How museum gift shops decide what to sell

3-Mar, 2021
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And how what’s in a gift shop affects how we see art.
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Gift shops are like the final exhibit of an art museum. They’re often located toward the exit and are unmissable on your way out the door. Souvenirs inside can range from Vincent Van Gogh socks to giant stuffed soup cans to Mona Lisa rubber ducks. But how do gift shop curators decide what to sell?
Stocking decisions often revolve around how curators want visitors to perceive the art lining museum walls. When you see a certain piece of art on a lot of merchandise, that usually means curators think that artwork is important. And thanks to a psychological phenomenon called the mere-exposure effect, the more you see that art, the more you begin to think it’s important.
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  • What was the last thing you bought at a museum gift shop?

    VoxVoxOy oldin
    • Socks

      Bob FredBob Fred5 soat oldin
    • a tote bag with the map of Seville city in Spain on - purchased from Alcazar of Seville. I can't believe it's almost 2 years since visiting :(

      Dilaver SaliDilaver SaliKun oldin
    • Prints of Manet and DaVinci at the Louvre.

      Carolyn EganCarolyn Egan4 kun oldin
    • Literally the pin and scarf version of the Great Wave from The Met gift shop

      Kai ChenKai Chen11 kun oldin
    • A mug from RAF museum Cosford, UK.

      Michael BallMichael Ball11 kun oldin
  • more museum related videos please!

    residentevil4liferesidentevil4life4 kun oldin
  • 🌊

    Vincio TruongVincio Truong8 kun oldin
  • Why don't we ever see Hokusai's OTHER views of Mount Fuji?

    rtpoertpoe8 kun oldin
  • Uniqlo vibe check 🤣

    Huỳnh ĐứcHuỳnh Đức8 kun oldin
  • So we don't have free will?

    Homosapien .aHomosapien .a10 kun oldin
  • In general the gift shops are nice but seriously overpriced...

    Csaba H.Csaba H.11 kun oldin

    MICHGO1MICHGO114 kun oldin
  • Please tell us the authors/names of the songs used on this video.

    stanhauserstanhauser14 kun oldin
  • Museum gift shop souvenirs are basically old-school UZworld/Tiktok merch...

    Anastasia Sabrina ZuraimiAnastasia Sabrina Zuraimi14 kun oldin
  • me lookinh at my great wave poster in my room 👀

    NameName14 kun oldin
  • What they are doing is lowering Asian art and creating it as "art for the masses" and at the same time inflating Western art and presenting it as an elite ... artistic racism

    Shiran DavidaiShiran Davidai18 kun oldin
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    Jaki AlisonJaki Alison20 kun oldin
  • When you like the song in the background but there isn’t a name or link for it

    Moon ChildMoon Child20 kun oldin
  • ah capitalism - we educate u from artworks on usb chargers. yes yes

    Good MorningGood Morning20 kun oldin
  • Work on your pronunciation vox or at least ask soomeone. NOT "YUKI-AWAY" 0:19 but "OO (as in too)-KI-O-EH"

    Ashi-AtoAshi-Ato20 kun oldin
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    George RetinaGeorge Retina21 kun oldin

    Panda BurritoPanda Burrito21 kun oldin
  • Books! I never leave museum without buying a book- but sometimes they have poor selection or no books :(

    Ana PetrovićAna Petrović22 kun oldin
  • The puffy wound particularly shop because comb kinetically license opposite a internal can. spurious, gleaming philosophy

    Mary MaryMary Mary23 kun oldin
  • does anyone know what the artwork in the middle at 4:01 is called?

    Katie leeKatie lee24 kun oldin
  • ukiyo-e is pronounced "oo-kee-oh-eh" pls

    cc24 kun oldin
  • No one: Vox: how do museums decide what to sell? Not a topic that’s ever crossed my mind but definitely a fascinating one. Why I love Vox for asking obscure questions

    fairytale143fairytale14325 kun oldin
  • Anyone else really wants that mug now?

    The Slippery SlopeThe Slippery Slope26 kun oldin
  • 3:00 That Mona Lisa Duck has me sold already.

    Edgar FloresEdgar Flores26 kun oldin
  • If there is a thing called mere-exposure effect then why do i hate my school....explain vox

    Aavash RumbaAavash Rumba29 kun oldin
  • ❤️💵

    Something CuteSomething CuteOy oldin
  • Noice.

    Creepy SpinoCreepy SpinoOy oldin
  • Great video

    Aly pixarAly pixarOy oldin
  • The sour second osmotically groan because ceramic unintentionally beam alongside a envious blue. muddled, swift foam

    Kim SnyderKim SnyderOy oldin
  • By 2024,Hokusai's Great Wave of Kanagawa will be include the Y 1,000 banknote since it was launched in 2019 💴💴🎌🎌

    Daisyrie PenafloridaDaisyrie PenafloridaOy oldin
  • isnt that called counterfeiting the artist art work ?

    Kace PurnomoKace PurnomoOy oldin
  • As someone who is an art historian and works in an art museum, I actually don't really have a problem with this since it's not a replacement for the real object or seeing/appreciating the real object. I think there's an assumption that there isn't careful consideration put into what images we put onto things to sell which is untrue. The truth is not every artwork is even suitable to be reproduced on something which is then put in the museum store. Japanese artworks like ukiyo-e actually work well being reproduced because they are incredibly graphic and eye-catching. During the 18th-20th centuries when these were being produced it was very much the point for these works to be visually stimulating enough for people to want to buy them/collect them because they were produced in large runs by a team of people who all needed to be paid eventually.

    hollywchenhollywchenOy oldin
  • "People appreciate art and they like to be able to buy things that have art on it" Umm, more like buying things that have art on them make people appreciate art more which is essentially the familiarity principle.

    Monalisa SinghMonalisa SinghOy oldin
  • That’s my mom !

    Finn GraeffFinn GraeffOy oldin
  • That's interesting m

    ALishayne PollyALishayne PollyOy oldin
  • I feel called out. I have the Hokusai print on a mug from The British Museum...

    Julia BallaronJulia BallaronOy oldin
  • That Van Gogh sunflower soap do be looking like a steal tho

    Khadeeja KhanKhadeeja KhanOy oldin
  • test

    Flight N GamesFlight N GamesOy oldin
  • not going to lie I really want one of those tiny chairs now

    Julia MarJulia MarOy oldin
  • Another item that is very cunning in its selling is gambling. It I would be interesting to hear your study of the tactics to hook the people visiting a casino. Someone told me how they do it. Your input would be appreciated. Basically is placing winning slot machines close to the view of the public and the entrance and exit doors. Everybody see winning people. It doesn't have to be a big jackpot. But is a common sight for those passing by.

    George FurmanGeorge FurmanOy oldin
  • Seek God’s will daily. Proverbs 9:10

    Lisa Love MinistriesLisa Love MinistriesOy oldin
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    Bolt BoltBolt BoltOy oldin
  • Was that Jay from Clerks at 3:24?

    Richard PointerRichard PointerOy oldin
  • Ngl, I kinda wanna buy some wave merch now

    McCabe88McCabe88Oy oldin
  • There's a van goh museum coming up abd I so really hope to find cool t shirts are the merch store

    Fausto MohFausto MohOy oldin
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    Aryanna CarliAryanna CarliOy oldin
  • Everything in the gift section of Waterstones bookshops in the UK is plastered with the Great Wave off Kanagawa. It’s becoming obnoxious.

    10whiten9910whiten99Oy oldin
  • Why is it in New York and not Japan?

    Stephen TangStephen TangOy oldin

    loop of king the full theme 20 hill minuteloop of king the full theme 20 hill minuteOy oldin
  • 5:20

    지은지은Oy oldin
  • I go to museums just for gift shops ngl. I don't really understand art and I have poor attention span but I I love capitalism

    twothirdstriotwothirdstrioOy oldin
    • Most american thing ever said

      Seb _Seb _Oy oldin
  • Next up on Vox: How does shop use common sense to sell stuff

    Derp FoxDerp FoxOy oldin
  • So the answer is: They choose popular works to turn into merchandise? Hardly a surprise. Interesting video all the same.

    ImCurrentlyNakedImCurrentlyNakedOy oldin
  • Never buy things from gift shop

    thought Whatever uthought Whatever uOy oldin
  • I just really miss going to museums :(

    Do not BotherDo not BotherOy oldin
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    bansam loiembansam loiemOy oldin
  • 🌊 capitalist marketing at its finest

    Some Asian DudeSome Asian DudeOy oldin
  • The gift shops are the best part of the museum.

    Allyson YoungAllyson YoungOy oldin
  • The truculent guarantee anaerobically wrap because bestseller eventually grate via a envious steven. miniature, detailed bronze

    Ashmyka FernsAshmyka FernsOy oldin
  • Wow

    What’s a meme. BobWhat’s a meme. BobOy oldin
  • I for one would love to see a longer video on this. Would love to know more about their sourcing and who makes this merchandise!

    Alex CupoAlex CupoOy oldin
  • 2:40 hey I have that mug, Van Gogh’s ear disappears if you put warm water in it.

    Digital GraphiteDigital GraphiteOy oldin
  • what about science museums?

    Paula SalazarPaula SalazarOy oldin
  • if I see it on a daily, my brain no longer process it as art but extorting authenticity

    Ashes 29Ashes 29Oy oldin
  • I literally start a job at a museum gift shop next week. this was a cool video.

    Anna Grace OdomAnna Grace OdomOy oldin
  • 1830s?! Definitely though it was later...

    Jack McCannJack McCannOy oldin
  • I was just at the Met and thought it was remarkable and funny that they had a whole gift shop section just for the Hokusai wave...

    Olivia LauOlivia LauOy oldin
  • I love visiting museum gift shops. It is a really nice idea to put artwork on some products that visitors can take home. However, most of the time, I think that the quality could be improved and they can put up more creative products on the shelves. Not every single famous art painting needs to be put on a cup, they can use that image creatively for something else.

    October_RevolutionOctober_RevolutionOy oldin
  • Yall butchered those names

    NaceNaceOy oldin
  • The truth is that the first thing I do after going to the loo in a museum is visiting the shop inside. The last thing is watching the exhibition😆

    Ewa MilenaEwa MilenaOy oldin
  • It’s the high brow version of designer or sportswear with a big logo

    GwynnieGwynnieOy oldin
  • This video generates the exposure effect

    Daniel SegarraDaniel SegarraOy oldin
  • I have the extreme rate Xbox controller with the waves 🤣

  • So. Manipulation.

    Cameron TCameron TOy oldin
  • Hello! You should do a video about Land Value Tax (LVT) as a replacement for property tax. This incentivizes real estate development and might solve the housing crisis! Thank you!

    Kyle TarraoKyle TarraoOy oldin
  • My favorite gift shop ever as a kid was one in Niagara Falls lol , they had beanie babies

    Misha AndreyevaMisha AndreyevaOy oldin
  • Who else never saw those boats and Mt. Fuji

    Space ParrotSpace ParrotOy oldin
  • I wonder about artist royalties. Who "owns" the right to Mono Lisa or Starry Night for example?

    boy638boy638Oy oldin
  • kÿhXX is the greatest artist and creator of all time🌍*

    kÿhXXkÿhXXOy oldin
  • vox fell off.

    mateycalledBastimateycalledBastiOy oldin
  • I love japanese and international artworks! 🖼️🎴🎑🎨👨‍🎨🧑‍🎨👩‍🎨🖌️🇯🇵🥋

    Saad NabilSaad NabilOy oldin
  • Getting to see a famous piece of art is like seeing a great celebrity or historical figure in person and taking home a print or mug or tote is the closest we can get to having that art works autograph. It can get ridiculous with what they put art on (phone chargers for example) but at the same time I'm a firm believer that art should be enjoyed by the masses and if buying some socks helps you appreciate an art piece than I have no reason to complain.

    Seanna LSeanna LOy oldin
  • Could you please write the name of the background music?

    Eylül KaradagEylül KaradagOy oldin
  • I do not know how this information would apply to me. I rarely buy things because I do not have much of an attachment to material goods. As time flows, eventually everything fades into mere dust.

    LGM02 Black Wing - 02LGM02 Black Wing - 02Oy oldin
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    김경하김경하Oy oldin
  • 💔Please try to pronounce things more correctly.

    Eliza CopeEliza CopeOy oldin
  • stop violating my brain and my wallet. i'm weak.

    SYXSYXOy oldin
  • I’m really surprised. Many people haven’t known there are boats in waves!!!! I’m curious......why??? Is it relating to how you are familiar with Japanese history??? I’m Japanese.

    Yu KyawaYu KyawaOy oldin
    • What do you mean? Who said that people didn't know that there are boats in waves? I'm a bit confused.

      Wake No.Wake No.Oy oldin
  • 4:44 The cup looks great =D

    CekromCekromOy oldin
  • Although I like this video, I think it tells to little. What are museums trying now? Analysing the visitors? How? I need more info!

    XactenergyXactenergyOy oldin
  • Do you know it DOESN'T HAVE to be like that? They just sell, what they want, ez. In our National Technic museum, they sell kinda random stuff, and nobody cares. So I think, this video is pretty pointless....

    KEX CZKEX CZOy oldin
  • Sometimes on gift shops you find questionable things.. It reminds me of going to a sanctuary gift shop and finding an ashtray with the image of Christ.. you literely extinguish your cigarrette by pushing it in the face of Jesus...

    personalstrangepersonalstrangeOy oldin
  • Source background music?

    cymphonycymphonyOy oldin
  • That explains why I rarely buy things at gift shops. The mere exposure effect does really on me. If I'm overexposed to something I begin to despise it.

    Wigoo WWigoo WOy oldin
  • Great video as always and from now on I probably will think of this video whenever I go into a museum. I always buy postcards at the gift shop of some paintings that stood out to me, add them to the collection on my postcard wall, as it helps me recall the day and that particular trip. Just FYI, ukiyo-e is pronounced woo-key-yoh-eh :)

    TheskyblueroseTheskyblueroseOy oldin
  • backround music please ?

    VodkrawkVodkrawkOy oldin
  • Hey that's my pfp

    Sufian KaziSufian KaziOy oldin
  • I always want one of those Van Gogh x Vans sneakers.

    IlhamIlhamOy oldin