, exposure, exposure. It's really hard to hate people you live with, work with, and love. And as long as there's segregation by race, those "others" remain other than you. At least, I think that's at the core of it. And if that segregation has advantages for you, then--unless you have a strong conscience--you probably will buy into the arguments for it, or at least, you're not going to fight too hard to change it. I agree with some of the comments here: the video is too scattered and doesn't stick to a tread. If it were an argumentative essay, I'd have to give it a low mark. It's really more like a movie trailer.

    nicholas schroedernicholas schroeder14 kun oldin
  • Wish there were more races represented

    Leo MakerLeo Maker14 kun oldin
  • I like nice people. If anyone appreciates my company enough to want to spend time with me, I couldn't care less about the color of their skin, or any other physical trait they might have.

    Thomas _ TKThomas _ TK14 kun oldin
  • Some of these things aren’t even racism, it’s the intent behind your actions which determines if it is racist or not.

    Harrison StillHarrison Still14 kun oldin
  • Thank you for dong this project! Looking forward to watch the rest of series!

  • Amazing episode 👏 - I am learning to be confortable with being uncomfortable. I think whitenpeople should be mindful of the room that they take and use their privilege to create a platform for BIPoCs

    Random ZRandom Z14 kun oldin
  • Im glad this show is back

    Bert TubbertBert Tubbert14 kun oldin
  • Would love to see a series like this on gender as well

    AZ NAZ N14 kun oldin
  • It’s really wonderful to see the complexity of this issue has been addressed in this episode..

    Siddhanth ShettySiddhanth Shetty14 kun oldin
  • This would have been more interesting if the conversation would have involved people who disagree with each other, and they would have actually argued on the points of contention.

    Caetano SauerCaetano Sauer14 kun oldin
  • very😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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  • I really hoped she would go back to the dog at the end of the episode. The poor dog is staying alone to this moment :(. I need closure dammit!

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  • I can’t stand the voice of that guy with the curly hair. He talks almost exclusively with a vocal fry... it’s ridiculous

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  • Only criticism I have is yea the editing just give people more time to talk that's all 😃

    multiversal r i c e farmermultiversal r i c e farmer14 kun oldin
  • This video is amazing.. we all have implicit bias. I think we all have to stop and be proactive. Black people let's talk of our experiences. Let's talk about .. to our white friends .. we see you who are open to learning . Keep that up... These conversations are not comfortable but to fix this we all need to come to the table. The influence of society affects is all. Let us come together and make that change with our voice and with our vote.. we all bleed red and we all want to make this country of ours better not just for us but for our children and the world... Trust they are watching. Now is our turn.

    Mark ClarkeMark Clarke14 kun oldin
  • pretty excited about this

    Aidan LeglerAidan Legler14 kun oldin
  • Really powerful and interesting! I second what many others have said about the editing style making it harder to follow along :/

    PaulvilleMOCsPaulvilleMOCs14 kun oldin
  • Got a Camry ad. I don't like Camry's.

    Nick BarberNick Barber14 kun oldin
  • Good try on the editing, but a bit too hard to follow the stories.

    BrodanBrodan14 kun oldin
  • Such a great video!! Maybe I missed something, but if your bias score can change from one day to the next, how is it a reliable research tool? And I don’t think interviews would be effective because the interviewee would edit there responses in order to not be perceived negatively by the interviewer, I don’t think there’s a measurable way to accurately record biases.

    Frank-Gavin MoratallaFrank-Gavin Moratalla14 kun oldin
  • I grew up in NYC moved to NC where my middle school was mostly white then moved back to NY and my high school was 90% black. I've been in both worlds yet I still have biases...

    TheManbeastmikeTheManbeastmike14 kun oldin
  • I find myself preferring to be around my own race because I don't want to accidentally say something racist and offend the other person, most likely because I grew up only around people of my own race. I think that even this is a problem but it's going to take a while to fix it.

    JESS is EPICJESS is EPIC14 kun oldin
  • Finally new season 😎

    PS HINDI GAMING (Mobile Gamer)PS HINDI GAMING (Mobile Gamer)14 kun oldin
  • Why is not there Japanese subtitle? Japanese people should watch this video.

    bluewaterbluewater14 kun oldin
  • #StopAsianHate

    UnknownUnknown14 kun oldin
  • We live in a society founded on white supremacist values and ideals. All of us, are subject to our own biases, and all we can do is be good to each other, and analyze ourselves when we are not valuing a persons opinion or intelligence as we value our own, or a person who has xxxxx skin color. people need to understand being racist doesnt make you a bad person, being a bad person does. Everybody who ignores this, is on the wrong path, and everybody who is choosing to unlearn their internal programming, and chooses to treat others as they treat their loved ones , is on a different path. the water gets murky when we start valuing whiteness differently, thinking in terms of "others", or equating darker skin with negativity, or start ignoring lived experience. racism is racism, and it happens to anyone. reverse racism, does not exist, and is a fallacy created by white people who are so fragile they refuse to understand how they perpetuate the behavior that they claim impacts them. Everyone is racist, some more than others, some less so. I am doing all i can, to remove this from my being and psyche, and i hope everyone does that too. Racism is fueled by, and bred by, ignorance, and staying in the town you were born in/never traveling. It would be so boring if everyone looked the same. I am so thankful for my experiences and my privilege, and i am so thankful to be learning more about how race intersects with our values in america. I am an indigenous native/white hispanic, and my partner is korean/okinawan/hawaiian, and they teach me so much, and i am learning so much as i am viewing the world thru a different lens, cognizant of my privilege as a white passing person. I am grateful for this opportunity and the life i live, and i hope yall are too. The only war we are in, in america, is a class war.

    stellastella14 kun oldin
  • Man... That host is fiiiiire beautiful!

    Justin FranksJustin Franks14 kun oldin
  • The problem with Vox is I feel overwhelmingly like I'm being marketed to, from it's glossy finish to it's hip topics I just can't get past it and the phenomenally beautiful journalists, I really wish there was more realism so I could take it seriously again.

    DereviDerevi14 kun oldin
  • I always find it disheartening when I hear someone say they need to "shut up and listen" or that "I'm not qualified to talk about race." Diversity in thought is important because everyone's racial experience is different.

    Jack1177889Jack117788914 kun oldin
  • Idk who edited this but it was too fluffy and light for such a heavy topic. Hopefully that tone will shift in the later episodes but hm 😕 idk. Still was an interesting watch

    Keanu RiveraKeanu Rivera14 kun oldin
  • Whats the @ of the sista? She cute af! Asking for a friend...

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  • With Every video VOX is seeming more and more like BuzzFeed

    TPA Or somethingTPA Or something14 kun oldin
  • Thank you, America really needs to have this talk with a lot of people. Most people in this country are racist in some way or another, and we need to acknowledge that

    Robert SygarRobert Sygar14 kun oldin
  • I feel like longer cuts of the conversations would be more beneficial than slapping three different exercises into just one episode. It felt like nobody was given enough time to explore anything.

    chishionotenshichishionotenshi14 kun oldin
  • Asian Lives Matter

    SUPER MUMSUPER MUM14 kun oldin